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Super Stealthing


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I would like to say a very warm thank you !

this is very Munch appreciated ------------!!!!

i have Just MADE it my start page-as Google is For me a pest!! as Yahoo

Thy are to Sticky beaks for my likening --just made this my search en gen


Google Blocks YOU if one uses a proxy GET the WE are Sorry CRAP!


thy are the biggest spy based En gen on the net!----


this new Site YOU recommended to try --NO problems AT all

i tried and typed in a QWERTY and yes not a problem !!!



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i cant tell you how happy i am with this new service! not one hick up

plenty of info be it some what less as in pages ^ 6 at the moment but plenty

thy are fast--and so far i found the best i come across thanks to you ---

and its so nice thy do not care who uses them to find info--So it should be

as already stated --i downloaded there shearch bar rid the google pest--and

the yahoo pest---the funny thing is if you want Google or yahoo type it in and boom your there !!!baring thy Google cant know who you are! as i got them blocked -and still get around using them....if i wanted--

any how thanks again!!!!!!



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Your Host Information

REMOTE_HOST pool-98-118-249-6.clppva.fios.verizon.net


USER_AGENT Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/2009021910 Firefox/3.0.7

HTTP_REFERER http://www.stilllistener.com/checkpoint1/

HTTP Connection Information



HTTP_VIA (none)






Your IP or Proxy Server Name



I can say this --i have tested this many many times --

stater-- in and out -no blocking-bar UDP--- and never has any test reveld my ad or info

you will need to enable the Thor stater button --just as you lance the browser

start with a blank page --hit it and you are piteous



Using the Thor net ---very very good score

only set back"Speed " is Perhaps at times 6-10 0ther times 10/10

but The more the better! If you have a bit to space of the net to spare and share around? consider Joining in--



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well i am pleased with the products now fully working for me

io360 --ASC-- thy are truly working well on my xp-win7 systems --adding privacy as well--its pays to be registered the both --as the extras are worth

it --my advice is to do so -the systems are faster use less ram -that's now cleaned auto-speeding things up and less strangle on the system--

i don't have to clean up or worry about crap build up --

and with the upgrading ,it get better day by day-

this is not a add --or try to convince you to do it--


its my opinion only --has nothing to do with nothing!!!



get it fully working--its cheap at the price--and bring new life to the old PC --

my proof ? on my old xp system i noticed my screen saver running smoother

i use the dream aquarium one and it now runs 100% on the 1 gig mem system --plus the other apps picked up speed --

saying its improved--


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Data Execution LEAKING Programs AND APPS ,FREE..


log on WE WILL and DO , install the latest crap ware we got for you so you

feel totaly protected!!


bit hard ?on MS geezer ----


here is a idea to think about---do you like win fire wall--yes --no--not shure ???

how about the defender --

ether way --this is a personal thing,how about the updates ? and what billy

thinks you can run --never mind what you want --


lets say itsmejjj

Were to knock very softly on your door,and let himself in--what would you do--?

allow him in and do as he pleased,take what he wants,i could get more personal but lets leave it here--


sit back think about it--No you probably kick the clappers-- out of him-

why ? its your home,not itsmejjj,or any one els ,but your home--and i would do the same!


yet how many of you do let in any one and don't care--after all IF you got nothing to hide--

is the silly answer that's given-or so what we all use the same programs-


ok what i am talking about your pc! Uhhhh,what are you on about ?

oh yeh--Yeh i see , here we go - the privacy bit!


yes its a broken record you heard this heaps of times -yet most do nothing about it!

others are lacks a Daisey ,or to lazy to bother!


why do we use anonymous names? why not post our address fhone numbers ,mail address and lets have a long list

for any one to start pestering you or I--

well the ones that care less ok i understand ? mark this as so, one day -it will bite you-badly-it will cost

you heaps-one way or the other!


deary me itsmejjj --whats the point -THE POINT ? -start to think,act,do something,protect your home,and your

given Right--protect the system in your home--


a survey done a few weeks back -tested and proven

87% of system are wide open to any one who wants information to the siad systems--without the owners even knowing!!

do not have a inkling its happening--you know how many ICMP attempts are made in 1 hour -any where from 30 to 200

that try to bust into my systems--

so am i scaring you ? i hope So-you may do something about it--BUT we ARE WE GOT IObit 360!!


yes that's a start-but Just a Start--its not a fire wall--or a virus program ,and only keeps out the malawhare

and spy ware -probably 70% + as its very young ,and needs to inprove

that said ,every day its added to -every day it get more power!! 1 or 2 years i think it will be one

of the top 5 !!

but heed this !

it will not stop a cracker,or a snooper -i have yet to see a pop up telling me my system is being compromise

in this way!! and i do not expected one--that's why i use a fire wall -a SOFT ware type ,application--


aha got you

itsmejjj we got windows fire wall running!! and our routers build in fire wall ,see were not stupid


Mmm forgot about the fantastic software! MS fire wall ! and the routers---

your right --silly me -

the posts made by our members must be totally misleading! and just a lot of un needed hipe !!

its all rubbish! what thy recommended to try -its only the few ,

that be leave we should use all in or ability

to try and make our systems almost impregnable--and private!


-please accept my Appolonia !! i get carried away sometimes--?????



to be continued

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More Stealth Testing


I had lost this site when this thread started,and just recently found it again,and used it to test my new Win 7U rig.Well,for what it's worth,my computer "does not exist" and refuses to "talk to anyone"-all good.Check out GRC where you'll find several tests and some great informative content.By the way,Enoskype,you never disclosed your IP illusion technique to us.

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BY Oddysey




Instead of adding some technical mumbo-jumbo to the discussion, this time I'd like to add two cents worth of emotional rationalization. That is, if you don't mind. Wink


In my mind, trying to anonymize one's self is a good thing, in the grand scheme of things. Anonymity has its roots in the political freedoms that most people of the "free" world take for granted; if the "powers that be" knew each and every communicant and their utterances, then it wouldn't take long for all dissenting opinion to be snuffed out. That's another word for dictatorship, or possibly fascism.


Enough of why we want to remain anonymous, let's get to the practical side.


Practically speaking, we need only look at the RIAA (may they die and rot in Hell) for the best example of how the 'Net anonymized surfers. If there truly was a way to keep track of everybody, don't you think they'd already be doing it? From both the governmental and the commercial standpoints, knowing who is surfing would be an ideal thing. I needn't explain why, so I won't. Smile!


In essence, yes, if enough man power is devoted to the task, any one individual can be identified. But again with an example that's right in our faces, if we could do so, even with all the willpower of the Sagans of surfers, why can't we eradicate spammers at all, let alone easily? The answer is the same as before: not enough manpower.


Throwing computers at the job is not the answer. Remember, to err is human, to really foul things up requires a computer! What I'm saying here is that if there is little or no tracking at the very front end (the ISP), then there won't be anyway to overcome that lack later on down the pipeline. Forcing ISP's to do any kind of policing is another way of saying "manpower". Starting to get my drift?


For an ISP to hire more people to do what the government/RIAA/commercial market wants would be to cut significantly into the profit margin, perhaps so far into it that it becomes economically unfeasible to provide Internet services. And yes, there are logs kept, but we're talking here about somebody having to go through (with a computer to help, but not to make the final decisions) each and every entry to see if they can locate a miscreant. And that's taking into account that said searcher has access to the billing account info. Talk about hackle-raising privacy invasion, that would be it. I'd liken it to the Gestapo searching your power bills at the local utility company to see if you use what they consider "too many" kilowatt hours. Even the power company doesn't have this right; they can only treat all of their customers as an aggregate class of users. (Unless they detect a potential for damage to their system, but that's not what we're talking about with ISP's either.)


In short, the vast number of people using the 'Net at any one time is obscurity enough. While there are those who purport to know who I am by merely repeating my IP on the screen when I visit, I laugh at them. That IP addy comes from a large pool of possible owners, in a large metropolitan area that would require a lot of manpower to canvass all the records in search of one little ol' me. In short, without a court order to expend massive amounts of money for man-hours, it ain't gonna happen. And even if it did, I'd get wind of it well enough ahead of time to "evaporate before the wind". But I've never had to do that, and believe me, I'm known by many different names on this 'Net, and some of them are pretty offensive to governments, others are very offensive to conspiracy idiots (that's the most fun I've ever had while standing up!), and others are more helpful to the average Joe - like right here on Kye-U's forums.


Yes, I do use JakxPack, but I don't place total faith in it. It's fun to mess with people's minds, but I never forget the fact that if "they" truly want me, they will damn the torpedoes, and charge full speed ahead until they get me. Period. I didn't say above that they can't get me, or anyone, I said that they have to have an extraordinarily high degree of desire in order to focus onto me what manpower they do have. Which is enough, when they decide to do that. The trick is to evade their radar in the first place, not to slip off of it once I've been noticed. :P


So, keep on keepin' on. If you think you're inviting high scrutiny from someone you fear, then perhaps JakxPack should not be your first, middle or last line of defense. If you are just trying to avoid crass commercialism, then by all means, mess with their heads - I'm all for that! [lol]


OK, so that's four cents worth - call it inflation, eh? [roll eyes]



INTERESTING Thinking nicely put

worth i think to add here --


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ok here you can download ip listing made up and updated --

you merge them to you ip blocker (add) Show all file if you ip merger cant see it --click the list add


save the list _unrar'ed To a folder--or a cd ---


Add and trackers would be my first and bad peers ---

open the text file with note pad and take a look if you think its good to add--


PUBLIC SERVERS --(NO-Login) PROXY HOW TO [itsmejjj's thread]


plus keep a eye out here ---as well Port 139 Blocker



[itsmejjj's thread] thank you who ever added this !! this is so very kind of you!!



you will if you take the time to read -help you along to strengthen your systems---without the razzmatazz===or hipe--its very simple stuff




grab this cutie as well !!!



the point is get a ip blocker on your system

why not it cant harm you ! its silly if you do not install one

there are free ones available--or as in my case paid versions

thy do the same--every bit helps ---


i keep posting this over -and over --why?


ICMP -- attack tries to make your system


connect to itself, causing it to stop responding


and requiring a reboot.is one reason-(-know as land attack-)


so clicking your logs on a fire wall allows you to add the ip addresses---

ICMP -attempts--


Thanks again for the time spent on the threads---

and hope it may help you ---


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