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Back in the land of the living


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Hi, all,


I'm back!


On the 16th June I died (cardiac arrest)


About 5:30 am after visiting the bathroom I collapsed and I made so much noise as I hit the shower door that I woke my wife. She found I wasn't breathing and had no pulse. She gave me mouth to mouth for a while without success while phoning the ambulance. The paramedics arrived and after giving me CPR and breaking my sternum ribs, they applied the electric paddles to me and brought back a pulse. I have spent the last six weeks in hospital and am very lucky as the only memory I seem to have lost lost is the week preceding and the week following my collapse.


The hospital took a long vein from my left leg and using open-heart surgery gave me a double bypass graft and replaced my aortic heart valve, they also embedded an ICD (Internal cardiac defibrillator) into my chest. If my heart ever stops again this little unit will administer an electric shock to it and get me going again.


Home now to convalesce and to add insult to injury my computer wouldn't boot up, it just went about three seconds into POST and gave a series of five second beeps which I recognized as a RAM problem. Not being able to move much without severe pain, I phoned one of our local computer shops and asked if they would reseat the RAM sticks for me. My daughter took the tower down to them and they discovered one of the sticks were faulty. The final outcome of this was that I bought two gigs of RAM and they waived the service fee in exchange for the 512mb good stick of RAM that was left.


BTW how can I edit the title of a post as I've made a mess of this one.

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Welcome Back Ted.:grin:


That was a very serious one I suppose.:-o


I hope the new gears work for a very long time....


You must still have pains at least because of the ribs.:-(


You tell me what you want to write as a title, and I will do it for you.

(Alternatively, edit the post title and I'll edit the thread title accordingly.)



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Back in the land of the living


Hi, enoskype, thank you for your kind words. Yes, the ribs are very sore, but the main pain I'm suffering is from my leg where they removed the donor vein.


Would you please amend my title to "Back in the land of the living"

Many thanks.


EDIT: Done

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hallow there my dear friend.

my my.i was wondering and thinking were you are..


and you are sort of ok..well are really..ya beat it for a while..lucky ,certainly

was, and are blessed.not many make it out of something like that..even with all the trauma it in itself would kill most .the ticker stopping, then the zips,busting ribs! then the big operation.

and yet you are ok...

well done,you are a tough man..ok and you beat it,yes i know we all have to face it some day.but not just yet .(Uh) later on ,much later on..

take it easy and rest,i am so glad you did it..


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Welcome back


Good news that you are still with us Ted :smile:


You K1W1s are well known for your determination and your philosophy that it's not over till the final siren sounds

Your wife didn't give up either, bless her


Take it easy mate :smile:


All the best, woz of oz

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Back in the land of the living


Hi Ted,


I was on the phone with my sister earlier this evening, when I saw your post. Almost knocked me out of my chair. Good to hear your on the mend. I'll keep you and your wife in my prayers. Be safe and get well soon. Like I've said before "things just wouldn't be the same without our favorite Kiwi".



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Hi Ted :wink:


Glad to meet you here again Ted !


Do you feel how the life is nice now ? Do you feel every breath and every expiration? the wind on your cheek and the sun on your skin? The singing of birds and the beauty of nature... And finaly the essence of all that ? And the most important is the love you give ! :lol:


I also felt the biggest pain in the leg and I must confess you that one year afterwards, the scar is very sensitive. Ribs are sometimes here when the rain comes, hé hé hé. The chest is strong now. Life is beautifull


Good recovery Ted, courage !


Very very best regard,



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Humorous yarns


Something to put a smile on your face but be careful, if laughing hurts best to leave it until later.

Also, if you are not from NZ or Oz you might not get the humor :wink:

THE FITZ FILES @ http://www.smh.com.au/sport/time-for-a-stand-against-making-a-stand-20100730-10zrx.html






I met a fairy who granted me one wish. ''I want to live forever,'' I said. ''Sorry,'' said the fairy, ''but I'm not allowed to grant that type of wish.'' ''Fine,'' I replied. ''Then I want to die when the All Blacks keep their form from a year out and go on to win the World Cup.'' ''You crafty bastard,'' said the fairy


You'd think the SANZAR judiciary would have some leniency with Quade Cooper for a first offence (on the field); it's the first time he's tackled anyone.




Last weekend, Qantas pilot Col Burns was injured while playing for the Terrey Hills Stillbillies Golden Oldies Rugby team. He sent the following email to teammates the next day:

''The game began well for those of us in the back line as the forwards skilfully refrained from passing the ball more than one out from the ruck. For the first 17 minutes a quiet calm enveloped the left-hand side of the field enabling Jack and I to share some quality time philosophising a realm of topics from carbon-trading initiatives to Zen Buddhism and whether if you're in a car travelling at the speed of light and you turn your headlights on, anything happens. Shortly thereafter, however, my recollections become somewhat blurry. From what I can fathom Willie Mason's big brother, driving a Land Cruiser I believe, decided to test out his off-road skills using me as a mildly inconvenient speed hump. Shortly thereafter, in a manoeuvre more commonly seen in an Ultimate Fight Club event, I was lifted 18 metres into the air and then thrust vertically down into the turf with such force that I can only assume this bloke was some sort of frustrated pile-driver operator. At first I didn't know whether the pitch black was the sweet salvation of death or the fact that I was so far underground. Fortunately it wasn't long before two guys wearing hardhats with lights affixed passed by and provided me with directions back to the surface, albeit in Chinese! Once I'd extricated myself from the depths I noticed that my stance was reminiscent of Ray Price watching a conversion attempt. I felt a lump on my left shoulder that Dolly Parton would be proud of and wondered if my mother and father were Tasmanian relatives and I was only now sprouting that fabled extra head. After a record-breaking 17½/-hour sojourn in the St George Hospital waiting room the ever-so compassionate attending doctor told me to ''harden up and start acting your age''. Hope to be back on field soon but two weeks might be a tad optimistic. I'm a bit sore but still enjoyed the game and your company yesterday.


Cheers, Col Burns.


Cheers, Col. And we all want to know the answer. What does happen to the headlights of a car going at the speed of light?


All the best, woz of oz

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Many, many thanks to all of you for your kind sentiments and yes, Woz, I am from NZ and appreciate the humour. Nice to know that others in our forum have survived a similar experience and hey, wildwillie 10 years ago, that makes me feel hopeful. Please thank Garybear for his words too, where is he hiding at the moment?

I am swallowing pain pills along with a handful of other tablets every morning and evening. I'll try the aloe vera trick, sunny as every time I move my leg it does feel as though the wound is trying to open. Not sure whether or not to try it as yet because the stitches haven't dissolved.

My biggest hate at the moment, though, is the night because I have to sleep on my back, which I never do as a rule, and I collect mucus in my air passages which snaps, crackles and pops and keeps me awake. I am breathing Ventolin and a saline solution through a nebuliser in an attempt to break up the congestion.

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