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Fire Fox Cleaning

Mr Bean

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hi Mr Bean

My Firefox version is 3.6.12 - it works ok too - but I mostly use it for testing purposes - normally I use IE (up to date version/xp v.3).





Fire Fox most versions:

Fire Fox Cleaning ?

MY browser is Firefox/3.6.4

2 useful add on and rule set's

I, have them installed Now for 3 weeks and work well


Mr Bean

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Here Is a very good Add on :called UA-Controlled (UAC)


Fire fox Add on..After you added this open the options and hit edit,tic Block

add or enter nothing..

ok run a test At whats my Browser


Unbuntu users Add to fire fox


1 noscipt

2 Ghostery


4 Better Privacy


then check your browser at A few my ip sites .or whats my browser


Very nice.


Very nice!

Mr Bean

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I have noted some complaints ,people are redirected,by there browser when hitting a link,At Google and the like,may i suggest 2 good ad ons

if using fire fox.thy work very well indeed

and Linux as well.

all add on suggested by me i have used a long time and not any problems

if you have installed any and are disappointed.just UN install them and thy are no more .leaving you with no harm.

Mr bean

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a other little gem that you can configure to allow or distrust .

protect your browser with no ill effects is BROWSER protector


Please check this out And you may want to consider it as a add in?


personally, all the ad on I do use and with no ill Effects!

tested and working well .but you would ad and tweak them to your preferences.

Mr bean

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Sarakael your welcome!


Members,here is a other one for your consideration.


CsFire protects you against malicious cross-domain requests, by rendering them harmless. This means that CsFire will remove authentication information (cookies and authentication headers), which ensures that a cross-domain request can not have harmful or undesired side-effects.


CsFire provides a secure-by-default policy, which can be extended with fine-grained remote policies as well as fine-grained local policies. The remote policies are obtained from a policy server, to selectively allow certain harmless cross-domain requests (e.g. sharing items on facebook). The local policies allow you to specify certain cross-domain requests that should be treated differently, should you wish to do so (this is not required in normal surfing scenarios).


CsFire is the result of an academic research paper titled CsFire: Transparent client-side mitigation of malicious cross-domain requests, published at the International Symposium on Engineering Secure Software and Systems 2010. The paper discusses the research behind this implementation, as well as the technical details of CsFire.


Note: please be careful with this set of filters

know what you do!

this is very powerful! if done properly. read and understand what this will do



Mr Bean

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  • 2 months later...

here is what I am finding out


fire fox updates Good Thing Or Not


a Lott. of the add on you come to love suddenly stop (thanks to Updating The Browser ,tecchh!, its said to be the right thing to keep updating.well its also A terrific Piaf, in The System


so how to av-ode loss of your now ruining browser and not lose 1 setting.

a backed up image is the thing.where you can extract the folder,copy past it onto

your system.should keep all you had.


but better still back up first the c:\drive first before you allow it to update the browser

then check the add on. see if thy function 100%

if not and thy tell you its now not comparable

restore and block any and all updating of the browser.


now,you could also , copy past the one from your back up and just past it to the c:\ in a separate folder run it and you have 2 of them

till you are happy the updated one is what you want.


This Is What I do Before I allow The setting As I like To be Changed .or change it to what I have now

if it will not do it the updated one well still have my working one as i prefer it.


by the way i do not like there new one rev 4+ not happy at all to many add ones fail to install and work.



Mr bean

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Hi Every one

if you are a fire fox user please install all your favourite add ons now


before thy become non installable or not compatible with your version Of fire Fox


if upgrading you will be forced to remove some of them or reinstall, or fire fox will just disable them(default) not work any more


even if say you installed the browser, start brand new there a good chance you have lost your working add on for ever. As its suddenly Not Going to install

thy ether removed it or replaced a newer version


so I advice As always Back up your System With a Full IMAGE to be able to restore every thing as before the update


if this is the case turn of any auto updates in the browser.(safe)

So it cant Change What you have now

Mr Bean

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  • 6 months later...

Hi all

its time again to remind every one to check there fire fox add ons

I am reading a lot of complaining as to the browser being changed one way or the other ether by malice or accident you may want to protect it by the add ons So you are being warned of changes before thy A cure?

please read the different posts that interest you most;

Mr Bean

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  • 1 month later...

This may interest you? (fire glove)

read on it first..I have it running on Linux and windows fire fox

its doing a very good job of trowing off trackers and what you use..

99% of the time.

if you feel a need to add it to your privacy..thy are just getting better

over the years,and some very cleaver programmers adding to to privacy.


Mr Bean

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