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Restore from Internet Booster


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I tried the Internet Booster utility in the free version of ASC. I changed the settings many times to get the speed of my connection right. In the end, none of the settings I had picked compared to the speed I was getting before Internet Booster.


How do I reset all the settings that Internet Booster changed? Effectively a reset to how it was before.



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I forgot to mention that I tried that. I also tried resetting TCP/IP using "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt" - I also uninstalled my network adapter, and re-installed it.


The problem is that I can notice streaming videos (youtube) are crawling, 2 minute long videos takes a long time to download, and while it's downloading, browsing becomes very slow as well.


This is the same across IE, Chrome and Firefox.


I'm assuming that the restore button is not restoring everything. Not too sure what my next steps should be?



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Yes you're right, I'm on Win XP.


Honestly, I couldn't tell you my max download speed. I never found that out. I'm on a Cable connection though, and when downloading I would get speeds of 500kbps easily. Now my download is coming through at 30kbps. Really slow in comparison.


I'm sure the connection type is PPPoE

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Are you sure about pppoe? It's rarely used-at least in the US it's considered outdated.Cable usually provides very fast speeds(lots of bandwidth)Are you experiencing the problem with all sites that you download from? That winsock repair should have set your internet connection straight.Have you contacted your ISP? I must defer to Enoskype for any further analysis or tuning of your connection,as he is our resident expert in that area.Best of luck-sorry I can't do more to help you out.Stick around a few moments while I find a site that I know he is going to send you to for some troubleshooting.Found it! Go to post #9 in this thread-that will give you an idea of what's to be done .You may go ahead and run the test (at speedguide.net as described) and have the results ready for Enoskype when he replies.He will get you back on track.

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Hi detailer,


I'm not sure at all about PPPoE. I'm in Australia on a Cable connection. Yes, the downloading problem is across all websites, plus outlook and FTP(trying to update some files on my website) - It's slow to the point where outlook takes 4+ mins to load up and FTP just idles for the same amount of time before it connects or times outs.


Thanks for that link to the other post. I followed Enoskype's advice on setting up Internet Booster (even though I just want to get my settings to how it was before the Internet Booster) - I've attached my current settings.


The results of the SpeedGuide are below:


« SpeedGuide.net TCP Analyzer Results »

Tested on: 08.23.2009 21:08

IP address: 122.107.xxx.xx

Client OS: Windows XP


TCP options string: 020405b40103030701010402

MSS: 1460

MTU: 1500

TCP Window: 6552832 (NOT multiple of MSS)

RWIN Scaling: 7 bits (2^7=128)

Unscaled RWIN : 51194

Recommended RWINs: 64240, 128480, 256960, 513920, 1027840

BDP limit (200ms): 262113kbps (32764KBytes/s)

BDP limit (500ms): 104845kbps (13106KBytes/s)

MTU Discovery: ON

TTL: 117

Timestamps: OFF


IP ToS: 00000000 (0)

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Great Start


That will be very helpful,I'm sure.Some of our newer members are very sharp as well,and might be able to sort you out.I wouldn't play around too much until you here back from someone besides me.I guarantee Enoskype will jump on this as soon as he sees it.Best of luck!

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in the General Settings, try setting the


TCP Receive Window to '256960'

change the Max Duplicate to '2'

and '64' for TTL


in the Advanced Settings, set BOTH


Max Connections to '10'

LocalPriority to '5'

HostPriority to '6'

DNSPriority to '7'

and NetbtPriority to '8'

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Hi Dan,


I made those changes and reset my PC. Unfortunately no improvement. I have attached the screen shots of Internet Booster again.


Just some more details about my network connection:

  • I have my cable modem connected to a wireless router. The wireless router is connected to my PC
  • I have a laptop here which connects via wireless to the router. That too has slower speeds since running Internet Booster
  • I've also tried the TCPOptimizer tool by SpeedGuide. The latest change to my TCP/IP settings has been made by Internet Booster, as per Dan's instructions
  • As soon as I tried Internet Booster the first time, and it slowed my speeds, I used "netsh int ip reset c:\resetlog.txt" to reset settings. It didn't work

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No, although I have:


- Zone Alarm


- Ad-Aware


I tried shutting down these apps to diagnose. It didn't seem to make a difference.


The host file located at: C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc is only 1KB. The only real code in there is: localhost



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Hi Guys,


OK, detailer, where do I jump on? :smile:


First of all, we have to agree on the unit terms.


Assuming that temporary was getting downloads of 500 kbps (kilo bits per second)(that's what he has written) which is nearly half of 1 Mbs, and which is not a speed of high standards for todays connection speeds.

I see in the image that the adjuster is on 100 Mbps!!! Then everything is totally wrong.


If he meant 500 kB/s (Kilo Bytes pr second), then it is a different story.

Forget about 100 Mbps, even then, the connection speed is ~4 Mbps.


danburrito is on the right track, but with assumptions we can not really optimize the connection. Then, it will only be a trial and error case.


Please also read post #43 of the thread that detailer mentions in his post, just to feel the details of an optimum connection.


Let's start from the beginning.


temporary, since you are connected to a router with wireless, you may get the information of your max. download speed if you know how to enter to the router from your PC, ei., typing the IP address of the router to the browser (generally if you have not changed it), and then entering Admin. name and if there is, Admin. password. This was the first alternative.


Second alternative:

Please learn your maximum download speed from your ISP.

Just make a phone call, and they have to say you, your max. allowed download speed with Cable connection, since your MTU is 1500 and which is good and it is not PPoE. (Higher the max allowed download speed of connection, higher they charge. Being a cable connection, probably your upload speed is closer to your download speed than ADSLs. Although it depends on the deal made and how many customers are using the same cable line.)




NOTE: Was that what you mean detailer? :lol:

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This post is going to be a little embarrassing to write. I figured out the problem, and the good news is that it had nothing to do with Internet Booster, but really a remarkable set of actions with perfect timing.


I downloaded Internet Booster from download.com; and while there I downloaded some other stuff. Too much stuff I would say.


I then optimised my connection, and since then my speeds has felt like it's running at "dial up" - well, that feeling is more like reality. Being close to the end of the month I didn't realise that I've reached my download limit, and I'm now capped to dial up speeds until months end.


I wasted your time, I've given my ISP an hear full (and now I'm changing providers with much more download capacity), and lastly I wasted 2 days playing around with this.


Thanks for all your efforts, I'll need to optimse my connection when I get my speed back but there are still many days until I can do that.



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Hi temporary,


I suppose you mean you downloded ASC from download.com which includes Internet Booster in it, as Internet Booster is not available as a stand alone application for downloads.


Anyway, talk to you soon when you finalize your new Connection.



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  • 5 months later...

Hy dan. I alsoo destroied my internet with this internet booster.

My service provider it's RDS.

Conection cable-link with modem 1mb, but if I do a speedtest on there site shows 2.8mb.

The maximum download speed is usually 350kbps.


I destroied the internet speed on my pc, and on my laptop with that internet booster utility from the free ASC.

On the PC I have windows 7 ultimate RTM, and on the laptop I have windows vista home premium GDR.

Some how windows 7 restored the half open conections, but still the speed is lower.

I want to know how can I restore what Internet booster has done.

I push the restore button but still the spped is very low.

The browsers I'm using are internet explorer8 and mozila firefox 3.6.

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Inernet Booster does not work for optimization on Vista and Windows 7.


Since it changes the registry values for TCP optimization,this does not effect anything in Vista and Win 7


When you try to run Internet Booster on those two OSs, there is a window saying that you don't need optimization in those OSs.


You don't need any network optimization in Vista and Windows for any practical purposes.



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