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I am So very SORRY!


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to all Members of iobit----I make my deepest apology.

A refit, this and edit it -as the tread was closed .to answer the last post ,that was change ,(heading) fer max..and could not return my answer.

and i think i know why? --to stop a blow up..and rightly so.

i probly would of ....



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ok same sort of thing but you pay for this and gives you ip what is available..

its there for download and try it...



you pick from a menu -testes as shown...so really nothing new ..many use it!

so one can use this .what risk is there .no different to any .ip proxy .you take the risk using one.is it worth it ..well depending on how you feel about it.the risk is there at any time..

so if one gets whacked ,no one to blame bar one self..you need security..plenty of it..if one heads this way..

i hope this help enplane this..use at your own RISK .if it or go into a spin.

well you must know it is what you decided on.and not point the finger..

don't tell me every ip is safe to use..it may .or may not..who knows..

sorry to bore some .but its my thing..i have now gone back to my own one..

edited :

reason was in the wrong thread..


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i am very unhappy with the post made.so tested them and thy are clean.. i sent it as it is.that we used,

as i have nothing to hide..nor is it a malice.. i would never hurt any one..

nor even dream of it so up this went..to the testing site..thy cleared the files..



what ever is said about this .i am not a dishonest Pearson.. now trying to say so..i would never hurt any one..if i was this type why spend my time here..to according to the "farewell massage lure you all in?"


total nonsense...he left be cause i was hacking him? as i read it .total nonsense..


no it a class of personalities.we have ..if this were so ..i would of whacked him a long time back..when we were at it...so really nonsense to talk like that..and make clams i am...


my own fault . trying to get people to use this.one needs to know what one is doing.and not jump the gun..if things go wrong -look for something to blame!

""""""jjj- I have been monitoring the Proxomotron by running it in its own Sandbox for a while now and it starts with 12 files in 14 folders with a footprint of 577 KB and it runs like that for most of the day, but a few days ago Proxomitron files and folders swelled first to 1 MB, and then 5MB, and yesterday it got up to 6 MB which I wasn;'t too concerned about but today when I checked it was up to over 50 MB and as I type this Poroxomitron has written a whopping 136 Files 79 Folders for a total of 83 MB written to the drive inside its own private Sandbox and I am very concerned!



CONCERNED! i would of stopped at 4 bytes change !!!

then ask is this ok? no at 50+ meg!! then ask..umm something is not right,,

as i told him it cant! make or add any....

then call the teacher attacker? .what would i hack and who? and for what gain..

any how i am trying to set this in the right light .


the other thing got me stump the comodo fire wall .supposed to be the 1 one thing.what the heck was it doing? so called a hacker hit a system.and it sits there .

not a pop up?

i this file is freely available.one can download it and scan it .

open it in to ant where one likes .2 versions are available 1 in zip our 1 in install

be scanned .and its clean .as for changing what ever that's total nonsense!

who ever states this ,has not a clue ! what thy talk about..

now as for proxcy .well this is a risk any time..and one would secure the system..only allow access .no server rights..


any one who" understands" protection .this is the first simple rule..


never allow server rights to any thing.. nothing..

no decom.or DNS -blocked .port 135 to 139 tcp udp ..


port 445 .and all UDP any blocked..very simple stuff .

there is more but this is the better + mild form ..of system blocking..

i do not care what it is running nothing bar the browser is allowed on the net


and tcp only..

now how the hell can a hacker know where the ip or user is from ?

using a proxy ? a Public proxy..no way in Hades would he/she know

any one seeing sowing uploading? sits there? 35meg or 100 meg changes are made? i would of puled out the modem, and checked what the hell was Going on..


if doing this ,sits and just do nothing the com plane .ask 5 meg were added i would of stomped it there! and then..now blame


a program did this that has no way any form of EXE that can write to a hard drive??

or install ..make changes ? i don't care what is shown in a graph,

or thinks that was the fault of the app. he should of. check the system .perhaps its been going on longer than he even knew about it.

and not seeing it ..


.now as for remote control from thousand of mile away ? take over a system that is that

well gardened? by comodo .? and using a proxy ..

ok if that is what one thinks? what can i say..and to boot sand boxed?

if one believes this app.what the heck is it doing inside it?

only ones browser should be in this ? well that was what i got told...

this is supposed to keep the hard drives programs safe ,nothing can inter fear with them .sent out .info ...

or have i got this wrong..as well .perhaps just stupid

now trying to get this right...the tread closed .i cant answer the poor guy..

yes probly did get hit! stuff happens..

but to blame a app that cannot edit or do what the clame was made or some idiot says OH yes its change your this or that...proves to me

the lack of knowledge!and user understanding of apps..and workings ...


problem no matter what i say now would help..he be-leave i have duped him...or bedazzled him .into a program .so i could hack him??

well tells me .what protections cant he understand .as he posted heaps on how good he is in setting up a PC..?? for others..and knows his os inside out?


ok i Appolonia. for this long post .and to him directly .for any inconvenience this has caused ..i should of know better ! its not for a NOVICE user..

i have not hidden the proxcy i use .and showed it .yet no one knows my ip .and is guessing what it could be..i use 1 the most here on the forum as its a secure clean public one..



Malware CLSIDs (toolbars, hijackers, dialers, etc) are an Internet Explorer






ok in the right place -


as pointed out to me..


and that is it ----no more on this ..no more talk on using IP hiders.as many cannot UNDERSTAND how this works ..and just have poorly defended systems..or this can not happen .no hacker can hit you..see you

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there comes a time in life when one must do this

i feel very distraught ,angry,mix feelings


ok settled a bit now i hope this helps to try to explane the clame made.


i am not in any way .trying to Dupe any one here.i spent 3 hours or more .sending files up .and down .

we are clean.i up loaded 10 different aps just to make sure..all clean .of virus.

or malawares..

i promise never to discuss using a proxy ip Again,here..its not the place ,and should of realized this.to many just do not understand it


..and have weak systems.that allow to be hit.or changed,by a program..


that is it .thank you and AM so sorry i did in the first place..

i feel very hurt.sad.but get over it..

and feel a little sad its happened ,


BE aware proxy or no proxy .one can get hit ant time ,by any one..

its called the NET learn to protect your self



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