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Smart RAM Beta 1.00 available now

Tim Xue

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Not sure it's doing anything. It came up the first run with 40% available. I clicked Free Now! and when it finished it still said 40%. I ran the ACWv2 Pro memory tool and it freed an additional 150MB.


The RAM progress bar is showing %free? Personally, I'd prefer it show %used...or make it selectable.


What does the Load progress bar show?


The Upgrade button implies upgrading the program itself; perhaps it should read IOBit.com, or Visit us!.


The Free Now! button looks like one of those "Download Free" Links. Perhaps it should read Free RAM or Execute.

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Been running for a few days now without powering down. I have Auto Free on and Smart Free off. My PC stays at 25-33% free which is where it usually runs with no RAM utilities. When I click the Free Now! button no additional RAM is freed.


The memory cleaner in AWC2 is much more aggressive and typically frees up to 70% RAM. However, since it is so aggressive, (apparently dumps everything it can out of RAM) operation is a little slower afterwards as RAM has to be repopulated with needed data. My guess is Smart RAM is supposed to balance that aggressive cleaning with some intelligence? But again...I'm not sure it's doing anything.

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Hi JustDave,


On my heavily loaded XP, it does a great job.


First of all, I have always 100 MB more as average with around 50% availability.

It doesn't cause the sluggishness like MemCleaner.

I have noticed that most of the applications open a fraction earlier.

Personally I checked all options in settings.


I do agree with you that when you click the "Free Now" button, there is no change in the availability of the memory (Average 1 % difference).


Load progress bar show the load on the RAM physically. It changes to Light Blue at 30%, and Red at 50%.

Contrary to that RAM changes to light blue and than Red when the free RAM goes down.


I agree with you with the "Free Now!" button.

"Update" button is similar like in ISD. I take it as is because of Beta and in the future it should update directly or take to update link.



I can not say the same things for Vista Ultimate. I need more time to test.


It has much less programs but the free RAM is around 40% and it goes down in time without SmartRAM doing much



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Hi Enoskype and Tim,


As much I as would like SmartRAM to work and work well, I'm just not seeing it. Here's a little more info...


I'm testing it on my office PC which is running Win XP Pro SP2 and has 768M RAM installed. I typically power up my PC Monday morning and don't power it down until Friday evening. Upon power up, and for the first day or two, I see 40-50% memory used (50-60% free). By sometime between Thursday and Friday, memory usage has climbed to around 85% or so and things start to get a might sluggish; I generally have to reboot sometime between Thursday afternoon and Friday morning to get rid of the lag. After rebooting I'm back to 60% free and a pretty quick PC.


My PC doesn't seem to behave any differently with SmartRAM installed and running. I started SmartRAM at startup last Monday; it's now 9:15AM, Friday morning, (U.S. Eastern time) and I'm seeing 14% RAM free, and my PC is starting to lag pretty badly. SmartRAM doesn't seem to have had any effect on my PC at all. Any ideas?


Also, I still don't get "Load." If I have 14% RAM free, that means I'm using 86%, yet Load reports 44%. It also doesn't seem to correspond to physical RAM, page file usage, or anything else. What am I missing?

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Hi JustDave,


When a large file compression action is performed, it is a heavy load physically on RAM and also RAM consuming.

You can experience it compressing inbox file if you are using Outlook Express.(or a similar large file)

Then it is clearly seen that RAM goes down to even below 20%(red zone) (Threshold point of SmartRAM to work). If it stays there for awhile then SmartRAM does what it should do. And, in my case it increases the RAM to around 50% (512 MB) slowly without causing any sluggishness.

This is applicable only when the auto comressing is in action by Outlook Express

There may be differences according to hardware types.


Coming to Load, I think we can take it as I/O, because the load increases when there is dumpig activity in RAM to swap file. Can it be the current? Capacitors working?

Tim should tell us where it is taking the measure from.

All together we need more information about the program.

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Some things I've noticed


When I click the Update Now button:

a) When the products page is displayed, the page doesn't list Smart Ram.


b) I suspect that this feature checks for program updates and if so, could it just display a message if there is or isn't an update rather than bring me to the Products page. If there is an update, allow me to press a Start Download button to automatically download the update.

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Installation profile


I would like to see an installation profile for Smart Ram, WindowsCare, and SmartDefrag that puts any and all of these programs into one Program folder with one uninstall utility that ask the user which of the installed programs they want to reinstall, modify, or remove.


I also noticed that when I have the program automatically start with Windows, that I get prompted to Run the program; this behavior should be changed to be in align with your other products.

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  • 1 month later...
Hello, I'm glad to tell you that Smart RAM beta edition is available now. Please download it from http://www.iobit.com/files/beta/SmartRAM.exe


It has smart freei and auto free feature that free your memory and improve computer performance. If you have any suggestion or find some bug, please send email to support@iobit.com


so is this another feature gonna be implemented in windowscare or is it gonna end up its own product like smart defrag?

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Did you know that there is a new Beta SmartRam


The new Beta SmartRam is here !!!


I found out by chance when I downloaded from the first post of this thread for a PC with Vista that this is a new version.


The modification date is October 26 2007.

I don't know when it is uploaded.


Enjoy it.


EDIT: Post is also put in Beta Testing section.

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  • 2 years later...

So what's up with this product? I've been using it for a year without any problems on my kids computer and it has been working well. Started to refer my neighbor to the program but none of the download links work...


Is this product still available? Was it incorporated into another product? And where did the Beta Testing section go?

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