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Vista hater's post you opinion here why ?


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vista hater's post you opinion here why ?you dislike the os--

ok now MAX here you and other's can bate this out ehhhh


i shall start --I JUST DO NOT LIKE IT --THAT'S ALL !!! its a dog of a thing--

right had my say--








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Originally Posted by itsmejjj View Post

- i understand reader are weary of it -thy been lucked up by the" vista experience"---and do not want to coff up for a other Dud--

jjj- I realize that originally Vista got a bad name from XP users who tried to install it on their computers which usually had a single core processor with 512 MB of RAM and XP Drivers on board and as a result their computers simply couldn't handle the Vista OS which has a 100 thread kernel and is twice the size of the XP kernel that their computer was built for.


You may not realize that there are millions of us Vista users who have had nothing but a great experience running the OS on machines that were built to run Vista and this shouldn't come as a shock to you because as you know after the failure of the Min Win OS experiment Microsoft developed Win 7 by starting with the Vista kernel so if you say bad things about Vista it reflects poorly on the next generation of Vista which is Win 7.


The advantage that savvy Vista operators have is that over the last 3 years they have made the same improvements that MS did when developing Win 7 only to a more radical degree that MS could never release to the general public. For example I can now boot Vista fully loaded with start several essential start up programs, a 262 MB System Cache, Firewall Pro and HIPS Security System with UAC Disabled for 501 MB RAM at the desktop which is 150 MB lower than I've ever seen this done with Win 7 because I learned how to cut deeper than MS is allowed to for a public release.


I will say this though that Win 7 out of the box is much better than Vista was for me because it used to boot up for 1 GB of RAM when I first got it so I had a great incentive to learn how to cut that in 1/2! In general the early complaints about Vista were made by people who didn't bother to work with with the new Operating System. Those ardent XP fans also hated the 'fancy Aero graphics' that you like so much in Win 7 so go figure!


The bottom line here is that Vista and Win 7 have many many more commonalities than they have differences which is why I am looking forward to sharing my very positive "Vista Experience" including how I was able to get a measurable 40% more speed out of Vista to where it is now faster than all versions of XP in Passmark Performance Tests with new Win 7 owners so that they can get the most out of their "Windows 7 Experience" and I am confident that this can be done because the 2 Operating Systems are so similar.


I am hoping that we can all work together and make the release and follow up of Microsoft's latest and greatest Win 7 Operating System the best ever!




ok this is where it belongs --now i say its still a DUD !!!





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I want to apologize to all who are reading this thread what happened is that jjj started dissing Vista again for no good reason and when I called him on it he went ballistic, threw a tantrem and started all of these hate different Operating System threads.


I hope that a moderator will take note of this and stop this unwarranted outburst which fills the IObit Forum with such negative messages.



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1. dissing 57 up, 15 down love it hate it


Utterances of a (dis)respectful nature.

I was dissing Balazsr's on AOL for his/her lame comebacks.

get this def on a mug Mug

by Bohemian Earth Mother Apr 12, 2005 share this

2. dissing 50 up, 10 down love it hate it


putting down

he was dissing on my mom when he called her fat

get this def on a mug Mug

by kitty Feb 24, 2004 share this


all i could find on this ones ---interesting ----


I want to apologize to all who are reading this thread what happened is that jjj started dissing Vista again



look max --we are very -very different-types -some how get riled up on points--or a word ---

if i ask ignore it. you got a answer-if i post ,i meant this or that you got a answer.no matter what i post ,you have a come back --look don't take any notice what i post-do not read ME


-allow me a tiny bit of space on the forum--with out you commenting in my posts--but you probably find something here and post back i am wrong--

do me a real favor DO not read me any more--i don't know were to post away from you-ya got me in a Lorna -if you see itsmejjj

make it your rule

i do not want to know--nor care what the idiot jjj got to say-i just do not know

what to say to you -but do not read me--do not take it personalty --i am talking soft ware -not about your MUM- DAD or sister-,-friends--just stupid software --


if any admin wants to kill the posts -debating the software and see fit to do so i will not be upset its happened-


thanks you agian for allowing me my views--


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just got to differ, I ran the vista beta and decided it was trash another "ME" which followed W98.

but after reading plenty of praise of vista got a copy post sp1 and thought not bad now that I have got used to it [still have xp on the lappy] vista i feel much better than xp.


mainly due to it being more stable, xp tends to get slack over time meaning regular, hdd cleanup,defrag,registry clearout, reg defrag, chkdsk etc to keep its speed fast and crisp.


vista tends not to get like this and thats why it gets my vote.


w7 still waiting for snailmail to deliver that dvd.

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sunny staines- I am confident that since you like Vista as much as you do that you will love your new Win 7 when it arrives because as I was trying to explain Win 7 is an extension of and refinement upon the Vista OS. I also have great confidence that someone like you who has had the advantage of the very positive "Vista Experience" will have a head start in knowing how to get the best performance out of Win 7.



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