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IOBIT --is it REALY A good ONE


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ok here is my own opinion Not to be taken in any Wrong Context !


So far this program as far As my system is concerned is Now ,AND looks like

its found a permanent place as my scanner :--As i made a new install settled

The system Down .(Cleanly Booting)


1---I would like to see the Download Part of the program Have a Update Added

as in a zip file to download ,(a upgrade installer) So as not or avoid Having to link To apply A update.



So far as i can tell And what the program is made to Do There are no Glitches

or Running , conflicting Problems..

Its also watching and warning of any AO bats added or trying to run .


i would recommend this to any one looking for that extra Spy type stoper

or even a rouge watcher..

Now also -- Be aware that if the program Keep on asking or telling you that you OS cant update or your fire wall is dissipated ,(not running) add to forget list ...

I don't see this as a threat our danger! but Probably Good fore People who use it

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part of--------------------------

MD5: 774D60CB0AD198F493CEFC9057755A05 - 221600 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\lzexpand.dll

MD5: C7F038338BF55DE73B57C1FC7B23671A - 9936 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mciavi.drv

MD5: 174BD475D798303DF480416F4BEDB58E - 73376 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mciole16.dll

MD5: CEB721BBF51E4C7B104085717DBA51D8 - 8192 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mciseq.drv

MD5: 26C7F2EFBC94964CDE27EBE9CB5395A3 - 25264 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mciwave.drv

MD5: E05EE7069DE3CCD5B984CFF5AC82858F - 28160 bytes

Error: Not a PE file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mem.exe

MD5: 390762963E6B4C861E5E0CA5A3E56E40 - 39274 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mmsystem.dll

MD5: BAC7CA4576EF5509F336F5B007DC195B - 68768 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\mouse.drv

MD5: 7D29780AC88BB7292CDCFF71BA67433D - 2032 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\msacm.dll

MD5: 8EE0B6EDCD5FE63BDEEEB82351B110EE - 61168 bytes

Error: Not a PE file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\mscdexnt.exe

MD5: EC63595D72A69FB5B4E481A7B90CB513 - 817 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\msvideo.dll

MD5: AD060CFCE701410D7FA4B3461AB83EF5 - 126912 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\netapi.dll

MD5: D8F01AB82D5699A6A278651777D00B67 - 108464 bytes

Error: Invalid PE signature (probably NE file): C:\WINDOWS\system32\netware.drv

MD5: EDF56E4601B55BA6411402478D222BEB - 2656 bytes

Error: Not a PE file: C:\WINDOWS\system32\nlsfunc.exe

MD5: 5E835121A3899CFA37E285E0CA2B4E7D - 7052 bytes

Error: Invalid DOS signature: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdos.sys

MD5: FFFF296A08DBF2AC0126C62E3778AC0D - 27866 bytes

Error: Invalid DOS signature: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdos404.sys

MD5: CF9ED169FF86D935E47999E82359E898 - 29146 bytes

Error: Invalid DOS signature: C:\WINDOWS\system32\ntdos411.sys

Edit/Delete Message


Now be advice take care when you first scan ,be aware what you are about to lock in a vault.. if you do not recognize a file don't just say yes to every thing a scanner may consider a thrive or a danger , hit the show me where its at its build in the program ..if it looks a little bizarre and you are not shure ask here first ..our google the file as to what it could be,,please

carefully remove files

or you can be feel dissipation anger. for what the scanner did ..

There is no fire to rid a thrifty looking file ...

it could be the real deal your killing of


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It is always good to be cautious in removing programs because they are indeed sometimes very essential to running the computer normally. As an example the other day I politely passed on letting the program remove Explorer.exe!



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Program Like all Beta's -- Is (are) not a fully Working APP or Working Categorizations as thy were made to do..or interacted to apply..


1 As in Computability

2 Working 100% with all operation system

2 Generally Speaking MAY conflict with or ather type Of apps

3 Possible no restoring Point Can be applyed

4 May Not Do as its Clams Until its Fixed or reprogrammed in a added fix

in its next version..


So any one deciding to use a BETA type application Be aware ,and use with Caution.. READ,understand WHAT actions you are preforming ,Before one blindly allows it.MAKE sure YOU can and have the ability to repair our reinstall a system (as in access to a device) Ether by USB port,or a CD reader device

Preferred read plus Write...as always ,take it slow and car full Before you Do anything You BE sorry fore later.. what started of as "Ohhh my this is Nice "

end Up as WHAT a "peace OF JUNK!!"


Here is My first Glitch With The Program


add this to my pc ..Now things seem to be running fine .The install went good

The program had to up date Some dll file Ask if i would allow it .ok

Reboot and up pop Win say cannot load entry point IS 360.Tray .exe


When done went to the tray ,left click And the same pop say No entry piont


Yet the iobit working fine. scan :ok .100% ,close ,left click --No pop complaining..

1 at boot

2 when left click is applied to open the window

3 close,re click And no glitch..


-at booting , i need to close the warning pop. (OS )

And the one time i receive the" No entry complaint" by The left click--

close it -i more time..left click again--

There after when closed and reopen Its no Compliant..

yet the programs Runs fine ,This was not present before the new install


Program installed


Acronis True image -Home ed. 2009



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the more one plays around the more it becomes confusing..

ehhhh i spent 7 hours scanning ,coming up with false reporting that was so

stupid .i will not even post the results


i ran the [07/27/2009, 3:16:48] - VirtumundoBeGone v1.5 ( "C:\Downin\VirtumundoBeGone.exe" )

[07/27/2009, 3:16:54] - Detected System Information:

[07/27/2009, 3:16:54] - Windows Version: 5.1.2600, Service Pack 3

[07/27/2009, 3:16:54] - Current *********: Administrator (**********)

[07/27/2009, 3:16:54] - Windows is in NORMAL mode.

[07/27/2009, 3:16:54] - Searching for Browser Helper Objects:

[07/27/2009, 3:16:54] - Finished Searching Browser Helper Objects

[07/27/2009, 3:16:54] - Finishing up...

[07/27/2009, 3:16:54] - Nothing found! Exiting...


VunDO FIX V 7.0.3 Nothing found!


Now ok plus a few repeated apps Nothing found your system is clean

were reported every time.

Ok So i installed AVAST latest Download Home Edd

AND this this went bananas and In a HERO-CALLY FIT

JUST about every file IT scanned

Clammed this virus..VUNDO line after line scanning Just before the boot to windows

ok i set it JUST to scan mode only...and report..

the thing reported lookNstop,net meter, and a few running apps it wanted to repair or rid at the next boot!

had i allowed this half my operating system files would be In fiber space

and mean just that

facing a total Breakdown .and reinstall..

IO BIT is still reporting 2 files as the same ..that i Now added to

pass by list


any how please look into this the files are posted at the top of this post

all i added to the forget it list ,and no more complaining since ..

i had to add all the dos apps to forget ...Yes i know thy are older soft ware

but thy are not dangerous .

i dont know how you will fix this but its a must

for any ather version - or perhaps a warning add in its finds "these files are

know as Dos based .and ignore them "..

even when this avast is moaning like a ,eh err like a yeh cant find the right word

Be aware of this Stupid over cooked product ...

all the restore back up files made my my back up program its classed as infected...even the restore points...


Will avast is on its way to the tip !!


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well thats fix it the latest install i was reminded of ...



IE. fine set to look after it ...

new problem---


http://www.cometbird.com/ the new browser from them VERSION 3.5.1

ran ok on the older version 3.2.00


OBIT CANT DETECT it ,,cant see my browser --new version?

every thing else is good,, .... just installed the newer version


of obit..

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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi every one -today i am happy to report that I obit works 100% on windows 7

operating systems..there seems to be no problem i can detect at the present moment- on one the last Beta just before the pro works like a gem...

the pro Version the same ---i have installed Win 7 on all my pcs bar 1 and thy are absolutely running perfect--Even my old System have come Alive!

Obit, i really -- Be leave Should Be On your PC --To help provide extra Defense


Do not have any Fear with it -its install is easy.And runs truly-----


Enjoy this master Peace of programing!!!


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