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For Gary Bear


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try this and see what you think ---


now install the XP version stable--OK follow the screen setting.tick on -all bar the last box


you would tic on :

.p2p,spy ware,adds,educational---then allow its download filter list.


ok set block (blocking 100024342 ips) HTTP is blocked..you need not change this it already set to ...


now watch ...ask any thing if not sure ..


i tell you this this will stop a heap from snooping and it low on resorts.

every thing helps---






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ok you take you time ,trust me on this its safe as can be--nothing to scare you,

i would never post something to you if it were danger..to you or your system its a pure privacy program design to stop the bad guys.and you can even add ips to your own list ..that you want to stop -

i have 5million+_ ips blocked!!! on my surfing PC..and half the net-----ehhh

now that's blocking.


no its safe --to use --


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new MSE anti-virus by Microsoft" yes been reading you .i do the same follow all post you do make .


i got the defender running,but use more than that .the point is ,if every thing is ok .than stick with what one knows,as you read i am

the type try anything.monkey about testing,have the systems to allow me to do that.no this one has been around 10 years or more its a brand new build by

them..without sounding pushy..one of the best to use. if one is into blocking-


i made a list of ip addresses ,that involve 1.7 mill ips in blocking mode-i use a program .we as jonn and a few friends, designed to scan,all ip that try to hit us,and it recording the ip's

to a file ,

we add them to a black list--then try to find the offending attackers,sometime with success ,then record, them,thy are added to a data base,as dangerous,offenders.or repetitive offenders.and blacklisted- by us.

as we have a lot of outside links pass in and out.thy are stopped.


any how ,i understand your caution.and that is very wise,you still have not told me your fire walls name.or i missed this..










a very tiny sample of blocking --sites that can be downloaded by the program ,as in lists,not included my own,that is added as well.

so the point is we keep this up to date .not much gets into the system or the ones this is installed on.

as thy the bad sites are block before the fire wall even gets to see them..

for Example ---if i wanted to block billy boy ips we have all there links

simply add them ,that it nothing get loaded,even if the OS was to try a Auto Update,or a link to there servers were attempted..


even we can stop the blocking if we wanted to UPDATE -till its done ,then re block..


any how just of interest ,i case some one may want to try this out--

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No really i mean it ,as windows usually is a ranked 10,000 on the list or fire walls--that's why i asked --and rather summarized, when you posted win fire wall.i know win7 its up to 40 on the list Munch improved and can hold its own ..

also at last thy are trying very hard to better there OS ,and extra add on apps



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well looks like gary has dilated the treads -


-never mind -so it looks like

this is like i am talking to my self ..? i was going to say this program ,cant change ip's gary -it blocks ip's and as you posted ,your special Friend told you it will do this.so you became rather frighten to use it , ...never mind..i understand ,you,not the adventurous type..don't blame you at all.

but rather summarized you dilating your posts made--

any ways you have MS fire wall running OK ,and feel very secure ,that's the main thing .i do hope you do not get such a terrible horrific scare in time to come --that you got so mad at obit..

and am very happy for you you seem to be stealthy...?and had your macruim back up to save the day..and the posts made you recovered from this ordeal..

and we here at this forum are all very pleased you are now running as normal..

i am pleased to say your malcuim reflect ,is what you say it is ,a nice back up program .


i have the whole post as to how to use it ,on my data drive thanks to your kind DE TALE posting, ,how to back up in 10 mi'nits,,using the app.that i proudly have on display ,to the school kids -when thy ask how to do a back up ..i tell them our key board forum fried, posted this for me..





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Hope you get this one gary bear!


Dear garybear, I believe you've had a hard time as of late with being here. I haven't had the "perseverence over time" that you have... but I know good people when I meet them. And... You are one!!!


Sorrry you got mad/frustrated/letdown/sad/etc. by your machine/software/hardware/etc.


These machines break also.


For your good advice and direction I thank you! I hope you and your communication device are able to reply/post/join in/laugh/cry/chortle/chuckle... etc.

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