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Game Booster 2

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yeah me too i like this program alot , i really hope it will contenue to be a free program.


i have one question:

we are on mid aug why isn't the beta ready?

iwan't to test it and see the improvments, i know i am impatient but please if you have the date then post it :-D

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Patience is a great virtue!


Take it easy guys, it is better to be a bit late than be early and buggy.:mrgreen:


Here is the quote from IObit Guy:

When to release: Beta 1 will come out around Aug 2010, and the final version will be ready around Oct :)



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I am also quite exited for the Beta of Game Booster.


I think they should have a non ad version of the game booster as well as a free one

a costs of $15 would be an acceptable price for me, essentially if it does everything it seems it will efficiently 8-).


Only a week left for august to end


I will be checking back very soon :grin:

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Brilliant interface. Good job.


I think as long as the adverts are on topic/subject (gaming/hardware/etc) then they are good things. Its like a service that shows me interesting new products that have come onto the market, as long as they subjective then they are good.


Most gaming adverts do look seriously cool, so it keeps in touch with the AMAZING gui. I (try :roll:) to write little bits of software and getting that perfect look always finishs the product off so nicely. Something that IObit always achieves well.

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i can't stand this how they didn't release it!!!


only 4 days until august end's someone post the date could you or you are afraid to get kicked of the forum?


it's only a matter of time and i just want to know the date enough of waiting already ! ! ! . . .

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Please be patient!!!


Hi abdulhkeem,


Please take it easy and be patient, as IObit will release it when they deem the program is ready for the public release.


It is better to have a program running smoothly even the release is a bit late than having a buggy program early.


The time they have given is tentative, not definitive.:smile:


Thank you and cheers.

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i know i am impatient as you noticed before but i like testing the programs even if they have 1000000 bug


First of all, this is not about you. Just because you like programs with 1000000 bugs or even 900000000 bugs, not every one is OK with that. In fact that would negatively impact IOrbit's goal of making some money on this app. How you ask?

well let me give you a scenario: Say IOrbit ppl looked at your impatient posts and said "Fine! we will put it out impatient person!" and gave it out to the public through a beta.

Now you are all excited as well as the other unknown number of people who have been wating for the beta to come out. You all rush to download the severely buggy program and decide to run it right away. The program crashes the first few times, but you are ok with that, since the 3rd time you try to run it no start up problems occur. You are then able to sit and look at the fabulous User Interface you have been lustering after. Moments later you decide to test it out with your favorite game. You see the red progress bar indicating Game Booster is closing unused application. All of a sudden the progress bar freezes and a second later your whole computer freezes. And then BOOM Blue Screen of Death! But you are ok with that, right? so you decide to simply reboot your computer and there it is the message we all fear "Fatal Error, Cannot Find Operating System. Please Reinstall Windows" and there you go, through impatience you have made your computer unusable for a couple of days while you look for some recovery disk or the original OS disks. You might still say: "Im OK With that, I Have a Backup". However you must remember that if this Fatal problem happened to you then most likely it would happen to a number of people who are Not "Ok With That". All of these people will think that Game Booster 2.0 Sucks and stop using it. Then IOrbit's Sponsors will revoke any adds the may have purchased on Game Booster, which would effectively eliminate any chance of finally making money on Game Booster as well as giving it out for free. In which case they would have to make you pay or simply stop Development for the mean time.


This is of course just one of many scenarios, but I fully understand the reason they are reluctant to give out the beta now.



You are not the only person who loves Game Booster. and not the only one to want to get their dirty hands on such a beautiful program as soon as possible. However we all wait patiently until they decide to put it out.



Also, the fact that they are not giving a definite date as to the release of the Beta would indicate they probably don't know yet, as they are still working on fixing as many bugs as possible.



Sorry for the long post, just had to make this clear for some people ;-)




EDIT: just pointing out that IOrbit Guy said "around Aug 2010" meaning Could be during or after August, as long as they get it done before October, which is their planned release date for the final version.

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