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openSUSE any one know this? OS..


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now this is a biggy -4.7gig download --so i want to know is it worth it?

or any one use this --and give a opinion


will this work ?

i want to be able to have a fully pc booting able system .no CD involved..



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ok i take your word of this --the problem is the 700 job cant find the download keeps defalting to tha big drop--



lunuxmint-5 what about this one ---seems good on desktop?


keep on looking....


i have been chasing many and reading the different forums --thy have problems

with hard drive reconnection,i do not know--anyways i am pulling this one down take a peek at it



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well just trying a other one this is called -LINUX Mint -5

very nice ,after 700meg download,burn car full to a dvd -installing it all went beautiful, now i am having to tell you ,

yes -this one will not lett one log in with the password entered at install,

i changed key ,board thinking this could be it,no the same ,case sensitive,please use the correct password.. OK now i am getting fed up with LINUX --i just do not understand ,why the pluck ,one is made to enter one .

i am a home user for critters sake .i do not need one ,yet made to enter one

than this build tells you sorry ,wrong...as i type tried a different approach .

yet get the same


what is wrong with the programmers ,no options? you do it like so ,and if you do we tell you sorry..

letters must be typed in correct case!!! what thy talking about...

i mean if one type in hitting the keys ,itsme --itsme well the programs tells you do it right???


any ways is there some how to get around this???


if not THAT is it --you know what thy can do with this ,LINUX ,builds and different makes..

and thy wonder why ,a Lott do not shift to the OS.. its fast ,clean ,beautiful,

if it would just boot from the hard drive!


well this is the one i would use,from the CD at least one can add to the hard drive save text-i do not know as yet about downloading,

it upgraded at install ,fine,the one thing --cant log on..tied to change,edit make a new account ,cant ,will not write to the hard drive,

how frustrating, well i will not download a other on .not while some one can tell me iffa it works, sorry i am upset now , feel dissipation ,bit of anger

and a mix of ...


this other crowd say thy got a 700 meg download ,say try find it.spent half a hour trying...when i finally got this one -ended in much ,pain ,misery,

feeling let down.bad.......i hope some one may have a answer....i tried the forums,but thy are a lot that live in a different world,try ta work them out see how ya go..


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ok had a cup of tea,settled down a bit--i did find out one can save to the 2nd hard drive-if running from the CD.(that locks itself)--ok redo new, made the partition very small,5 gig, try now to run the other one ,think it will fail, but keep trying..i should be able to past,save ,downloads,only thing ,fire fox,its different,

to what i know ,but OK.alright-see what happens now..problem get nil as it will not find the drive,? i wonder,,? the silly thing is the install (Linux mint)calls it ubuntu 8.4?

replace the new one..knowing it as the build--ubuntu 8.4?

if format the lot try something els...if this fails


ahhh grrr yep failed--just saw it -----ok clean up the drive ---get back to you all !



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well we are able to surf,download and save--that's something at least -

still trying to get this grub install working properly--boot from the DVD not a problem--we had to download a fire fox ,Linux version -that we transfer it to the spare drive -extract ,than run it from there- saves all book mark and so ,

default saves to the drive! or point to a folder ,yes its different alright,


but we got it working ,now next the booting ,we will get that as well ,


as soon as this is fixed ,this OS will run faster..it when loaded is very fast

beats MS easy. browsing and downloading is very smooth..we are downloading

yes i know,i said i would not--but we want it to work..build 7 now according to the forums we read up on, this should be very good,mint 7..any how we try ...

it may install properly .?


what is stopping us is the new added fixes(there are over 89 of them) installing --as thy do but in and temp part of the drive ,that after reboot disappear..so until its booting from the drive ,we got ta fix this first..

and we shall .i am realizing its NOT MS partitioning,and running.. type OS..THAT'S what is and makes the difference..

the other thing we found out -DUEL booting-not a good idea.this can make to many problems ..hence the unpleasantness-when things go a bit wrong

we lost the XP booting 2 times..and then the drive.




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Hi itsmejjj,

I haven't decided if you are very patient or very persistent!!!:lol: I would have lost it by now. Looking forward to seeing if you are successful!




i am so sorry i did not answer you ,i was not alert --thank you for the post ,yes

we as testers ,must be sure that all possibilities are covered,and be neutral .

in running a new app.where possible ,to be fair to the programmers. and

even if the program will not work ,try to determine ,why?

but it can push one ,to the loony bin for a bit..

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dear Memberes and readers---


so far for the interested members who are trying to follow my erratic post

thank you ,as you can tell its full of frustration,anger,disappointment.glee,happy,then sad, and Mixed up feelings..

why do i do this ? i really do not know my self.but its a hobby ,and with this comes the good and bad-its a addiction ,one cannot leave it alone.

ok having got that away

lets look at this (LINUX) operating alternative...


1 to move to it means you are sick to death with Ms ,windows...and had it with all the virus,Mallomars,junk -sick to death paying for soft ware,trying to keep up

with all the fire walls..


2 if you decide to try to shift to Linux be prepared for a lot of disappointments..

hard work .and learning.

funny thing is its not that Bad ,its getting used to a different approach,to running a system...is the big shock .you soon relish, it is nothing like MS operating system. yes there are simpler type of programs ,that run with speed you cant be leave,OK not that fancy as if graphs but after a few hours you do not worry..


what system is safer ? MS or LINUX..


let me tell you this Linux by a mile... .forget installing anti this or that .your router .is plenty .with this system ..hence the very low over heads..surfing

and pages loading is lightning speeds...downloads faster. 1 gig memory is heaps.you do not need it .500mg is plenty,64meg card ,is like using a 4gig card...40 gig hard drive heaps --the whole install itself 1.1 gig with extra apps

i use a old Packard Bell 1.8MHz 128kb 1.2 cache----ok 200mg drive spare 80meg...i dvd 1 floppy..

and ya think its in turbo mode or something ---that is why i want to learn it

use it for surfing..MOSTLY----

why .its safe as fort Knox..as thy use this describe the liking.

now i am using the cd to surf so its even safer--but a little tedious ,nothing can butch my system -- no virus .malaware,spy,can install.

no nothing can write to it change add,what ever...and you can run apps from the drive ...and care less what is out there ,


So compare this to MS we are talking SAFE--this operating system is weak (ms)

defenseless -and not easy to run from a dvd,yes it can be done ..sure it can

but ,you need more memory faster system ,and so on it still cant get near the speed ...and its not as stable....




if running from a drive ,comparing the 2 .Linux beats it ,ok if we can get it going we should see this--if the dvd running is a Gide..


some are very successful using duel booting.(and many FAIL) but we do not want this--

i read to many problems ,with this idea, we want a independent system..

NO MS involved...


any how i hope this is of interest ,why the post as i stated ,its a warning type post to the new user or the ones thinking to change--we are ok system wise having plenty of spare ones..so care less if one gets damaged...

but most out there ,or even you reading ma only have 1 system..please trust me on this --if you want to keep MS --stay away from LINUX...

do not even play with it ..do not think OH i got a back up

let me tell you its useless ...if you lose your drive--i posted this before


yes sounds silly ,but every format of a drive ,is not a perfect match...

be it the same drive,,,every time you repatriation your drive its different than the last one --it may be just 10k or 2 meg ---and a back up could say to you Sorry wrong drive...if reading the image..and trying to install it...

ok i say again ,it may ---not saying it will not ....or end up corrupted .ERROR at boot--i know -this is mostly not the case --but it did this to us...

the drive was 2meg-deference to the one before when formatted - smaller --the image failed --we redid the drive and got it the right size 2nd time around --i know it sounds silly --it can happen ...ok check your drive jot down the exact numbers --and when you repartition and format -? check again ,compare---you will see a difference--

interesting --hy?


the whole point is this---

you say with MS .xp,vista,or ms7 ---is my point ---or start new with Linux

as you invested in a lot of software,non of it will be any use using Linux..


i do hope this is of some help -and a bit of a warning --

if so ,i am glad to be a help to you


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well same as this Lott its rubbish over 4 gig of JUNK ! sorry but i have tried to get this to run

it fluxed up my hard drive!

i lost all at install 3 part into it .it locked my pc..whats wrong with you Linux

programmers..? ,what are you doing,..just make up a OS ,put it out and good luck if it works ,for you ,the download?

now a total 7 gig of junk ..and left disseminated..thank goodness FOR MS OS ,XP-Vista(at least this installs and runs) windows 7 !!


yes not very Friendly ,,and sometimes a pain.but thy install 99% of the time..

and one can at least use it--even windows 3.1 95 -98,2000 thy all install and run..and good old DOS that still work fine--if one still has a working old DX pc but this Linux .i agree with them ,on this its a hacking application .NOT a PROPER OS .and i do not care what thy camel !!..or say ,ya cannot beat MS operating systems .for the user,NEW to it or even long term users,,

at least thy work...

and reading your forums ,well that's something to behold ,ya talk about in fighting,sarcasm,slanging of at each other,bad mounting,and the lack of decent help,most not caring at all ----thank goodness ,i will not become part of it..and perhaps saving me from this..by not working,


now any one want to come and post differently be clad to hear from LINUX

and tell me why its not a hacking program..and not a operating OS .even the clam ,or camel away,as i believe its not windows..yes you be right.

am i angry ? yes a bit,disseminated ? yes ,am i unhappy ,no not realy ,WHY

i have MS ,to fall back on...





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Dromedaries have a reputation for being bad-tempered and obstinate creatures that spit and kick. A camel will show displeasure , by stamping its feet,and running.


my ad in ------------------------------------>

plus make rude noises ,do a wobbly,

start ,smoking like crazy,talking to the pc,cussing it,drink a lot of tea,grinding teeth,and that is just the start!

admitting the moment i feel like one....-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------<


the meaning of camel..i case some did not know the meaning...

we use this term often -

"you are behaving like a camel"

"you are talking camel."

behave, "do not act like a camel"

why are you doing that",that's camel"






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