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Free Anvir Task Manager


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AnVir Task Manager controls everything running on computer, removes Trojans, increases performance and tweaks Windows.


AnVir Task Manager provides convenience by offering all of its features in a single interface. It saves money because users won’t have to buy multiple packages to perform a family of related tasks.


Monitor your system and replace Windows Task Manager:

Information about processes, startup programs, services, internet connections, drivers


Integrated database with Descriptions for 70 000+ startup programs, Internet Explorer toolbars and services


Icons in the tray that indicate CPU, disk, network, memory and battery


Get rid of viruses, Trojans and spyware that your antivirus missed:

Security risk rating for each active process and startup program

Get notification when any program tries to add itself to startup


Enhance and tune up XP or Vista:

Tweaker that gives access to hundreds of XP / Vista settings


Click on the title of any application to minimize window to system tray

List of recently used folders in Open / Save dialogs


Drive’s free space as a colored horizontal bar in Windows ‘My Computer’


Speed up your PC and Windows startup:

“Delayed Startup” lets you set up any startup program to run few minutes later after Windows startup


Run startup programs minimized to system tray, or as a floating icon

Balance CPU usage




Detailer- WoW what a program! Usually when I read adverts for programs and all I see is the SOS, but the AnVir Task Manager 6.1.0 has many very useful functions that I often wish I had access to and I strongly suspect that the freeware version of this versatile program from a company with such a good reputation will be installed on my computer before the day is done.


The bonus is that although it is described above as XP and Vista compatible it is also listed as Win 7 compatible in the System Requirements section. Are you or would you consider using the feather light 3.95 MB AnVir Task Manager 6.1.0 on your new beefed up lightning fast Win 7 Rig?



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Win 7 compatible ? ---yes !



What a peace OF .soft ware -and its a given way! for now-and updated --

very nice indeed--just as you say its shows one every thing -in my case

very nice showing whats turned of --and the green yellow red -ratings--state -

of a running app-or protocol fascinating---


10/10 sure is..



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jjj- Would you be willing to try AnVir Task Manager 6.1.0 out on your Win 7 computer and give us your opinions on use, effectiveness and compatibility? Its only about a week until Win 7 is officially released and a lot of early adopters are going to be looking for these kinds of answers from a seasoned early adopter of Win 7 like yourself.



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by the way have you registered it ? look in the test file link its done ?


the file reads as follows














You have to install it before the Giveaway offer for the software is over.


Terms and conditions


Please note that the software you download and install

during the Giveaway period comes with the following important limitations:

1) No free technical support

2) No free upgrades to future versions (i asume thy mean the program) it updated fine

3) Strictly non-commercial usage

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jjj- I clearly stated on my post that I would install the freeware version of this program thus no need for product keys and registration. I do this to get an Idea of how how well it functions and how hard it is on system resources. Here is a screenshot of Process Explorer's measurement of the resource consumption of AnVir Task Manager 6.1.0 while it is running in the System Tray...




Although the RAM consumption is something that I could live with on a continual basis the CPU consumption even in this stripped down 1.9 MB freeware version of the program is high enough that my computer is never at rest and overall CPU hovers at 4% which is very reminiscent of the bad old days when I had both the Vista Sidebar and Aero Graphics running which constantly used a very similar amount of CPU and dragged down the computer so much that after I uninstalled them the computer increased its transfer speed by a measured 40%!


Knowing this I plan on keeping the AnVir Task Manager 6.1.0 and use it on an on demand basis because it has an excellent set of statistics that are available right from the System Tray which is something that I have been looking for and up until now unable to find.


Thanks Detailer for finding this Task Management program which puts me one click away from accessing all of the information that I have been wanting to know about my computer, but unable to find conveniently available in the System Tray which is not available from any other programs that I have researched or used. The AnVir Task Manager 6.1.0 is definitely a keeper!



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I would install the freeware version yes i understood this --

i was just wondering if you wated the downloaded version free give away





product keys and registration is on every one download -

i was thinking you may want the same version?



its in as part of the give away and only good for the time limit

that's what i wanted to say -


-i was not shure you knew the reason the graphic, you posted i noticed task mangier free --on your version--heading--

i do not have the same heading

my one states at the page top -- task manger -- my build version

if you click help about?

my says reg to giveawayoftheday build 2009/10.7


i was not sure if you knew this?

and the different builds ----


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No Problem


I've been running this since v5.something on XP and 7.Works equally well on both.I'll forgo the Ram usage issue(I have 4 Gigs)just to keep it running to identify programs and processes attempting to start up makes it invaluable as yet another layer of security.Amazing the number of processes a newly installed software brings to the table,all asking for permission to run at boot when in reality,there is no need for them to do so.I open it right after boot to prioritize all of my running processes.It's very adept at controlling CPU for processes (tunable here as well) that may get out of hand.Some of the svchost.exe services come to mind..The Pro version allows for "profiling" which would be very nice,but I'm used to the quick ten second routine of making the adjustments manually.The manual "memory release" is a fantastic feature.Unlike programs that drive your CPU to the brink of a cliff to make some process let go and jump off the bus,this one simply grabs them and takes back the memory akin to the unruly child having his candy taken away because he won't shut up and ride quietly with the rest of the kids.I use the "combined icon" feature to maximize real estate in the notification area,though sadly,my disk temperature will not display on this Win7 rig :?.All in all,it's a great freebie.

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Hi detailer, thank you for the heads up.


Last time, if I remember correctly, also got the tip from you for the same program, but from a different promoter at that time.


It indeed is a good program.


This time, our friend, Software Informer :-P squized itself in the setup file.


Another interesting feature is the functions on the top right corner of the window header.



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detailer- Well, it got down to about 2 hours from the deadline so I decided to uninstall the bare bones Free version of AnVir Task Manager 6.1.0 and install the GAOTD version that you recommended. WoW what a difference! AnVir Task Manager immediately filled the System Tray with 4 gauges that show everything from CUP usage all the way to the exact amount of traffic on my Local Area Connection in a static readout or live and I am very impressed!!!


This program is deep and and it is going to take a while to explore all of the possibilities so I hope you don't mind a few questions from from an ATM beginner.



I re-benchmarked this GAOTD version and although according to Process Explorer it only looks slightly easier on CPU the usage readings that I have been getting from Task Managers new and old show readings from 0% - 4% which confirm that this full featured version uses less CPU than the Free Version was using.





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Tools > Options > Performance > Optimize Memory


I will be interested to hear which method you prefer Anvir or Smart RAM

I think Smart RAM gets my vote ;-)


I did not get the GAOTD deal, I went through another freebie deal (today) and it registered ok although it says my update period has finished.

You can have a look here:



All the best, woz of oz

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wozofoz- Thanks for the road map to AnVir's Memory release function. I set it to release memory in programs that use under 20 MB and then I saw an almost immediate drop of 8 MB of RAM on my MemInfo Ram Gauge.


Next I engaged the IObit Smart Ram's Deep Clean Feature and this was the result...




And this was just a few minutes after I started my computer. After running my Vista computer hard with high RAM demanding programs Smart Ram as been known to release much larger amounts of RAM...




What can I say other than that the AnVir Task Manager is a great tool, but when it comes to releasing memory Smart Defrag is the best program I've ever benchmarked.



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That manual release for memory is the icon just to the left of the Virus Total icon.Simply click on any process,and then that icon,and watch the memory drop like a wet sock-all without pushing your CPU to 100% for five to ten seconds to accomplish it.That's why I prefer it to SR's method.Remember,I'm talking about the selective manual release of memory,not the built in program through Tool>Options. But with 4 Gigs of Ram,and @ 80% of it free all the time,I'm just playing around for the sake of playing around :-D:roll:

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That's the same offer (dottech) I posted here back in May-It's still good and obviously is linking to the latest version.Beware that most GOTD offers usually void your registration if you update.You're stuck with the version you download in most cases and an update can leave you with a non working program,or revert to "freeware" version (if available) with only the option to register and pay for the latest version.

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detailer- Thanks for the help in finding the release memory in Anvir Task Manager. I ran ASC and then selected it and used the release memory function and the RAM did go down 4 MB. I also tried Smart Defrag and you are right that it uses a lot of CPU for the few seconds that it runs in fact I saw it go up as high as 50% CPU usage for just a split second. Thanks for calling my attention to this although I don't use it when any other processes are running.


From what I have read there are 4 versions of this program... Task Manager Free, Task Manager, Task Manager Pro, and Task Manager Security Suite. Is the GAOTD considered the Task Manager version and is this limited time Shareware?



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My try of Anvir


That's the same offer (dottech) I posted here back in May

Thanks for the heads up, then and now :-)

I thought I had read good reports of this before, I went back through my notes and sure enough there it was.

My impressions at the time were:

More features than I need

I have covered the important info with other software


The dottech offer was also mentioned in the GAOTD comments and that was the reason I tried Anvir again through dottech

I always look at GAOTD but don't have any of the freebies mainly because of the reasons you mention.


I did install Paragon backup image maker thingie through GAOTD but there was always a 'what if' in the back of my mind.

What if there is a total meltdown and I need to restore my backup image but Paragon tells me I don't have permission because I am not registered.

As I say, I don't know that this will happen, it's just a 'what if' but when it comes to the all important backups there should be no chance of any problem.

We need to know for sure they will work. :-)


As to Anvir, it certainly looks like a handy bit of software.


The StartUp Manager did display some SpyBot IE add-ons that no other startup manager had displayed.

The ability to delay the start of programs would be handy for many but since I only have the essentials plus Comodo CIS, SmartRAM, Erunt and PhraseExpress I don't see that I need it.

My startup time is 55 seconds which seems to be quite good for my model Netbook. I did try taking Erunt, SmartRAM and PhraseExpress out of startup but that only saved 1 > 2 seconds and I do like having them up and running.


The tray icons are a good idea but again I don't need so much info all the time.

I have already covered most of that in some way, with other softwae i already have.


I start to get lost when I look at the other stuff, I think it is just too feature rich for me at the moment.

Maybe in the future I will revert to the free portable version and just have it on standby in case someone asks for a detailed screenshot etc

But since it is only around 4 MB I see no reason to un-install it from my PC at the moment :-)


All the best, woz of oz

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Maybe in the future I will revert to the free portable version and just have it on standby in case someone asks for a detailed screenshot etc

But since it is only around 4 MB I see no reason to un-install it from my PC at the moment :-)


All the best, woz of oz


wozofoz- I invite you to join me in a little Windows Task Manager experiment involving the amount of RAM that AnVir Task Manager actually uses. Here is a screenshot of Windows Task Manager while it is running on my Vista computer...




We see that in Task Manager that it runs for slightly less than 3 MB of RAM, but also according to Task Manager the overall amount of RAM that was being used by the computer at that moment as measured at 654 MB and then when I closed AnVir Task Manager it immediately went down to 629 MB.


You can make up your own mind as to how much RAM AnVir Task Manager actually uses, but I can you believe that Comodo Firewall Pro and Defense+ runs for only 1.1 MB of RAM?



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My sreenshot


Here is a screenshot taken after I let things settle for a few minutes.

I had to re-size the screenshot to attach it and it turned out quite crummy so the figures are:

Anvir: 4,072 k

cmdagent: 1,556 K


Aside from my usual essentials, the only software running is Anvir, Faststone Capture Portable Free (if interested download from that page, the home website version is shareware) and then I launched TaskManager.


The Comodo figures are good and I should note that the other figures for Comodo may look high but I just did a virus database update and full PC scan about one hour ago, that's gotta hurt :wink:


All the best, woz of oz

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