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Service is360srv.exe


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Hello Guys,


I have tried all the combinations except Automatic (Deleyed Start) which is irrelevant to our case, in Services with is360svr.exe in three OSs all updated, XP Pro sp3, Vista Ultimate RTM 6000 (without service packs), Windows7 RC7229.


All three of OSs acted exactly the same way.


IS 360 will start when Windows starts option is OFF.

IS 360 is run as PRO for XP, and as FREE for Vista and Windows7.

(BTW, If you have a Pro license, you can run IS 360 as FREE by moving the license.dat file away from the main IS 360 folder. If you put the license.dat file back into the original place, IS 360 will run as PRO again.)


Here are the results:


1) is 360 Service Automatic

Same as everyone experiencing, whether or not IS 360 is running, the service is started when the windows start and the service will not stop unless windows is Shut Down.


2) is 360 Service Manual

When Windows Start, the service is not running.

When IS 360 is started, the service starts.

When IS 360 is exited, the service does not stop, ei., continue to run untill you Shut Down, Restart, or Logoff-logon Windows. When you re-start Windows the IS 360 service dos not start. Only starts with the start of IS 360.


3) is 360 Service is Diabled

Either you run IS 360 or not, the service will never run, unless you enable it as Automatic or Manual.


is 360 Service is OWNED by the Administrator Group by default in Vista and Windows7, and it will start running by the SYSTEM when IS 360 starts.


As written in one of the posts above, I think, is 360 Service is for the users who do not have Administrative rights in the PC. I think, if there is no administrator, system is responsible from the IS 360.



Hi maxxwire,


I really do not know why it behaves differently and as you wish in your Vista. INTERESTING.:roll:



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This is a screenshot of Vista Task Manager just after I manually start Security 360...




About 2 minutes later when I close down Security 360 the System Tray Icon immediately disappears and Task Manager shows is360.exe and is360tray.exe are no longer running...




Enoskype- As you pointed out the only part of Security 360 left running in Vista at this point is is360srv...




The service must be terminated manually which can be done in Services, but if it is disabled as Samtso suggested is360srv won't even start in the first place.




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For those who are just joining this thread at the top of this 3rd page all that those of us who run Vista have to do is simply make sure Security 360 is not set to start with Windows and change srv360.exe from automatic to manual start in Vista Services and then Security 360 can be used as an on demand scanner and both srv360.exe and is360tray.exe will immediately close when the program is closed.







Hi Maxxwire,


I can not see the is360svr.exe in the screenshot in the previous post of yours.

Is it there in the unseen part of the image when IS 360 is running, and when you exit IS 360 two minutes later, is it still there or is it disapeared from the list of processes?

I think, you can see it better, when chosen, under the Services tab, or under the Image Name column when in alphabetical order under Processes tab.



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Enoskype- I was editing my post as you were asking about not seeing is360srv in the Task Manager screenshots. You are correct in that is360.exe and is360tray.exe are shown under the Processes tab and is360srv is shown under the Services tab and therefore can not be shown together in the same screenshot of Task Manager, but I have included a screenshot of is360srv as still running in Services after Security 360 was shut down just before I terminated it until next time I need its superior scanning capabilities.



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Why is service is360srv.exe running all the time even though I have program set up as an on-demand scanner?


This is the same original question about is360srv.exe that I had and now that the answer has been revealed it will be here in this thread which you started with this simple question for others to find.



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Hi all,


I'm using XP/SP3 too, and I've done the following:

1. disable the IS360service (not set to manual, but disable) and stop the service.

2. run IS360 from the start menu, do update, scan, etc., no error message.

3. check task manager, only is360.exe & is360tray.exe running, no sight of the is360srv.exe when IS360 is running.

4. exit the program after doing all the update and scan, either by clicking on the X or select Exit from the tray icon.

5. check task manager again, all is360*.exe gone.





No, Thank you Sam!!!


I disabled the is360srvice in Vista Services and then started Security 360 from Quick Launch as I usually do and you're right only is360.exe & is360tray.exe start with no sign whatsoever of the disabled is360srv!!!




And upon closing Security 360 all traces of it disappear...




I'm now going to go back and edit my posts in support of Sam's Security 360 On Demand Scanner Solution!



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Hi sam

It sits in your tray, unless this option is unticked in the program settings and it is placed in your administration services where you can choose to have it started/closed - automatic/manual/deactivated. :-)

This has been discussed in quite a few other posts





Hi Maxx,


You are welcome. But still leaving a question for me - What is this is360srv.exe for? Is it really for those who don't have admin right to run the program?


Have a nice day,


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I have some programs that won't even start on demand when their service is set to Manual, but Security 360 starts on demand and puts its icon in the System Tray even with its service set to Disabled and then disappears without a trace when the program is closed!



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