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PUBLIC SERVERS --(NO-Login) PROXY HOW TO [itsmejjj's thread]


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in the battle for Inter Net Security and Privacy, always remember Complete anonymity on the "Net" IT is JUST MISLEADING-(Truly SO ? there is NO 100% ANONYMITY) even If Your data stream is encrypted, and randomly being re-routed through several

or even many , Machines,the people that maintain, the servers could take a peek,if you drew there attention

leading them to block you -from there servers--

.so always exercise caution, . .

USE common sense,THIS can go a long way,Do not abuse this privalige!

by using it -for unauthorized activates---its only to be ment for normal use---

whats the best way to be stealth ? in plane sight smack in the middle--with many other users!!

all channeling by a ip--in and out -do nothing stupid you go undetected

change the ip 2 or 3 times a day

stay with the same ones---if possible-


rule 1 the most important one--DO not Surf GREY LINKS that draw attention!!

i dont mean porn ether -but use your co min seance! here-

rule 2:: Do not attempt tracing a ip !! as in chasing a iP address

rule 3:: do not spam!

rule 4:: Do not try icpm attracting!

rule 5 ::do not Email

rule 6 ::do no banking

rule 7 ::do not live chats

rule 9:: stay away from proxy's that only last a day or so -black list them--any put up as proxy

ips that do not function or at very slow speeds , or are blocked,blacklist them!

rule 10 ::use common Cece,decorum,respect,considerations to the server of the link-for providing the service Free-

USE there service for YOUR normal dally surfing;s!!!

lastly USE only proxy site's that are on 24 hours a day every day -and check what thy pass

on to others--Anonymity -is important--at least *80+ score or above *B+ preferred *A- to A+ 90+ mark


ok if you follow this and make it your rules as well -I shall try to give a EXPLANATORY post and thread-- as to how you can achieve this--

the way to go about -making your OWN home proxy---

that only you can USE!!

Every one has there theory on this and How it can be implemented--

or whether it works ---


PLEASE NO DEBATES----you ether accept it or you don't



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1 st thing ---install a proxy filter---!!!!




the program you will install is called Proxomitron ---naoko 4.5 (2003-6)

Scott.R.lemon.1999-2003----only the extra files as in filters

and add on recommended--




this is the main program--the rest are add ins --

you will have to download this and all the added files ---

make a special folder --to store all the downloads --

call it proxy files----

start to learn the program --just study the doc files first!!

if you do not want to learn and spend time reading the information provided

you may as well stop here now -


http://www.proxomitron.info/news/index.html get the program here plus all

the DE tales--

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now next step is this --this you will have to do on your own-find sites that will show you

open proxy ip address--why-? here is your learning piont -reconizing numbers--?

after a long time one gets to know and i say this mildly-ip ad-to or leave alone--one gets a feeling

for this-try one at a time-by adding it to your use a remote--settings-(you add) and proxco will auto add :8080


google for the sites--

next step -add some good ip checking links --again Google them as well--you may want 6 or so really good links-- http://www.stilllistener.com/checkpoint1/ start with this one--

this you can do now!

also install and run the filter default for now!--get it working--

than slowly up it a level -1 by 1 after a week or so you should be at 3-or4 max filtering!

this program proxco ,works on any OS-any! you can even copy it the installed directory

to a other os and lose nothing of the settings-just make a short cut---

read carefully the way to set up your LAN -in your browser IE --(use a proxy)-- 8080--default--or localhost-8080

ether works fine--now important only use the very first line--HTTP -leave the rest blank--if you use fire fox or bird

opera, commit-or (even good old IE)

thy take care of the rest-now there should be no worrys as to set up the program


now understand this -you ether use it-or don't-if you do you must use a working proxy address

or you cant brows-or you will have to reset the browser to no proxcy--off reboot and your back to before you

attempted the program--

-that's why i say find some now--around 20 -a few has to work--


NOW A good warning -Stay away from scamming sites,or the ones that try to sell you there programs

with all the fancy adverts-the only cost you (cheep) price or the ones we Emial you addresses-

and the like!!-get on the free sites who post the tested ips free--recheck back every day

learn the numbers!!!

LETS SAY you see every day or so 3 times a week -thy are good numbers

make sure you understand the differed, meaning by the wording anonymous!!

i have posted plenty of sample tests--also read there notes!

ok start here -this is one of the best! and trusted ones i know of-- http://www.proxy4free.com/page1.html




Now Again you ether be leave or Do not -ITS your pick--there is no need for posts of be Afraid or you get back washed-or danger this or that -go somewhere to either post, and do your thing--but not here please do not hijack this post!!!!!!

if you want to add a coment PLEASE BE PROFESSIONAL AND Curtail -from and -refrain from negative comments --

Thank you for understanding

the posted site's are trusted ,and been around a very long time -thy do not post

scamming addresses or snooping addresses-thy check them themselves

for 99% safety--i say that , as nothing is sure--READ THERE HELP FILES


please learn the program -take it slow .read and then some

study the thinking of Scott -and the very power he has given you for free

with this half or more of ante this or that, can be rid of your system.

its free -at no cost to you but your time -and understanding how it works--


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Share on other sites 8080 anonymous United States 2009-09-26 Whois 8080 anonymous Brazil 2009-09-26 Whois 8080 anonymous Albania 2009-09-26 Whois 80 anonymous Slovenia 2009-09-26 Whois 3128 anonymous China 2009-09-26 Whois 80 anonymous Australia <<<< not so its Indonesia !!


what to use?, a good one to use - other thing thy run on 8080--use sparely

this i use as back up if my other ones fail-

Take a good hard look here !!!!

out of all the above 1 only for me---its really well stealthy--


you can try them sure !

but Albania is a no -why its Dicky ! china ?? no thank you! i do not

trust there sites thy drop of to many times--but if you get one that is on all

the time with very good anonymity speed,yes .thy pass on nothing to the west-- Indonesia the same thy don't like the west much ether-and there is no love lost -good for the USA surfers--


now say you get one of and running test it--yourself--

OK this should give you a idea--again be careful

JUST USE THEM or the one you feel good about,TO SURF -DOWNLOAD--nothing els !!!!


OK we leave this a while so you can get it going next what fire wall ?

and what to block--

a important supporting program to the filter!! plus ip blockers--


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Now here is a twitchy part of the set up -

Rule No 1 NO port forwarding allowed!!

no sharing--no--data exchanging bar the port 8080 this is the only

channeled port to be in closed-open on demand --you do not need any other in open state---or closed state--every port is shut-block permanent state

okay-- ether accept this or do not want to --


first of try it with your own fire wall--as you may not want to change

and i don't blame you at all--I the same i do not like swapping to other software if it is unnecessary--

So you must allow PROXIMATE-FULL accesses to the net-

if you are already using it you would of done this ---!


in your fire wall Set all UDP PORTS TO BLOCK -if you do not want to Do this Fine-than your wasting your time !

you can still use the program but half of its power is turned of- no UDP is allowed to communicate over the net-

Google -UDP ports -get the in and outs info--START HERE http://www.dslreports.com/ports


here is one port i consider a bad port------------------------------------------------

port 137 udp====(all packets to be Blocked)

This port being visible over the internet MAY BE A security problem,??

vulnerabilities over port 137/Tcp.yes there are -

if this is open, it suggests that the associated 139/tcp is open,as well which is very dangerous.

YOU Make up your own mind as whereto tp allow it in open State--


http://www.nirsoft.net/utils/cports.html download this small applacation --bottom page---

unpack to the drive-also use there ip checker here http://www.nirsoft.net/show_my_ip_address.php


plus take a good hard look at there other soft ware


part view :::::::

732 TCP 8080 Listening C:\Proxomitron\Proxomitron\Proxomitron.exe

Proxomitron The Proxomitron 4, 5, 0, 4 Groom-A-Zebu 9/27/2009 2:00:31 PM PC-PC\PC A 9/27/2009 2:16:21 PM

System 4 TCP 139 net bios-ssn 192.168.1. <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< HAVE THIS Blocked From-Listening

System 4 TCP 445 Microsoft-ds <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< same here blocked

System 4 UDP 137 net bios-ns <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< same here blocked

tem 4 UDP 138 netbios-dgm <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<Same here blocked

System 4 TCP 5357 wsd :: :: Listening


nice very nice--


WHY BOTHER WITH THIS APP -LEARN what your system is allowing,in and out,,

take care not to stop just any thing you see working ,your pc may crash--

say you were to hit this kill the process---you would reboot the system -possble loss of data ---just be aware what you kill off---

lsass.exe 564 TCP 49158 :: :: Listening C:\Windows\system32\lsass.exe Microsoft® Windows® Operating System

Local Security Authority Process 6.1.7106.0 (win main.090408-1623) Microsoft Corporation 9/27/2009 1:32:51 PM NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM SamSs A 9/27/2009 2:33:18 PM


alright bit at the time with each post --


i do hope its not to scientific looking --ehhhh its really simple stuff --so far !

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so from here we get into blocking---you would be seeing a difference --

surfing by now using the program ,proxomitron ---now like i posted start of

level one--nice and simple -have the log page up at all times-(proxco)there

you see what is going on -what your pc is telling the world.


MY sample level 4 --default-- by Scott R Lemmon--

Your Host Information



USER_AGENT Win-MIN 7.rev-01

HTTP_REFERER http://www.stilllistener.com/checkpoint1/test1/

HTTP Connection Information



HTTP_VIA HTTP/1.1 pri-220-b4.codetel.net. (Apache/1.3.28), 1.1 OpenProxy-01 (jaguar/3.0-11)





HTTP__ .Via:Speedyterra.U>A+D-CAP+12br-[squid/2.7-Stable2-rev.1]


Your IP or Proxy Server Name

3 2

ϳ¤ì¶ú¤Ç¤¹¡£2 ²Õ½ê¤«¤éϳ¤ì¤Æ¤¤¤Þ¤¹¡£





HTTP__=.Via:Speedyterra.U>A+D-CAP+12br-[squid/2.7-Stable2-rev.1] HTTP_COOKIE=$1


you would see something similar--??



NOW one more Warning DO not be a Smarty pants,and think Ohh this is cool

i can Do some real nasty stuff here and no one will KNOW--EHHH---


Let me remind YOU EHHHHHH -You will be found out EASY!!


why am i posting this ?

its to allow people the basic rights to be able to surf freely-with out being watched! to get around censors-or restricted country's who do not allow this freedom!

its to stop the snooping ,loggers,spy type search en gens- knowing who you are -

its to try to keep you a step ahead of attackers..from seeing you -

or sites follow you -or even log your ip -as thy cant tell its you--

you cant be identified -as you are not longed to the proxy-nor do thy intern know you are using them ---(not drawing attention) as you do not have

to use some sergeant- password

proxco takes care of all this--even at level one!

its free no cost to you


its there to be used! and i just want to share this to the ones who listen--


next what to allow from a OS used---


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http://www.proxomitron.info/news/index.html ( start page---)

best to get it direct----


sorry about the other link i just felt i had to check this the program itself is no good -the install i corrupted--so please use this link--


the other add in files are good--as you get the idea you can add (merge the filters)

later on you can edit change make your own--for now just read ,and study this amazing work by Scot R lemmon



do not use any other site --some are rip off -one site even clams he made the program - licensed - under share ware---


its free no if or buts---

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Since your really worried about the "net", try SMOOTHWALL.


Thank you -this may interest readers-

-a fire wall fore Linux--or a OS.

but we are talking-a home project-how to make your home proxy-- its a hobby

i have been involved with for over 15 years--worried about the net ?

YES we all should be i agree with you! its not a very safe place or rather can be very dickey! indeed--- every byte ,thing you or i post may help this--to preserve our rights.your rights, my rights,and how we protect them

that's why we all install programs like io360-that help keep out the rat bags!

and any other type that help us along this path!


I my self would love to see obit-- add in a ip stopper as a extra add in -

something along the line of icmp attacks or Dicky ips, -to alert and be able to add the offending attacker to a auto list to block forever?

as a example the BEE THINK program ip stopper-- http://www.beethink.com



Thank you for the positive Help..


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lets go on to the next step---the last on this!


your fire wall are blocking all UDP ports-All

now we talk about the os --

one very simple rule here--no OS app-is allowed outside your system

to link -that's it--

so if you get asked -allow host,logon,and so on,.


you answer NO ---what are we doing? we are stoping externall linking to the net


your system will run normal-bar link to the outside--

your browser will do this fore you using proxomitron--

every thing done by your browser is filtered by proxomitron-

what ever you allow checked-or unchecked--you pick it


like iobit to link -just change the link to a proxy - 8080


so if you start your browser,your fire wall would of asked you-anser yes!

this applys to any application you want to allow--


ok how about updates ? MS -simple turn of the fire wall you use

just run windows one (leave it on) makes no difference if running with any

ather-when done -

reboot your back to your fire wall ( lets say-pctools or lookNSTOP or your fire wall)

OR restart without the booting the system.


if you want to run your IP only

disengage the fire wall and leave Winn on -why its the fire wall that may

be stopping this --

not a good idea -i would rather rid proxco if i wated to run my given IP

by my isp server-provider-and stop using a proxcy server-




if you do not like the idea running this , simple shut down the proxco -dilite the directoy

thats it -reset the browser to no lan or proxy!!no harm done--

the program leaves nothing on your pc or registry-it writes nothing to your drive!

nothing can -no one from the outside can-only you can change the settings

its a non writing app.only you can rid it .


you may not even like the idea at all and use a pay service-to stealth you

for a yearly fee..our use a downloaded application -regeneration type

send them you info get a pass word --log in and use-perhaps feel

safe that thy do not pass any thing on to 3rd parties?


yes i have tried a few this way and and SOME

are misleading you ??

thy clam you get switched to different ip's yet the same one

shows every time i tested this-there server-ad is shown

not the proxy thy clam-you are shown to be using!!

test it your self -every ip you are shown should be

seen by a checker link-not as A static ip--


In tor net, works you never get the same ip shown

it changes often to a new one !

if you do not mind sharing some of your band with-athers


My advice why not jion them? thy are very good at stealthig

read there help file and think on it-thy are very fast now

and its rather fascinating to watch all the links made on the map

a nice way of getting about -install there program -

and watch the connection go! you can tweek it as you see fit'

ok i pointed you to a possibility you can explore

try out-


you will have to learn the rest-in time you will

by making your own filters try other people filters

share around help use the program-you will harness this power

by your self, there is plenty of help in the doc file's

this is now old hat to a lot of the users-some Mock it

some like Myself would not surf without it


AND I DO HOPE YOU FIND IT INTRIGUING,interesting,and fascinating-

thank you all for reading the post --i have alerted you to a tiny bit

of WHAT Proxomitron can do for you AND ITS FREE TRULY FREE




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ok now having ruffly gone over the idea --just to perhaps get you interested

its just a small part of a processing plane!! you will now if interested want to progressively improve the methods --as the program starts of with basic filtering-you may want to add say extra filters--our once you get the hang of editing-and making your own to do what you feel you may want to filter --


ok now here is one big tip --get bee think downloaded and running-you got 30 day trial--


when you set it up ------------ad and save the following--black list (block)

1 Protocol = udp and direction both-

2 --------= ICMP

3 --------= IGMP

4 ------- -=RARP

5 ------ --= OTHER

the next lot all at UDP

6-----------------------------------local port 137and remote==137

7-----------------------------------' ------- 135 and remote ==135

8 -----------------------------------'-------- 139and remote==139

9 protocol udp -----------------------'----------8080 and remote 8080 a must

10 protocal TCP ---------------------'-----------port 137and remote

plus 135-139 ----



the basic start you add when installed

you would ad more as you see fit as in ports----to block


one more thing the proxcy you use add its IP address to be block using UDP



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your tools and my tips ---probably have read similar ideas---


proxomitron--4.5-and jacks filter set--you merge--my advice a top set


your fire wall you like-should be no problem-just allow proxco access rights-


your browser-any you want to use-set to LAN -or use a proxy- localhost = port 8080

any either application you run it -there will be no interference by proxco--

so if one fails its something els--


this you must decide on--its preferred -to let no OS protocol out side your system--

in other word if you get a pop up from your fire wall-asking say -SV host allowed -

A firm NO be you answer,(log-on,generic host,win explorer, and so on)


port blocking again is up to you --i don't want to inter fear-you decide what is best

my thinking ? prefers all UDP port shut-all blocked --no if or buts---



this again is your pick ether you do not allow them or do -get not argument from me-


Java -this i recommended to block -if you are not a programmer -you do not need it!


far to reveling for my taste--i uninstalled it of my systems---!

but you may like it! and want to use it---


active X same i do not use it -nor want it--but you decide---


scripting- well its a no ---to easy to exploit-by allowing it to run.


tracking cookies block -image trackers blocked-referring blocked- most modern browsers

take car of

it but i set my filters as well-to make sure-stopping exploits-or any i find-

or mussy- as if browser block -a link - i make a filter ---and ad it in --


---------------------------------------------!! its free if you want it

do not use to many applications that do the same thing -

1 cleaner-like cc learner- or Advance sys care <<<<<<prefer if you use this no need fore a defrag ore c cleaner --

1 anti virus -I DO NOT USE ANY____________BUT YOU MAY

1 malaware- if you use 360 in my book that's it --no other wanted--

1 defrag program if you do no use a.s.care-

i think is best and would give no conflicting happenings ??

the less ante this and ante that the---its better Less strain on your system

and your pc runs faster--not that much chance of problems


my pick and honest --360 is very good 8 /10 !

i would not use my pc now without it!!!

i have given AWAY testing sick of it -- what is or could be better ------- i got the best!!!



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a lot of readers of my post would see that proxomitron

-can and has been able to do what a lot of malaware products do BUT MORE --before thy became the thing to use as a Must--have-and -stop exploiters --or rouge sites-its able to see a loaded page -of a link -and black it -


as you see on the above sample--or with in an link-you may be reading-in other wording if a link has a auto redirect and is malicious-the heading is replaced () than if a link say has the over flow buffer Exploit a warning is given or any other type--and in most cases killed of-but allows you to back out -before this is loaded- Known as URL- KNIFE--


-there are features that this program has yet to be amalgamated by ANY virus -Trojan- malaware- program or fire walls


-like able to auto add if wanted.

-any ,we will use the word BAD SITE OR Links --also you do not need it to say use a proxy -it can be used just with your own IP GIVEN address-


-and work just uptick the use a remote proxy--the other thing is you as THE user can make filters -to stop any thing!


for instance- cookies ,trackers key logging,image tracking-block out adds-pop ups,if say a page has adds -

or gifts that animate -java based sites (i hate them) Meta cookies,jave redirects,


Ad banners,ad scripts,VB and encoded Scripts,Variables,controlled,Status-Browser Manipulations,disable on load,block notifications--referring,Active X,Embedded Objects,Flash----

and so on--

this is very powerful--program-that is able to do things you would not be leave-----



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Here's a partial list of what the Proxomitron can do

* Stop windows that pop-up, pop-under, or pop-over

* Stop those un-closable endless banner chains

* Stop pop-up JavaScript message boxes

* Remove web-branding and other scripts tacked on by "free" web providers.

* Convert most ads and banner pictures into simple text links

* Freeze all animated gifs

* Make blinking text appear as bold instead

* Remove slow web counters

* Stop web pages from "auto-refreshing"

* Prevent pages from changing fonts

* Get rid of or replace web page background images

* Protect against getting "trapped" inside someone else's frames!

* Make all frames re sizable

* Close top or bottom frame banner windows

* Make background MIDI songs play only when you choose.

* Remove status bar scroll-texts

* Remove "dynamic" HTML from pages

* Disguise your browser's identity and version from JavaScripts

* Remove style sheets

* Un-hide URLs when the mouse is over a link

* Disable frames or tables altogether

* Change or delete cookies

* Change your browser's user-agent and other identifying fields

* Hide where you've been previously from inquisitive web servers


that's just the start in its default setting--SCOT R LEMMON---


my comment -this has to be a good thing as a parent that wants to block

what you consider a danger to your child--by blocking or killing the links you

do not want them to see or be tempted to click on-or even if not by fault of your child--this will and stop predators ,scum bags! from reaching your young ones!


we use this program on all of our grandchildren pcs!!! to blank out any objectionable adds gifts or pictures ---



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VERY cute little thing this ----run it it will tell you one way or the other !



With Port 139 Blocker you can disable NetBios: Port 139 with just one click. Re-enabling it is also a simple one click process. For Windows 95\98\Me. works on win 7 --


handy --to have!!





try this as well ----very good ,very plane but good--





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E-systems.ro recommends Registry Mechanic for dll related errors - Free Scan



Software product: PortBlocker - Activation


The activation procedure has been greatly simplified. Just copy the following code inside the program you want to activate ( PortBlocker ):


Your activation code is: 3069506


Please write your code down for future reference. This activation is a one time step and you do not need to renew it.


now its fully legall as you can see --


the page has mor app if you are interested in them


this one helps you to add ports you may want to stop --and it will!


you can also remove --very very handy -----






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ok here is my 2cents on this ---its worse than a virus--once installed

the only way to rid the left overs --is :x yes re back the image!



i tested this -on xp-win7 and its well -lets leave it there :shock:---

Do not install this product---

nothing i try ed would -safe mode the same! unlock failed -


it looked ok -when i saw the site --and posted this so you could check --


i would class the as bug ware--scam warez, force ware .:sad:



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now a alternative fire wall for your consideration that will happily run under

wi7 --plus the public version of win7 os i have

all builds -----


will run the programs and apps we are discussing--

pc tools fire wall -at the moment plus we are trying 3 others ,once i can comfier-

thy also run we will pass this on to the tread-


thank you if you find some or all helpful


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  • 2 weeks later...









OK i found some sites here that deal on win 7 and you may find interesting reading--why --i will later discus how to on this OS incorporate

the focused methods in the thread


mean while you may find some interesting things about the product --u could adapt

mostly comments tips and how to use wi7


itsmejjj enjoy --

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jpg.gif Snap_2008.10.28 17.48.19_001.jpg (87.4 KB)


OK here's what i mean -a sample shot of my allowed and blocked apps on my surfing unit


jpg.gif Snap_2008.10.28 17.50.00_002.jpg (19.1 KB)

you notice only 2 apps are allowed---


this is as of this time posting--real live blocking--

now this project is brand new w7, installed on my older Unit-- PC --for demonstration purposes--


ok next we shall demonstrate obit and avc (care) installed--

and what to allow!



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http://browserspy.dk/ <<<<<<<test your self ----



jpg.gif Snap_2008.10.28 18.53.37_001.jpg (239.7 KB)

jpg.gif Snap_2008.10.28 19.03.20_002.jpg (93.0 KB)

jpg.gif Snap_2008.10.28 19.03.47_003.jpg (262.5 KB)


1 the program 2nd the site 3rd test your browser-

a good hard look at what you allow out!


ok why this program --I have search the net many weeks to find a Modern similar application-where you do not not to link to a site -to use stealth--

and able not to find one as good as this ONE---PROXOMITRON--this is still the best one in its class--that tells me what a prize it is--think it was made for win 95! yes and works the same in win 2009! how good is that---

how GOOD is that--sometimes we come across a program that's a MASTER PEACE- this is 1 of the top of the list--


i will add to this any one posting its DEAD,finished-thing of the past

is Ignorant,and has no idea what he/she is saying-whether to laziness,to learn,or just not wanting to put in a little effort--i do not know.i would never surf with out it--please test your self--write down or capture the pages

than install this ,repeat the tests .now compare--then see for your self

that is with the defaulted filters --made by Scott !! you will be amazed what it blocks--now add some more )merge) ,gets better-modify gets better


it cost you nothing but of time---its total stand alone program,nothing is added to your system-no modernizations made--truly a marvel





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ok here you can see the SOME Web page filters than one can use -at to -or modify,now i use 3 different proximate, start up(each in there folder) -with mild -normal -extreme filters---this is the mild version ---there are 5 levels in the installed version you can merge -or as in my case,

modified using keys set- changed, modified, set rules -for different browsing--


there is a other filter set i shall not post as its private (headers)


let me describe the filter sets -do not be mislead by the names--of the filters-

i left them as is so the program is not mucked up using the name of the filter

as in IE 5 exploit name, all IE work on any version, thy apply to any IE Browser , or opera ,Mozilla-and 99% browsers---once you know how-learning,adjusting filters to your standardizes filtering- thy work --you can block what ever you want,allow to bypass,or fully enable ,


say i want to allow this site, cookies a add a filter to allow (edit) the blocking -cookies--section--



just follow the posts and view the caps-please, the explanatory caps are better than i can put in words-

-many thanks to you reading my post as always i do hope its easy to understand ,


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2 sample cap of what the filters look like and where one can edit or change

to allow and bypass the siad filter



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