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Bobbin sweing machine mechanism!!!!


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hi all


there are no many complex mechanisms that i can not understand how they work but the mechanism of lock-stinch made by the hook in sweing machines proves too difficalt.


how can a loop go around a bobbin assuming that there is an axis rotating it or at least rotating the hook itself? It's amasing.

These days maybe i will go to my village and dismantle the SINGER of my mother.






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Many years when I was a young fella and tape recorders were a thing of the future I found a book with instructions on how to build a wire-recorder. The take-up spool reel assembly was made up with a sewing machine bobbin which wound the wire uniformly up and down. Quite clever I thought at the time.

I never did get around to making it, though.

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These days maybe i will go to my village and dismantle the SINGER of my mother.


well i have 3 sitting in the shed.nicely tucked away i mint condition..and worth a fearsome amount .to the right collector.got a few treasures i kept.i was asking the wife .she said yes clean carefully.oil it with singer oil. you probably find it with the machine. use it car full do not wast it.


thy are rare these days..


this bare to mind made my first radio, as boy.a old telephone removed the listing part.wire this to a Cristal. one could get at the secondhand place.

attached fine copper wound on and wooden peace of soft timber about 3 "

by 2" attached the Cristal . grab the cat .cut of the whiskers.

use them to find a station.(turner) and every cat was fair game

as thy became in demand.by many kids..and whiskers were getting rare commodity to find..every cat in the town. went around .whisker less!






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lovely to see you post..talking about the singer i bet its the peddle type.

thy are more rare. what you do is this.

take it carefully in the full light.check it for any rust..get a fine soft cloth

use antie rust solution. and rub it where you find any.let it sit a bit.

go make a cuppa tea.now come back and rub this clean.(be care full)


the get some black shoe polish.ok now work this in gently.

do this all over the metal stand..then the wood .you get some wood oil.

if you can linseed oil..

ok gently work in all the timber with it .carefully.then polish gently.

to a shine..

ok check all component.for dirt .you would of lifted the top and clean this.tuck it back in its holder. and take it home!now wrap it up or cover it ..oh by the way the rubber ring the long one .iol this in a little to persevere it.be carefuller.

with all the bits and peaces .you gran left.in the singer.it add to it value


now what ever you do keep it.pass this on to you children.do not let any one tell you its not worth keeping.i don't know if you gran is still with you.if she is ,ask her kindly to give it to you? get her to show you how it works..

she love you for the interest..

my mum is not with us any more but the wife's is still with us.. .now and then we pick her up to stay with us a bit .

then i get one out.set it up and get her to show us how it works .

she gets all excited.

we do this every time. its amazing how thy work it..

any how .its fun talking about this..very nice,




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hi jjj


yes my mother's singer is foot-pedal motive with the round cross-section belt and pulleys.


it is in perfect condition. the table i think is walnut-wood dark-brownish and well-varnished.

it has bobbing reel mechanism at the top and can be folded inside a case and disappear completely , transformed to a table.


I believe this gives it a greater value.


Unfortunately our oldest Brother will take it.


Here is the best explanation i found "how a bobbin works"

But the mechanism iw one of the cleverest i've ever seen.

The inventor would be a genious.





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yes i had a look .here is a piont of interest.i wonder?

why not try to find a old one ?

you could have a look around.perhaps you may know of people who may help you find one.around the $200 mark or even less offered -the last one i got

was a pre 1900 made i did pay $300 and the young man accepted it..

now the one with Gold plated ,yes GOLD real..(9crt)


now the one cap showing the 4 picks is worth at least $1000 .if one would

sell it..perhaps more as gold is now very expensive?


think like this one would park over over 50 to 80 pounds

and the wage then was round the 5-6 to pounds.mark a week !


we are talking a long time back here..


my very first real job.i got 4pound 4 shilling..

my wife weekly wage was 11 shillings. working in a hand bag factory .she just informed me.48 hours a week






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Hello demetris and jjj.


If you have machines that are kept well and in good condition... keep them well. Here in USA there are many of these machines and tables, most poorly kept, but restorable. My paternal grandmothers machine and desk/table appears to be a similar machine, treadle and all, ... well kept by my aunt (who is 75 yrs., and also has the pedal organ from her childhood church,)


The "desk" this pc sits on now is my maternal grandmothers last sewing machine, which still works perfectly... alas it is only a 1964 Singer electric...


P.S. I used to repair... many moons ago when some textiles were still made in USA (1991) Texpa-Arbter cut,sew, and hem machines... sewing heads included.



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Aye demetris and triple J.


In the case of home machines utilizing lock stitch... you must first wind the bobbin with thread onto a small metal spool. After winding onto the spool you must insert the spool into the cradle(which on the outside has the hook(hookor shuttle). Then you must insert the cradle into the bottom of the machine, below the visible needle.


On early Singars, you had to rotate(lift) the machine up out of the table and rest it on its back to have access to this. On later ones you only had to slide a metal cover away from below the presser foot, and insert it with your finger.


In all home versions of consumer sewing machines. proper thread tension must be achieved to make the pickup loop large enough for the shuttle(hook) large enough to pick up... too tight and the machine appears to sew but the stitch is not true... to loose and you end up with a big knot.



In most machines, this is achieved via a spring tensioned dial on the front of the machine, coupled by a wire (forgiving) tensioner, and a thread tension relief cam (usually an eye that sticks out from the left side of the machine, directly above the needle assembly, that moves in conjunction with the needle).


As the needle reaches the bottom of its stroke, the cam is at its highest... then strokes down, releasing the tension on the thread, allowing the friction of the thread within the fabric to form a loop, then depending on whether lockstitch or chainstitch (they are not interchangeable) (most all home machines are lockstitch, most commercial are chainstitch) then the stitch is formed.


Most often in mass produced textiles, a combination of chainstitch and high quality yarn(thread) are used, so that the stitch will not unravel(because of the quality yarn), and the machine will run longer, requiring less attention... and increasing output.


Lockstitch is very sensitive to fabric and very cumbersome to maintain and repair in a industrial environment(expensive) Many more moving parts.


The visible parts of the process are virtually the same. What happens out of your sight is very different. Commercial lockstitch machines (for high RPMs,... are HIGH Dollar!! Even commercial chainstitch machines are not cheap!)


Pfaff are the best commercial machines.



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one thing its interesting .that thy are if one gets hold of a really good wooden

undamaged top.

the older the make the better, thy look beautiful as a filler in the house..

some were in a corner.with a nice ornament on it..this is more my point.

but hey if one learns to use one .it can be fun..even for of fellers.

and why not the young ones..thy can make there own clothing.

and know its top class made ..

i remember my mum would make me a shirt in no time.she would design it and i would be the only one with it.no one els would have the same..

i try now and then .but not to hot on one..last time i tried to fix my pants a favorite home wore one.when done could not get it ta fit.

yes but something to think about.

like any old pieces .correctable..



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