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False Positive: Bazooka Scanner

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IObit Security 360


OS:Windows XP


Define Version:1273

Time Elapsed:00:02:52

Objects Scanned:58901

Threats Found:21



Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, Folder, C:\Documents and Settings\Duck\Start Menu\Programs\Bazooka Scanner, 3-160

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Documents and Settings\Duck\Start Menu\Programs\Bazooka Scanner\Bazooka.lnk, 3-160

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Documents and Settings\Duck\Start Menu\Programs\Bazooka Scanner\Faq.lnk, 3-160

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Documents and Settings\Duck\Start Menu\Programs\Bazooka Scanner\Manual.lnk, 3-160

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Documents and Settings\Duck\Start Menu\Programs\Bazooka Scanner\Uninstall.lnk, 3-160

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, Folder, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\faq.html, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\INSTALL.LOG, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\manual.html, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\spywarescanner.exe, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, Folder, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\system, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\Uninstall.exe, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\system\bazooka_db.bdb, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\system\bazooka_db_ver.txt, 3-161

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, File, C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\system\config.cfg, 3-161

Tracking Cookies - Removed, Cookies, Cookie:duck@com.com/, 7-9

Tracking Cookies - Removed, Cookies, Cookie:duck@revsci.net/, 7-1559

Tracking Cookies - Removed, Cookies, Cookie:duck@atdmt.com/, 7-1543

Tracking Cookies - Removed, Cookies, Cookie:duck@quantserve.com/, 7-2075

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, Registry Key, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\{CB0888EE-96D8-4713-84DC-36462C33AEB4}, 4-526

Unwanted.Bazooka Scanner, Registry Value, HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\SharedDlls Value=C:\Program Files\Bazooka Scanner\Uninstall.exe, 4-527



Files are 667KB. Emailing them from my registered email address.

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VirusTotal Results


File spywarescanner.exe received on 2009.11.05 07:40:41 (UTC)

Current status: Loading ... queued waiting scanning finished NOT FOUND STOPPED

Result: 0/41 (0%)

Loading server information...

Your file is queued in position: ___.

Estimated start time is between ___ and ___ .

Do not close the window until scan is complete.

The scanner that was processing your file is stopped at this moment, we are going to wait a few seconds to try to recover your result.

If you are waiting for more than five minutes you have to resend your file.

Your file is being scanned by VirusTotal in this moment,

results will be shown as they're generated.

Compact Compact

Print results Print results

Your file has expired or does not exists.

Service is stopped in this moments, your file is waiting to be scanned (position: ) for an undefined time.


You can wait for web response (automatic reload) or type your email in the form below and click "request" so the system sends you a notification when the scan is finished.



Antivirus Version Last Update Result

a-squared 2009.11.05 -

AhnLab-V3 2009.11.05 -

AntiVir 2009.11.04 -

Antiy-AVL 2009.11.05 -

Authentium 2009.11.05 -

Avast 4.8.1351.0 2009.11.04 -

AVG 2009.11.05 -

BitDefender 7.2 2009.11.05 -

CAT-QuickHeal 10.00 2009.11.05 -

ClamAV 0.94.1 2009.11.05 -

Comodo 2846 2009.11.05 -

DrWeb 2009.11.05 -

eSafe 2009.11.04 -

eTrust-Vet 35.1.7103 2009.11.04 -

F-Prot 2009.11.04 -

F-Secure 9.0.15370.0 2009.11.04 -

Fortinet 2009.11.05 -

GData 19 2009.11.05 -

Ikarus T3. 2009.11.05 -

Jiangmin 11.0.800 2009.11.05 -

K7AntiVirus 7.10.888 2009.11.04 -

Kaspersky 2009.11.05 -

McAfee 5792 2009.11.04 -

McAfee+Artemis 5792 2009.11.04 -

McAfee-GW-Edition 6.8.5 2009.11.05 -

Microsoft 1.5202 2009.11.05 -

NOD32 4574 2009.11.04 -

Norman 6.03.02 2009.11.04 -

nProtect 2009.1.8.0 2009.11.05 -

Panda 2009.11.04 -

PCTools 2009.11.05 -

Prevx 3.0 2009.11.05 -

Rising 2009.11.05 -

Sophos 4.47.0 2009.11.05 -

Sunbelt 3.2.1858.2 2009.11.05 -

Symantec 2009.11.05 -

TheHacker 2009.11.05 -

TrendMicro 2009.11.05 -

VBA32 2009.11.04 -

ViRobot 2009.11.5.2022 2009.11.05 -

VirusBuster 2009.11.04 -

Additional information

File size: 1458176 bytes

MD5...: 8599a86fc601aa768af3d1fe5074ddb0

SHA1..: 2d34803b6a8a56d9c3add2f87562d396d7c21fb1

SHA256: 05d79fb4c7905f4c1892586fd9898755668f5c46c7a1c1a66deb57112e95409b

ssdeep: 24576:/kCAeL3gO1CwyxlS4ovX8zTC5A8MFEYWCeS:/kCAY3giyovX8zTR

PEiD..: -

PEInfo: PE Structure information


( base data )

entrypointaddress.: 0x65139

timedatestamp.....: 0x423572d4 (Mon Mar 14 11:17:40 2005)

machinetype.......: 0x14c (I386)


( 4 sections )

name viradd virsiz rawdsiz ntrpy md5

.text 0x1000 0x92466 0x93000 6.66 8b2ce520973893405ec16692149ea89e

.rdata 0x94000 0x1868c 0x19000 4.44 36744ab595146ea3d4a17009728ed705

.data 0xad000 0x10368 0xb000 5.21 004e373387e3fb6a1579e07c84523281

.rsrc 0xbe000 0xab980 0xac000 6.25 5ff0e48a2e9bbc98c069e6522f30fad4


( 14 imports )

> WINMM.dll: PlaySoundA

> KERNEL32.dll: GetThreadLocale, DuplicateHandle, ReadFile, WriteFile, SetFilePointer, FlushFileBuffers, LockFile, UnlockFile, SetEndOfFile, GetVolumeInformationA, GetFullPathNameA, GetFileTime, FileTimeToSystemTime, FileTimeToLocalFileTime, SetErrorMode, GetTickCount, RtlUnwind, RaiseException, ExitProcess, TerminateProcess, SetStdHandle, GetFileType, GetTimeZoneInformation, GetSystemTime, GetLocalTime, CreateThread, ExitThread, HeapFree, HeapAlloc, GetStartupInfoA, HeapReAlloc, HeapSize, GetACP, SetUnhandledExceptionFilter, SetHandleCount, UnhandledExceptionFilter, HeapDestroy, HeapCreate, VirtualFree, VirtualAlloc, IsBadWritePtr, IsValidLocale, IsValidCodePage, WritePrivateProfileStringA, EnumSystemLocalesA, FreeEnvironmentStringsA, FreeEnvironmentStringsW, GetEnvironmentStrings, GetEnvironmentStringsW, IsBadReadPtr, IsBadCodePtr, GetLocaleInfoW, CompareStringA, CompareStringW, SetEnvironmentVariableA, Sleep, GetLastError, GetModuleHandleA, GetCurrentDirectoryA, SetCurrentDirectoryA, CreateFileA, GetModuleFileNameA, GetSystemDirectoryA, SetLastError, FindClose, FindFirstFileA, GetFileAttributesA, FindNextFileA, MultiByteToWideChar, ExpandEnvironmentStringsA, GetVersionExA, FreeLibrary, GetProcAddress, LoadLibraryA, GetStdHandle, GetCommandLineA, CloseHandle, InterlockedExchange, GetOEMCP, GetCPInfo, GetProcessVersion, TlsGetValue, LocalReAlloc, TlsSetValue, GlobalReAlloc, TlsFree, GlobalHandle, TlsAlloc, SizeofResource, GlobalFlags, LocalAlloc, lstrcpynA, MulDiv, GetProfileStringA, GlobalAlloc, lstrcmpA, GetCurrentThread, lstrlenA, InterlockedDecrement, InterlockedIncrement, GetVersion, lstrcatA, GlobalGetAtomNameA, lstrcmpiA, GlobalAddAtomA, GlobalFindAtomA, GlobalDeleteAtom, lstrcpyA, GlobalLock, GlobalUnlock, GlobalFree, LockResource, FindResourceA, LoadResource, WideCharToMultiByte, LCMapStringW, GetStringTypeW, GetUserDefaultLCID, GetStringTypeA, LCMapStringA, DeleteCriticalSection, InitializeCriticalSection, GetFileSize, EnterCriticalSection, LeaveCriticalSection, FormatMessageA, LocalFree, GetCurrentThreadId, WaitForSingleObject, LoadLibraryExA, GetCurrentProcess, GetLocaleInfoA

> USER32.dll: CharNextA, CopyAcceleratorTableA, SetRect, GetNextDlgGroupItem, MessageBeep, CharUpperA, InflateRect, RegisterClipboardFormatA, PostThreadMessageA, TabbedTextOutA, EndPaint, BeginPaint, GetWindowDC, ClientToScreen, MapDialogRect, SetWindowContextHelpId, GetMessageA, TranslateMessage, ValidateRect, GetCursorPos, PostQuitMessage, GetMenuCheckMarkDimensions, LoadBitmapA, GetMenuState, ModifyMenuA, SetMenuItemBitmaps, CheckMenuItem, EnableMenuItem, ShowWindow, MoveWindow, SetWindowTextA, IsDialogMessageA, UpdateWindow, SendDlgItemMessageA, MapWindowPoints, GetSysColor, PeekMessageA, DispatchMessageA, GetFocus, AdjustWindowRectEx, CopyRect, IsWindowVisible, GetTopWindow, GetCapture, WinHelpA, GrayStringA, GetClassInfoA, RegisterClassA, GetMenu, GetMenuItemCount, GetSubMenu, GetMenuItemID, GetWindowTextLengthA, GetDlgCtrlID, GetKeyState, DefWindowProcA, SetWindowsHookExA, CallNextHookEx, GetClassLongA, SetPropA, UnhookWindowsHookEx, GetPropA, CallWindowProcA, RemovePropA, GetMessageTime, UnregisterClassA, HideCaret, ShowCaret, ExcludeUpdateRgn, DrawFocusRect, DefDlgProcA, IsWindowUnicode, GetMessagePos, GetLastActivePopup, GetForegroundWindow, SetForegroundWindow, GetWindow, SetWindowLongA, SetWindowPos, OffsetRect, IntersectRect, SystemParametersInfoA, GetWindowPlacement, GetNextDlgTabItem, EndDialog, GetActiveWindow, SetActiveWindow, IsWindow, CreateDialogIndirectParamA, GetSysColorBrush, SetFocus, DestroyMenu, DestroyWindow, GetDlgItem, IsWindowEnabled, LoadStringA, MessageBoxA, GetDC, ReleaseDC, CreateWindowExA, GetWindowLongA, RegisterWindowMessageA, EnumWindows, GetDesktopWindow, GetParent, GetClassNameA, GetWindowTextA, GetWindowRect, PtInRect, LoadCursorA, SetCursor, ScreenToClient, InvalidateRect, IsIconic, GetSystemMetrics, GetClientRect, DrawIcon, SendMessageA, GetSystemMenu, AppendMenuA, LoadIconA, PostMessageA, EnableWindow, wsprintfA, DrawTextA, IsChild

> GDI32.dll: SetBkMode, SetMapMode, SetViewportOrgEx, OffsetViewportOrgEx, SetViewportExtEx, ScaleViewportExtEx, SetWindowExtEx, ScaleWindowExtEx, IntersectClipRect, DeleteObject, SelectObject, GetViewportExtEx, GetWindowExtEx, PtVisible, RectVisible, TextOutA, ExtTextOutA, Escape, GetTextColor, GetBkColor, DPtoLP, LPtoDP, GetMapMode, PatBlt, RestoreDC, SaveDC, DeleteDC, CreateSolidBrush, CreateCompatibleDC, BitBlt, CreateBitmap, SetBkColor, SetTextColor, GetClipBox, GetDeviceCaps, GetStockObject, GetObjectA, GetTextExtentPointA, CreateDIBitmap, CreateFontIndirectA

> comdlg32.dll: GetSaveFileNameA, GetFileTitleA, GetOpenFileNameA

> WINSPOOL.DRV: ClosePrinter, OpenPrinterA, DocumentPropertiesA

> ADVAPI32.dll: RegQueryInfoKeyA, RegEnumKeyA, RegEnumValueA, RegSetValueExA, RegQueryValueExA, RegCreateKeyExA, RegOpenKeyExA, RegCloseKey

> COMCTL32.dll: -

> oledlg.dll: -

> ole32.dll: StgOpenStorageOnILockBytes, StgCreateDocfileOnILockBytes, CreateILockBytesOnHGlobal, CoTaskMemFree, CoTaskMemAlloc, OleInitialize, OleUninitialize, CoFreeUnusedLibraries, CoGetClassObject, CoRegisterMessageFilter, CoRevokeClassObject, OleFlushClipboard, OleIsCurrentClipboard, CLSIDFromString, CLSIDFromProgID, CoInitialize, CoCreateInstance


> OLEAUT32.dll: -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -, -

> urlmon.dll: HlinkSimpleNavigateToString

> WININET.dll: InternetQueryOptionA, InternetGetLastResponseInfoA, InternetQueryDataAvailable, InternetReadFile, InternetWriteFile, InternetSetFilePointer, InternetSetStatusCallback, InternetCanonicalizeUrlA, InternetOpenUrlA, InternetCloseHandle, InternetCrackUrlA, InternetOpenA


( 0 exports )

RDS...: NSRL Reference Data Set


pdfid.: -



copyright....: Copyright © 2003

product......: spywarescanner Application

description..: spywarescanner MFC Application

original name: spywarescanner.EXE

internal name: spywarescanner

file version.: 1, 0, 0, 1


signers......: -

signing date.: -

verified.....: Unsigned

trid..: Win64 Executable Generic (59.6%)

Win32 Executable MS Visual C++ (generic) (26.2%)

Win32 Executable Generic (5.9%)

Win32 Dynamic Link Library (generic) (5.2%)

Generic Win/DOS Executable (1.3%)

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