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File Protection Tool Beta

Tim Xue

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ok the new beta program ,interesting.

i think i saw this written

when opening the app its shows the hidden files.(protected files added)

this is wrong,i think.


before the password is entered. will this be fixed?


handy app this..not only protect files and directory's. but completely hide the file or directory picked (added)



i would like to see a entire drive added as a possibly protection.and hidden as well until released. plus usb drives..

by the application.


is this a possibility?


i for one am very interested in this..

perfect hiding the file on disk. works 100%


now can this be done hiding a drive? as well


as one can see in the caps the first one is wrong.the second is what i would like to see before the password is entered.

then show what one placed there ..for release.



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the beta protection application? 2


ok first of all thank you for the application..


i find this a nice supreme type app.


now i may i would like to ask ,a possibility if you could add a small fix..


that being .1


when opening the program as i shown in my capture 1..as one enters the password

the files are shown..is there away you could add this to be not seen .?

as i show in my second screen capture,


this is at the start of entry ,adding a pass word .if not correct nothing is shown


now also

2 if i may ask files and folders are abled and can be added.


and looking at the drive (a open window) thy are not there,until its unlocked

very nice indeed,

my ask could it be possible for you to add a drive .and be able to do the same.

lets just assume D:/ storage drive.or usb drive..


when typing in d:\ in the option to protect the drive as one whole file.

what i am saying id the drive itself..completely make it vanish

and when wanted UN- protect it..its shows again..


thank you for the possibility you may be able to apply my sugestion?


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a few problems i found..

1 the install ok 100%

2 lanced went 100%

3 password ok 100%

4 hit a file perfect ok 100%

5 checked the drives not there to be seen ok 100%

6 reboot.


SAFE mode

1 checked the drive first.the so called hidden file 100% access

easy as can be edit,do what one like( SAME OS used.)



rebooted-new different Os win7.

1 checked the drive same result as safe mode..


failed to be hidden! do as one pleases



so re booted back to the installed OS and yes all is as the first

1 to 6

ok now the test to break into the pass word.

far to easy took me 4 minn.using the following password

IttsMEjjJ as shown..


ok hope this is of help.i would think you ma perhaps want to look at this

as it is ,its useless .in the fact it can no hide the files.out side the installed application.and its own OS .even using a boot dist .as well

far to easy to bust.as well


please take this as advice,and what i found,and not bagging the program


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as it is ,its useless .in the fact it can no hide the files.out side the installed application.and its own OS .even using a boot dist .as well

far to easy to bust.as well


i must explane this better --

the same os used .it fails in SAFE mode.


any other used(OS) ,as in duel,boot system, or cd boot disk the same result

every thing is shown ,and assessable..


i looked at the post and this must be made clear by my self

thank you .iobit and hope it is of some use to you.

i would not use this as my protector as it is now.far to weak.and to easy to accesses.


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This will be added into IS360 V2, we are preparing it now. We will start to develop IS360 v2 in a few weeks. There are many improvements.


dear iobit i read carefully this post from the first to the last .if this is going to be added to the main application,IS360 ..i do hope .you read this..this apps need attention.and fixing.its no where near what it should be,as i be leave you want it to be..


its main weakness its not protecting the files ,even in the same installed OS

and am reading here there will be many improvements.

to the application 360..this is wonderful..


perhaps .if i may suggest you put out 1 more copy of this file in beta form,to be tested? before it's added to 360?


if i am sounding pushy , or a smart gent, then i Apologize, for this,as i am very hopefull and love this idea of this new applacation..

if its not .that would be a pity as we or rather i .cant really test it as a stand alone..and see if it can with stand a degree of hacking.

so far it falls over like sugar. when water is added.

please consider this .with your staff.

thank you for your attention.


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as you all know this is what i do best.and thank you for the nice comment .this gives me pride,for my self and the forum.some one posted i do not pay attention to iobit soft ware .trust this members i do .as with any soft ware

i belt the heck out of them.bust them apart put them back together.find weakness.and if worth posting i do this happily..if its a tiny bug or glitch its usually fixed..by iobit staff and thy do not need to hear from myself.


i know i am a pain sometimes .but that's me .thank you again friend..


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