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Tim Xue

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Didn't saw the bug report:

I just upgraded to 3.4.0 free version, and everytime the program starts it asks me to upgrade again cause there is a newer version, the 3.4.0.

When it pops up the updater, it says that I have the last version.


Hi- New here, sorry if there is a solution posted for this, but i am having the same problem on 3 pc's. Two Vista and one XP.


Every time i start the pc, i am asked to upgrade. Upgrading will not stop it from telling me again.


I have tried forum searches, but only saw HuntingBytes post.


Any simple solutions? Its driving me nuts! :-) Any way to turn off auto update in the free version if there is no solution known?



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Bug Report + Suggestion!


1. Bug Report: When You Upgrade From FREE Version To PRO Version Then The Icon From Automatic Update Is Red But If You Gonna Check The Option It Is Right The Settings Are Right. So Only The Icon Stays Red Until You Gonna Check The Settings And Re Check The Option Then It Is Fixed.



2. Suggestion: A Built In Your Game Booster Tool. + Smart Ram Tool


3. Suggestion: A New Optimize Feature Or Tool.

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Hi ScratchFive, hi HuntingBytes,


Please install the most recent version 3.41 from ASC 3 version 3.4.1 is released thread, and then post back if the problem persists.




Hi Junque21,


Isn't that quote above, the post prior to yours, obvious what to do to get rid of that glitch ?


Did you try it and does the problem still continues?



Hi jelrikj,


Can yo elaborate your 3rd suggestion please?

For your 2nd suggestion, I have replied your other post about it.



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enoskype For My Third Suggestion A New Tool Or Option That Can Optimize Your Computer Even More... I Was Thinking Like Something


Example: A Option Called " Energy Reduce Optimizer " That Can ->


Option Checked! -->


- Automatic Slows Down Your CPU Speed To A Normal Work Level ( Example )From 3Ghz To 2.6 Ghz MAXIMUM 2 Ghz Lower Always!

- Automatic The Memory Speed To A Lower Mhz level ( Example ) From 800Mhz To 667Mhz MAXIMUM!

- Automatic Changs Then Your Windows Theme To Classic


Option Unchecked Restore The Above Options To Normal Level!



I Now It Is difficult That Idea But I Now That It Is possible It Woud Be A GREAT Option i Think.. :)

This Option Is Good For people Who Work On Office's And So On And Don't Need Much Horse power.

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ASC update, or log, or connection, or permissions problem


I'm getting a repeat of the old problem, that IObit ASC seems to update, but doesn't. Or maybe does. Who knows?


I've just installed 3.4.1., the problem persists.


Several times, I've started IObit SysCare (logged on as an admin), clicked update,

it has said it has found something, seemed to download it (v. quick),

but then gives "update failed" message, with no further detail.


However, it is now saying that I do have the latest version.

I just don't really believe it;

If I look at the log (from the I0bit panel), the latest movement was dated 23/10/2009

(despite my upgrade just now, 29nov9)



Also, the "news" panel has some obscured refusal to find a webpage,

"(I) navigation.. |" as if not connected to the net or blocked.

(Even though my Firefox is running nicely.)



It occurs to me that I may have a security/firwal/brain problem,


but it is unclear to me from your documentation, exactly what resources/settings IObit SC requires.

(I've got Kaspersky & W*****s firwal, but not 'security center',

with IObitUpdate.exe enabled, as far as I can see.

What is the IP:port that IObit wants to use?)


Do I have to set the proxy - I have it blank - or does it default?

(Where's the documentation for that?)



Kind regards, bill

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Hi bill777,


If you are not using a proxy (Behind a proxy), that portion should be blank.


Can you try to download the Definition file from : http://download.iobit.com/awc3/Def.dbd and try to update.


Is your default browser FireFox? If you have the Internet Explorer, please try once to make it default, and see if the News panel works. (connects).



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ASC is saying I'm up-to-date, so I can't re~create this circumstance 'til later.


Got the dbd file, though (what do you read/edit those with?)


I don't like to use IE; "Even though my Firefox is running nicely" , as I said earlier.


Am I really being too awkward in asking that your product shouldn't depend on IE? Firefox is quite widely used, you know.


Would any of this affect the lack of a report of the update?

(looking through past stuff on web, it's not a new problem...)



Kind regards, bill

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Minimize to system tray always on


I can't stop ASC from minimizing to system tray when I use the close button. I have unchecked it in options on all versions even 3.4.1 and it still goes to the tray. I defeat it by X ing it. Any ideas?

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Me too


That's exactly what mine does as well.

I think it's a useful feature, as I can easily decide what I want to do.


It should probably be called Minimize instead of Close though :wink:


Edit: And Options should say something like 'Always Minimize to System Tray' instead of 'Minimize to System Tray when program is closed'


All the best, woz of oz

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g'day mate,

Thanks Wozofoz.

Love ASC. Seems odd that you appear to need to check the box to make it minimize so the default unchecked would be close like the button says. Sounds like a glitch to me. Does IOBit monitor the forum or is there another way to contact them that you know of? I'm an ex Adelaide and all but west oz lad. Not a big deal but I do have to move my cursor a whole 3" to get to the X !!

Cheers, Paul

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Hi Paul :-)

You could try it without the mouse - Alt+F4 and see what happens then.

Funny - I don't have that problem.

I use XP sp3 and everything manually.





g'day mate,

Thanks Wozofoz.

Love ASC. Seems odd that you appear to need to check the box to make it minimize so the default unchecked would be close like the button says. Sounds like a glitch to me. Does IOBit monitor the forum or is there another way to contact them that you know of? I'm an ex Adelaide and all but west oz lad. Not a big deal but I do have to move my cursor a whole 3" to get to the X !!

Cheers, Paul

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Sasprot32.sys causing trouble


Hi, on my Vista 32bit SP2 computer, I see some bluescreens every day or two. According to the memorydumps/reports it's always "sasprot32.sys" that is causing the computer to reset. Is there any knowledge of this problem? Or am I forced to uninstall an otherwise good program?


thanks for your attention

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forum search seems accidentaly configured to search entire web


Firstly, your 'forum search' seems, no doubt through some oversight, to have been configured to search entire web, rather than the forum.


Hence, well, it's a massive waste of time for everybode here. :?


Do you think, perhaps, that you could correct that?


I'm sure everyone here would be grateful...

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oh, for Heaven's sake...


Secondly, don't you think it could be made a little less awkward to make a new post? :-?


To get here, I had to try out 'User CP' (sheer guessswork. What does that CP stand for? Not exactly clear, is it?)

'New Posts' doesn't help, really. I think maybe you mean 'recent' posts. Who knows?


Then instead of a nice, explicit button saying 'make new post', one has to generate a 'reply'.

What is your native language, then? - this usage just doesn't work in English. Geekish, maybe.


Or is George W Bush working there now? :roll:


Anyway, if you want to inspire any confidence in your outfit, perhaps you might try to get these basic things right.


I shall now be holding my breath .... :mrgreen:

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Which brings me to the real reason I'm here....


Something is making my laptop very slow. In looking for a culprit, I notice that SuperSmartRam generates an enormous number of I/O reads (for very few writes). Is this normal?

It's only about 4 per second, & I suppose that shouldn't really affect performance, but it just seems a bit odd.


I considered re-loading the module, but I'm not sure how. If I try to get the latest version, I'm just told I already have it. What if it has been corrupted, though?

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Hi bill,


I think you should write to http://www.vbulletin.com/ for the forum format.


Have a lok at the following most recent version of the forum format.



I see it in English, I suppose you do too.


For the search in the forum, we have not heard anything as you describe.


Fx., if you insert SuperSmartRam as used in your post, the search will show only one result pointing out your post above.


High I/O reads for Smart Ram is normal, as it's automatic functioning needs to read I/O to decide to free RAM, smart compression of RAM, control the CPU usage, and idle control, etc.


To reload the module:

Click Exit when you right click on the SmartRAM icon in system tray, and exit the Smart RAM program. To run it again, either go to ASC main folder and double click Sup_SmartRAM.exe, or run ASC, click the Utilities, and click the SmartRAM icon under Tune Up tab.


Go to ASC 3 version 3.4.2 is released thread, download and install the latest version ASC 3.4.2 from there.


This new version has a new Software Uninstaller utility.



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Secure delete doesn't secure delete


If you have any suggestion or want to report bug to us, please have no hesitate to post it here. But DO NOT SPAM.


I've just discovered that checking the box marked "Enable Secure File Deletion etc" under 'Junk Files Clean" makes no difference. The files are simply deleted, but can easily be recovered by using any free file undelete program such as Recuva. Is this a known problem with Advanced System Care, and can it be fixed? I ask, because this would be a useful feature if it actually worked.

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Same problem?


Is this the same problem you originally had and has been ongoing the whole time? For weeks!!


If ASC is breaking links for your outlook, then you must manually add them to the ignore list during a scan... by clicking on the red text at the right of each category, viewing the problems to be fixed, and choosing to ignore the Links. You have to be right there and watching and clicking to do this... ASC will work very quickly!


Hope this helps!!

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First of all, I will definitely make sure to fill out the recent survey for suggestions on ASC4... but I wanted to take a moment to make some brief comments/suggestions also.


The main thing I would like to see added is a similiar tool to TweakUI and the tool found in TuneUp Utilities - I really, really like the automatic way ASC already scans the system to make optimizations and do not want this to change, but a module that would allow full control over the system would be a welcomed addition. Basically, a tool for more advanced users to make any necessary tweaks, changes, etc...


That being said, I think ASC has went above and beyond thus far on this great app and would not want any of the current features removed. I think ASC should continue focusing on taking windows utilities and improving upon them, as they have with the windows uninstaller and disk cleaner. This would especially be welcomed on the startup manager and if possible, the disk check.


I've posted enough for now... keep up the great work and thanks for including your customers in the devolpment of this product.

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