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LCD screen. Cleaning


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Avoid using paper towels, toilet paper, tissue paper, or something like your shirt to wipe the LCD screen. These non-ultrasoft materials can easily scratch the screen.



Avoid cleaning products that contain ammonia, ethyl alcohol, acetone, toluene, ethyl acid, or methyl chloride. These chemicals can react with the materials that the LCD screen is made of which could yellow the screen or cause other kinds of damage.



Never spray liquid directly on the LCD screen or it could run inside the monitor and cause damage.


This is interesting as i asked how one could clean a screen safely--

i found this-

ok i am a smoker 80 a day+ like a steam train-- i often wonder why i did,

any how --i posted this as it may interest readers

also i would think it best when cold?


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Once a week screen clean


I always start by using a very soft brush (paint or makeup brush is good) to brush off any dust that may have clung to the screen.


I then gently wipe the screen with a soft cloth that has been dampened (not wet) with pure water.

Always go in a line, not round and round, so if there does happen to be something that will scratch the screen at least I will only get one line not many circles.


Then I use another dry soft cloth to wipe the screen dry


I finish off by blowing hot breathe on any small bits that may need it and wiping with the dry soft cloth


I clean around the edge of my NetBook screen with cotton buds, first damp then dry.

I use cotton buds to clean my keys as well


Funny stuff from another forum:

On a PDA forum someone asked the best way to clean a PDA screen, one answer was to treat it as you would your reading glasses.

Someone replied (joking) "You think I should wash it in hot soapy water, then rinse it off and dry with a soft cloth ?"



All the best, woz of oz

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what about cotton roles (the hospital uses them ) it was suggested add vinegar 1/4 to same amount of water? i do not want to push hard .but the film is just smudging,the tar is not wanting to come of---

just think my lungs! perhaps flood them as well ? give them a good clean !

call the ambulance just in case i faint or something? --never tried it!

i was thinking fill them just as thy hit the door -so in case i stop breathing?

but then ya never know if i mess them up really good,thy may have a spare few floating about -give me a new set -ya think?

what ya think of that ?good idea? don't try this at home every one ,just a idea!


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Then an orbital sander might be called for. ;~> Mmm not a bad idea !

but i try what is suggested first ? if all fails, try some heat,ya know a flame thrower ,and scrape it of?

and fill a few pot holes --well tar is tar ,is it not why wast it-






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Air then brush then microfiber cloth w/water. If you use the air and brush frequently you don't have to wipe with a cloth as often. Unless you're smoking 80 cigs a day. Then an orbital sander might be called for. ;~>


JustDave- Your kidding about the difficulty in removing the pernicious residual scum accumulation as a result of cigarette smoking is not far from the truth. I used to smoke about 60 cigarettes a day and much of it was done in front of the same make and model of 25" Sony PVM 2550 Professional Video Monitor that they used in the Skywalker Ranch Video Editing Bays back in that day and in order to remove the thick layer of chemical buildup that would accumulate on the glass of the CRT every few weeks and get it absolutely and perfectly clean I had to use Endust for Electronics which has such a strong chemical formulation that it would melt certain types of plastics and is certainly not a product that could be used on the screen of an LED display because it would most likely dissolve it, but that's just how difficult it is to remove the more than 4000 chemicals* found in cigarette smoke which conspire to foul the surface of a computer or video monitor.


Since I quit smoking 11 years ago cleaning my 35+ pieces of A/V equipment and 32" Flat Panel Monitor has become exponentially easier and all that is now required is a soft brush, a camera lens cleaning cloth and water. For my friends that still smoke I recommend a cleaning method very much like wozofoz described because that is about the best that can be done under such profusely contaminated circumstances without doing harm to the LED display.


*Chemicals Found In Cigarette Smoke


There are more than 4000 chemicals including the following:


Cancer Causing Agents: Nitrosamines, Crysenes, Cadmium, Benzo (a) pyrene, Polonium 210, Nickel, P.A.H.s, Diberiz Acidine, B-Napthylamine, Urethane, N. Nitrosonornicotene, Toluidine


Metals: Aluminum, Zinc, Magnesium, Mercury, Gold, Silicon, Silver, Titanium, Lead, Copper


And more: Acetone (nail polish remover), Acetic Acid (Vinegar), Ammonium (Floor/Toilet Cleaner), Arsenic (poison), Butane (cigarette lighter fluid), Cadmium (rechargeable batteries), Carbon Monoxide (car exhaust fumes), DDT/Dieldrin (Insecticides), Ethanol (alcohol), Formaldehyde (preserver of body tissue and fabric), Hexamine (barbecue lighter), Hydrogen Cyanide (gas chamber poison), Methane (swamp gas), Methanol (rocket fuel), Napthalene (mothballs), Nicotine ( insecticide/addictive drug), Nitrobenzene (gasoline additive), Nitrous Oxide Phenols (disinfectant), Steric Acid (candle wax), Toluene (industrial solvent), Vinyl Chloride (makes PVC)


Glantz, S. (1992). Tobacco: Biology and Politics. Health Edco, Waco TX.

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Competitive Screen Cleaner products from various China Screen Cleaner manufacturers and Screen Cleaner suppliers are listed below, please view them and select the most helpful info for you. Besides, we also provide you with Screen Cleaner related products such as Touch Screen, Lens Cleaner, Mobile Phone Cleaner, Mobile Cleaner for your choice.


found this




LCD Screen Cleaner (21855) [2009-11-06]


Brush materials: Nylon and plastic pole Magic wiper material: Extra-thin fiber textile Components: 1 brush, 1 magic wiper and 1 cleanser Cleanser ...


Ningbo RICO Industrial Co., Ltd. [Province:Zhejiang, China] ?????


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Well - I make do with piece of cloth - a sock, a shirt or whatever, - dip it into the whisky in my tankard and clean of the specks and soot with that, polish it to a fine gloss with my T-shirt, take a sip of the whisky, light yet another cigarette and enjoy that I now can see what I have written on the screen. :-) (desktop)

Years ago my brother and I wrote mails to each other without having the screen turned on - it was fun for a while. We had to turn it on to see the recieved mail of course.



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They say that life is full of trade-offs and after smoking for 20 years during the last 11 years I have gained 100's of hours in which I have been free do other things than to clean dark brown tar off of the inside and outside of my Hi End Audio gear and video monitors and basically everything around me. Not to mention the soaring cost as cigarettes are 4X as expensive now as when I quit and they cost 2X as much more elsewhere in the US because we have no State Sales Tax in Oregon. Neither have I had a drink of alcohol over the last 20 years which actually led to the trade-off concerning the cleaning all of that delicate Hi End Vacuum Tube Audio equipment because I used the money I saved from not drinking to buy the equipment in the first place!


Like I said, life does have its trade-offs and we are each free to choose whichever ones we prefer without explanation, guilt or fear of recrimination.



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well good news -i was reading on how to clean the screen-

ok no funny stuff now

VERY first thing --very softly used cotton balls -a bout 6 made a pad---and proceeded to wipe across -the screen--very very soft ----almost not tutching the screen


then raided the linen cupboard---looking for

1 very soft old tea towel-you know very thin -next the green wipe towels -woman use-

so distilled water-whetting the tea towel --most--than downwards movement from the top -to bottom one movement-half way -then repleted 3 4 times-than the second half same---so now its fairly clean --then use the green cloth(tis' shew) to softly wipe the same way-

after about 5 times it was near 100%-repeating wash dry--



-now Turing over the tea towel careful

one last time-the same -followed with drying of -and its brand new!


i shut down the pc -let it cool - 5 min nits before i did this --


reading the different ways ,i thank you for the comets--also did a lot of surfing on this


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I always start by using a very soft brush to brush off any dust that may have clung to the screen. All the best, woz of oz


I also do this before turning on my 32" LCD computer monitor and with the exception of the rare miniscule touch up once in a rare while that's all it takes to keep the delicate screen perfectly clear and abrasion free by using the very softest of brushes for cleaning.



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