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Comodo Firewall (For wozofoz only)

Mr Bean

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Comodo Firewall and Antivirus is now Comodo Internet Security. The Latest version of our award-winning Firewall.


WOZ I want to ask you as you seem to like this firewall, before I install it.



Without any other add on (in) just the firewall. I want to try this again.


Not a fan of the firewall but like to try it with the set up. Now installing and trying out. So far very good.

So I need to know, the Os is windows 7 ultimate 32 bit.

Thank you.

Mr Bean

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I like it


When installing just say no (untick if necessary) to everything else that is 'offered'


As it so happens I just installed Comodo Firewall (and Defense+) version 5 and MSE 2 days ago, I couldn't be happier :smile:

I have XP but I am sure it runs well on Win7, I haven't seen any real complaints over at the Comodo Firewall Forum and the few that do post are usually because the user it not understanding what is happening.


I am just using the default settings for the Comodo firewall, plus:

• Stealth Ports Wizard

• Block all incoming connections and make my ports stealth for everyone


• Firewall Behavior Settings

• Alert Settings

Un-Tick: This computer is an internet connection gateway (i.e. An ICS Server)

That is of course if it is not `an internet connection gateway'


If you choose the Custom setting then you will have to answer a lot of popups at first but only once

You can make any rules you like and manually block any port etc

So it should keep you occupied for a while :razz:


P.S. I did try PrivateFirewall for one day but sometimes I could not reply to a post here, when I 'Allowed Traffic' (the green button) I could reply. There were a few other sites that I could no access because FireFox just sat there spinning it's wheels and again when I used Allow Traffic I could get through.

So back to Comodo I went


All the best, woz of oz

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PrivateFirewall V Comodo, yes we did talk about this, and that they were similar


Thank you for the response here. I installed comodo, uninstalled private firewall.

So far so good, just the firewall only, there was a keek thing that I unpicked, what ever that was and the linking to the site.


Predefined what I wanted before I let it run Modem on, block all UDP linking.

From here, we shall tweak it.


Thank you again and let you know if this is the one, Seems VG at the moment just running it now.

Mr Bean


Oh yes, this is the first time that the install (comodo) has not complained and asked to uninstall my Tiny firewall!!


At last, so this is good.

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Well must be me, just will not do what I ask from it, frustrating.


Just now a re-image was needed. It collapsed, under pressure fell in a heap.


I did disengaged all other software, blockers and so on.To be sure, they did not interfere with Comodo.


Installing :Yes ,nice!

Default: YES, works 100%

No UDP linking : yes, also OK.


Block all ICMP, IGMP INBOUND: Partly out bound, OK if very careful.


As soon as blocking protocols MS, OS EXE :Started to wobble a bit.


Error code 2 showed itself. Then the MS started to cry sorry we need to close the applacation.

Bla, Bla ~~~~OK, reboot.

Icon hider went stupid, reinstalled, same access denied re-looping.

Needed to reboot safe mode rid that. Then the new program went crazy. Uninstalled that, and more pop ups complaining. So now decided well lets keep going, all my icons dissipated of the screen next.

As soon as I blocked their site from linking, problems started, few more wobbles.


Now the programs & company's software they have as trusted, I (all) removed now more problems started.No internet, rebooted and staring at a black screen. Reboot, error code 2 again. Close that pop up, still told me its working.

No net and then went black.


Hit CtrL-ALT-DEL, log off, failed, sat there, hit restart, froze.


Hit reset button, booted to a very pretty black screen. That was it, froze.


The OS collapsed. Broke.

OK, do it over, left it at default PERFECT, just tweak it a bit, but the tiny one I use beats it by a mile!


So decided no point running Comodo if this collapsed under pressure.

Do I think it a bad firewall?

NO! As long as you leave it alone. MINNAMIN Tweaking, let it do its thing, and the way they set it to run , link, and so call trusted software vendors, plus not stop their site, you should be running fine, do not push it to hard.


This is Just using the Firewall, no hips, or their antivirus and add ins.


Now the problem lays with me not the firewall. It's not doing what I want or ask. if you do push it, better be backed up with a full image..


Mr Bean

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Good report


Thanks for the informative report :smile:

Maybe we should title it The Mr Bean guide on torturing firewalls :grin: :mrgreen:


I am not really surprised it broke down under such conditions though, Comodo has always been about 'layers' of security and Default Deny so in a way their goal is the same as yours:

Deny everything access and the ability to run on your computer until you give it permission


Of course, this is not 'user friendly' for the home user and so the 'white lists' of trusted software and companies is created (by users input over the years) to reduce the popups and make it less annoying.


Also, Comodo has introduced it's cloud based scanning so immediate access to it's website is necessary.


It seems you are looking for a very basic (no preset conditions) firewall that will allow you to completely tweak it.

Unfortunately I don't think software companies are interested in building such a firewall these days, everything is about all in one suites now where everything interconnects with everything else.


Good luck with building your firewall and HIPS setup :smile:


All the best, woz of oz

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"It seems you are looking for a very basic (no preset conditions) firewall that will allow you to completely tweak it."




shame thy changed the format on there new versions.

cant tweak it 100%


I also have 1 fire wall builder application.(pure file wall) but this will do nothing until you build it .and make rules.now( redundant) my tiny fire wall That I named it.



What I have done install it on the secondary OS.and tweak it ever so slowly.

I like to point out to every one This version is the best thy have made to my knowledge.


and I believe, this is a must fire wall for the Normal user.(A Pearson who Would not be interested in Tweaking ITS perfect)

Thank you Again for your re-ponce to this Tread.


if I may report later on on how far this can be pushed by carefully adjusting settings.


Mr Bean

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  • 3 weeks later...

64 bit

yes this is the one I settled down to.5.0.163652.1142 64 bit.


some of the apps run partly in a sandbox environment.and no conflicts.


I have tweak it very carefully and almost got it My way as I prefer it.


almost every thing running perfect.also made the move to Spyybot search and destroy,as a extra help in defending.fresh installed 64 Bit OS..

as this is finally the first time for me its behaving.I think its on the limit of being tweaked.and leave it for now.

So later, as it works away I shall post a few suggestion's how to tweak some important things. but fist let it work to be sure.before I do this.


Mr Bean

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Good news


Wow, you are running the Comodo Sandbox, I'm not brave enough for that yet :mrgreen:


I'm glad you are getting comfortable with the Comodo firewall, I think it's a lovely piece of work and they certainly do try hard and listen to the users.

Every software I have submitted as Safe has been tested by them and now it's approved so I get virtually no pop-ups unless the software wants to do something 'unusual'


All the best, woz of oz

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  • 1 month later...

well this is working rather well :

for 64 bit versions its the best I have found.

the thing with it is one must be very carfull if adding things to block

its easily stuff windows to a non booting OS.not that its the OS its the User!


if done incorrectly so far this has happened 2 times.but a re image and we were back ok.so far adding SAY ICMP set to block can be done safely as shown

but thats all for now, till I work this out more(safely done)

if you do not understand what ICMP can do (harm) then please Google this.

I personally Dis~like this service.as its used to hit your system.Flood it with messages,and can freeze the system.depending on the Ip that would be doing this.

Mr Bean

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