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test your system...????


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Hi garybear,


If you like you can stop running MSE.


First disable the real-time defence in Settings, and then disable the start of MSE from Start Manager in Utilities of Admin Tools tab of ASC.


You can then use Macrium Reflect, without interference of MSE.



Thanks friend. That's good to know but MSE has no place on my PC at this moment in time. What I would really like to know is why I could create a image in the safe mode and not in normal mode. Is it maybe because MSE was running in real time?? I guess I need to read up on safe mode.--gary Way over this old boys head. http://computer.howstuffworks.com/question575.htm

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I only have one reason I don't try sandboxie but its a good

one. I share this PC with my wife and she doesn't like change. It might not go over well with her. Thanks for your offer my friend.,maybe some day:-D--gary


garybear- Please don't think that 'm trying to twist your arm, but I do want to let you know that Sandboxie settings are by no means arbitrarily global. Quite to the contrary you can choose to run a Browser in the Sandbox if and only if you want to and it will not affect your wife's Browsing preferences whatsoever.



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If you do decide to try Sandboxie its going to leave your old buddy AVG with nothing left to do but scan for Malware with no positive results because Sandboxie had already deleted all of the Malware in the virtual space that your Browser runs in! Should that day come I would be glad to help you with setting up your Browser of choice in Sandboxie and even show you how to install a free shredder which will overwrite all data and code that is to be deleted from the Sandboxie virtual space with up to and including 35 passes with the Gutman Algorithm or as many passes of pseudorandom data as you like. For you to be running a hyper shredding Virtualized Browser at 71 would be a clear statement about the true nature of the bear behind the keyboard!






you know that interesting--now running for over 24hours it seems faster ?

browsing,and the fact only the 3 programs i use running in the environment..

so you are right..as every file ,say downloaded as in saving,the sand box asks

if one wants to recover it..(keep it)


this i like..as say a virus try's ta start of or save itself.cannot get out ,unless you let it..now i amuse its there in the sand box but its really in theory dead.

now what about the programs that run in sand box,are thy vulnerable?

to a attack .or are thy protected..as nothing will change them..sand box would not allow this?

i know that apps run from sand box .i think would be,but it,thy the apps still come from outside the environment.or are thy cloned.and the clone is what is working?(apps run)


so i should not matter how long i keep my box(named) and leave it .and keep using it.save resetting the apps.

if i understand what is posted.. it gone at reboot? and the apps re cloned...?

that right..


now i have observed that no update can take place while running in the environment, as the sandbox is running,the inner (apps) cannot link..

now that is very good as far as i am concerned..


so now if i ran say my fire wall,my ip stopper,and my filter apps all in the sand box is this safe to do so? as i assume ,the drives are unreachable by the out side.and can i run this all in the environment.and thy still have the full use of protecting?


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now what about the programs that run in sand box,are thy vulnerable?

to a attack .or are thy protected..as nothing will change them..sand box would not allow this?


As long as the programs are running in the Virtual Sandbox they can not be harmed in any way because their real program files on the hard drive can not be altered by Malware or even changed by the operator himself! As far as complete security is concerned the only program that you need to run in the Sandbox is your Browser although you can also run other experimental programs in the Sandbox, but they will not be able to write any data to the hard drive. If you want to Sandbox your entire computer along with all attached disc drives then you might test drive Shadow Defender. I have Shadow Defender and it is a great program, but I prefer Sandboxie because with Shadow Defender you must reboot the computer every time you want to make a change and with Sandboxie I can make frequent changes at will which I often do.


Would you be interested in a free program that performs secure deletion methods that obliterate everything deleted from the Sandbox rather than the simple Windows delete?



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The whole point of this is so you don't have to do all this JJJ! Thats what the goal is! The box isolates what you put in it. If you put everything in it you're right back where you were!


Paranoia self destroyer! You know you are safe JJJ!


rido now i got it ,yes that makes seance,i was thinking that one has to run

say tha, filters ta work..so all i allow is my browser ,ok now i get it


ok now what about a crawler (spider) do i need ta run this in the sand box?

as it seeks downloads...and it has a bad habit of incoming ,junk i need ta isolate,...not allow on the drives bar what i want..

i now both explaining this got the picture..

sorry this is sorta new to me....and the penny dropped half way ,

yes please max give me the link ,thank you.....





As long as the programs are running in the Virtual Sandbox they can not be harmed in any way because their real program files on the hard drive can not be altered by Malware or even changed by the operator himself! As far as complete security is concerned the only program that you need to run in the Sandbox is your Browser.....and this i now understand....


now this made the penny drop! thanks gents....

i was thinking that i needed to run all the apps in the sand box...

thy would be isolated..ahh its the other way round.

and iffa i need ta test something,(app) i chuck it in tha box..and test it!

as it cant alter my drives...programs..


ok got it....see that is why i love it here ,you all help!

and are very understanding...


If you put everything in it (box)you're right back where you were!

this i understood, well ,

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jjj- To enable secure deletion in Sandboxie frist download and install the freeware Eraser 5.8.7 Program. Then go to Sandboxie Control> Sandbox (of choice)> Sandbox Settings> Delete> Command and enter this code...


"C:\WINDOWS\System32\Eraserl.exe" -folder "%SANDBOX%" -subfolders -method DoD_E -resultsonerror -queue


After you click apply you can go to the Eraser Program and choose or design your own secure method of file deletion for everything left in the Sandbox including any code that once was considered Malware. This same method of deletion will also apply to any files you select within the contest menu. Don't just get mad at Malware...get even!



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melvin...Max ok --so nothing dilates until i say so ..


rido --so i understand all this 100% every applacaition runs as if there is no sand box installed..


bar the browsing.right---

ok now i use a program that leaches programs app that normally one cannot

download..as per say.so without the sand box ,works,right.

now we use it ta ,leach,where are the downloads interning?(sitting)

i have not yet run it ..why .i need ta know as some are 7 gig apps..

one i want ta start on is 15 gig..so ya understand my asking....

ok and we do experience drop away,then some times have ta reboot..

now where are the part file sitting?

in tha sand box? or on the drive...iffa in the sand box -that i cant see as its

run outside it.one would think ta run it inside..

sound confusing? well sort of my ask

yes, i got ta fathom this. i need to know that there are there till i have the file intact and can move it ta safety...and not get killed of..some files take 3 4 days ta get in...



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jjj- In Sandboxie Control click in View and go to Files and Folders and it will show you everything that is currently in the Sandbox. I downloaded ASC3 and CCleaner as an example of being able to see downloaded programs under the files heading before they are recovered to the computer. In the second example I started CCleaner and A-Squared Free in the Sandbox which can be viewed under the Programs heading. If you don't see a program or a download in Sandboxie Control then it is not Sandboxed.



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well tell ya what ,this is very easy once ya get the hang of it .and very ,very safe...i have now woke up to how ta retrieve.dilate,shift the files..

and the explanations given,made this easy...now only thing .how ta install

from the sand box to the drive, i downloaded the latest directed X .ok and ran it from the Ms site..now i do not know for sure if one can do this..

i clicked from the sand box,is it installing on my drive? or in the sand box itself

in either wording run it from there and install...as if one did not have sand box..


what i have done added the browser only .that is allowed to run.

and nothing than this can in my settings..

this corrected..

and i set it so it cannot be dilated

is this right..as i want to leave them there..can i still copy ,past ? to mt store drive..

look at the second pic .do i need to tic ,the bottom box .changing .to other pages?



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jjj- To install a program directly into the Sandbox first download it into Sanboxie and then go to Sandboxie Control and select files and folders. Go to the quick recovery folders> Expand Downloads and left click on the program that you want to install inside the Sandbox, select Run Sandboxed and the installer shield will come up to install the program in the Sandbox. Everything looks exactly like the installation process does when installing to the computer's hard drive except for the [#]CCleaner 2.26[#] in the installer's header which let's you know it is actually being installed inside the Sandbox.




This is what was in my Sandbox after I installed CCleaner there where it is now designated as [#]Piriform Cleaner[#]. If you want to keep these kinds of programs installed just keep your Sandbox Delete Invocation set to never delete the Sandbox as you have it now and they will be there whenever you want to securely monkey around with them.



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