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Installing,to an external USB hard drive

Mr Bean

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Installing Ubuntu to an external USB hard drive. Not a CD, or a flash drive.



1. IMPORTANT: Ensure that all internal hard drives are disconnected from your computer during the install (pull your SATA or IDE cables)


I Googled this, and understand, to install Linux to a usb outside drive, EXTERNAL.


Now they say this in their tutorials.


I also understand that setting the boot sequence starting from the Usb drive.



1 A) floppy..If you have one.

2 CD

3 Internal hard drive. (C:\)

Now my question is if using a multiple boot system, will this still boot from the USB drive?


As there would now be:


Linux on USB,

Win 7 operating system (2) C:\ and D:\ drives,

or is it better to install the full version on an internal drive E:\ ?

But I prefer the USB method if it will boot correctly.



Before I try this, I would like to know:


Have the CD version running but had difficulties on hard drive and OS side by side type, and would want some advice if any one is using Linux on a USB device.


The application Universal USB installer 1.8.17 downloaded and ready to try it.

Plus now downloading as I type ubuntu 10.10 desk top 360, iso.

Mr Bean


Just hit my gray matter. I could try, an install on my older PC 40 gig drives play PC.

On the spare drive, and have XP Pro, and Linux Running.


Should that be OK? But would dearly like to try it on my Net PC..


So any one please advice me if it would work..

Thank you in advance..

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Iptables ?


Wouldn't something like Iptables be what you are looking for, it seems to work in a similar way to Malware Defender in that it denies everything until you say ok. At least, I think that's what it does but I can't be sure.

Read a bit about it here:



Iptables is a user space application, meaning that it operates within a segregated space within the Linux kernel features. The criteria used to identify and distribute packets by the firewall are completely configurable and customizable using a set of command options. This includes setting up allowance for established sessions, blocking types of traffic and access and allowing only specific traffic on certain ports. The software also can be set up to log all incoming traffic or to log only specific types of traffic.


Some test results from February 2010 here:



All the best, woz of oz

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Many Thanks had a very good look at this .and downloaded it.


now how to get the thing to install I face next.



unfortunately lost the Linux app OS , just before I made this reply.


had a heap of trouble getting it to duil boot.lost Ms operating boot up.but the files all sill there.on there drives.


repairing failed,as Linux took over the PC.and the drive could not be seen by the rescue disk.! tho it stated it repaired the booting sequence.


other than that it was working 100%

3 times as fast then MS win 7.


any how I chase this up as to what I am not doing right. and I say that as it is my fault .so we do it over.

this time on its own PC no MS just Linux installed.this then should be fine.

the other problem or rather can be it has over 1300 utilities and ad in's.

and that is were I fluxed up, think.pretty sure I did.



Mr Bean

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installed linux. ok

used THE, 3rd drive all ,reboot when done.faced a no log on ,lost the drive.

recovery failed,used partition magic,render the drive dead,used,Ms.repatriationed the 3RD,drive.format it.boot out. mailcium in cd,re image.BOOT,


IN WITH THE CD ms RECOVER,SAME ,so stuff this,in with the Ms OS install disk.

redid all the drives.and installed win 7.yes! all back and nice and clean...


and well at least start over clean.in with the malcuim and install the image to the second drive.boot, in with the MS recover the lost OS (imaged) ,YES all booting.

and working.now TRY all this Over .Yeh But NOT on this PC!

Mr Bean

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easyBCD tool box


I have this to fix boot sequence..

my ask is would this install the Linux (add) to the boot up ? Duel?


I am not sure about this as you read if I install Unbotu then yes this runs at boot up ,but lose win 7: tho its all there on disk 3


so what i hope to get is

1 Linux (unbuto)

2 win7 in that order.


now on my old Pentium 4 every thing is perfect..on a 40 gig drive 1

fully installed. and run very fast..(just Linux only)


but I don't want to shift that in the lounge.

I would dearly love it on this system.

plus use both.learning Linux.


what I have in mind is pull of all the drives bar one install the new OS.

when done reattach the drives.so it should now boot to win7

from there run the app adding the Grub thing.

( try to add the new os to the boot sequence?)

would this be the way to do this.?

thank any one in advance

Mr Bean

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Ok now up and running...

I unplugged the 2 other drives,meaning if I reattach them I lose this os.

and boot from Win 7.(2 Multiplied, booting drives) so now can I some how add It to the Booting Sequence.when reattaching all the drives.some one must know (thank you in advance)

not being lazy have read all over the place.but have a little fear losing the sequenced booting..


if I use the application (easy BCD tool box) will this ad it to the booting start up and which one of the Linux to use ?

meaning that Linux is now not starting.and windows is,from there I need to point the grub thing (add) so I can boot into Linux.or windows


thy have there own drives each.


Now I have fallen in love with this OS ,and will keep it if I cant .and format the other drives if need be..this is a unbelievable OS speed 3 times as Fast .and clean smooth.

also thanks to woz have the application installed Plus a fire wall

tho perhaps not needed.



Mr Bean

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well been at it hard,this is a problem child.duel booting.with Ms and 2 or more drives.let alone 1 drive.


In my case,could not get it to fire up this way.Ms And or Linux. matter which way I tried this could NOT, and failed to do so.


if on 1 drive no problem.installed updated,and fired up very fast.one more problem Fire fox keeps crashing.and the latest updated version made it crash regular. next you cannot block all cookies,this may be so called a safer OS but its certainly yaps like a fisher mans wife.lets out far to much private information.


blocking ports is a problem as well.there is just no decent way or build fire wall.

that can like we use with the OS Ms .like for example COMODO, or zone alarm.and so on.filtering is a difficult task to in force.

the problem lays with the user.as in understanding this OS.it not easy as thy make out,make on error and its gone.

I lost it 5 times.!

yes some would say he got no idea.or just a dumb User,and thy be right!

this is not MS or even close to it.


this is not for a non Linux user.you must know how to program that's it.

and know what to do at a C:\prompt.navigation is difficult.

if using Ms and never used Linux,its almost hopeless,thy say stick with it.yes

perhaps but how long? I would say it will take a year or better just to get the hang of it.and learn what to do with it.then what would it do that MS cant already?


ok you have preset applications and it runs

very fast.try installing is a dog of a idea,you download and then try.ok you read how.and then get a page of , that looks like a scribble of a child's drawing.yes some go to very detale instructions and still looks like a child made it.

the problem is its made by volunteers,and the different ways thy present a program.half of it crashes.or fails to work.and each programs his her way,and how it should run.

now try to get programs,just try.yes there are 1300+ useless junk application's.half fail crash the OS.

I suppose that is why MS won the race years ago.and company's mostly program for Non LINUX OS .


I tried it and it looked like I would stick to it.but after reinstalling 5 times

then having to update as it did,got sick of that idea,plus the browsers crashing,downloads stopping.then having to restart them hope thy would finish.small files fine try 3 gig! and its not funny.

other than that its a ripper.

yes I have it installed on my spare PC and play with it.OFF line .

no modem! its fun.and interesting.that's for sure.

But on the net .THINK give it a wide burst.

Mr Bean

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  • 2 weeks later...

Installing On a side by side drive::



Finish the Linux installation, take the CD out of the drive, and reboot.


At this point, you'll go straight back to Windows Vista.or win 7 (XP??)

get the following program.



EasyBCD 2.0.2 //neosmart.net/dl.php?id=1

install it on windows,


1. Turn on EasyBCD, go to the "Add/Remove Entries" screen and pick Linux from the tabs at the top.

2. Pick the appropriate boot loader from the drop-down menu (either GRUB 2 1st try this.if this fails ?


Then try 2nd,( LILO),

3. Give the entry a name,OR (keep "NST Linux Loader" as the text,

4. The hardest part of this : is choosing the correct hard drive and partition numbers that correspond to the partition you installed Linux (and most importantly, the boot loader(Linux) to.

In EasyBCD (and Windows in general), drive numbers start at 0, and partitions start at 1. So the second partition of the first drive would be 0, 2.

5. Press "Add Entry" and reboot.


When the Vista boot loader asks you what OS you'd like to boot into, select Linux to continue the first-run configuration for your brand-spanking-new Linux install.


Help from EasyBCD!

Mr Bean


that's it and you now have a duel boot win and Linux drive ,(PC)

tip installing Linux,use half the drive (side by side Install)

carefully follow instructions.Be Very watchful,and do not inter-fear with the install

It can be slow ,Make sure your modem is on .For updates as it installs.


when it has started,after its booted out the last time(important sit a bit and let the cd cradle

when open stay so, till the lights are of! ) Then remove the CD,

ok now it will boot to your Windows.Do the Above..

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Unbuntu..MeerCat 10-10


What can I say, but now working DUEL boot and version 8.9 updated to 9.6.00 on my second Pc .Beats ,MS by Miles,speed the top then smoothness,looks,color,clarity,and no hogging the system


no need for registration.free to use on any system any time no need to pay ,verify,and for that mater the stupid Updates! the spying on users,no need to worry about the cost of anything.bender's


con artists,fakes,cheats,Tricksters.

half working programs,No need for AV,anti,crap programs.over sized hogging fire walls,no more installing.risky apps


YES you still need to be careful,Sure,BUT

you control every thing.no need to rely on MS programs or compatibility.

and trust this ,do not think there are not many applications for Linux based OS.


Thy have every thing MS has and more! ,that I am finding out

over 4,000 plus downloads

available FREE..and I mean no cost to you.or Me

the whole point is IT all belongs to you with no fear of Having to register any of them.!


or worry if thy are legal ,no 30 days any thing.you install and use as long as you want.

NO need to worry,downloading,sharing,From any site,including PSP sharing!,as its all free that's the thing that impresses ME,AND I care less WHO watches Me download Linux files!

found To be a little bewildering,being use to Cough up ,if I liked Something. and wanted to keep it.No more installing Then find out that Pay up to fully Work.


This is a very different World,95% are volunteers who love to program.and share them with fellow Users.

Now if you see the Os running,let me tell You its looks near the same as any I have seen only thing learning the different words to The icons.and there Meaning.,Want To tweak? Change,write


make things Go different,you can with this type of OS.program as much as you Like,hack it to bits

and its Legal! You do not need something Rid it ,simple as that.want a different fire wall Go ahead

Do it ,want a different Browser Uninstall and change GO ahead makes No difference,No need for the hogging Win Fire wall,That;s a useless peace of leaking Junk,Or the Weak leaking IE,But the most important thing is


The inbuilt defending itself from 98% of the net crappy junk

Yes I was a bit scared to let go of MS,but now starting to enjoy this new OS! and the freedom.

The trick is this,get rid of any WIN OS ,or do as I and many have ,have it there on a second drive

Long Enoch Till you Understand LINUX.

But now fascinated with LINUX,have not used it all week.(MS7) and not missing it at all.

as MEERCAT beats it By a Mile.!This DVD has every thing installed you can think Of.


The Movie player Is the Best I have used,downloading is faster,moving files with speed I never had,Ever seen before ,The net speed picked Up 400% !! Watching clips from the net The speed!



Any how Please Have a Think on it ,Go for IT,try it out.

thank you for the interest reading the thread .

Mr Been

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well This is my desk top for any one interested..

the back ground changes every 5 min..as one prefers it..

using the Os is and gets easyer every day ,tweaking it is diffacalt!

as its very different in its behavioral compared to MS. but now heavily fire walled.

and filtered,a hard nut to crack.using the 2 OS is fun now.the thing about the Linux type you can do what ever you like no conflicts.3 fire walls! and happily run ,I am starting to understand why a lot of people use it..very flexible,and no worry about virus as thy cant live and are domed at the very start! ICMP attacks yes you must defend your self and the 53,137,139,ports.plus what ever else you want,

Thy have made this OS almost like, Ms type usage,near the same

ones you get the idea every thing is free,and what you want to use.uninstall install as you please

and no problems in loss of usage! nothing left behind is the point.and I keep saying speed is formidable.Downloading clips or movies as you watch ,I cant get over it,smooth as butter..

any ways its a lot of fun .once you get it running,that I had problems with.Like I stated MY fault,to a point,but glad I kept at it till I got it right.

Mr Bean

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Now a interesting experiment well simple any how.read and rite CD and a Flash drive Only..

installing one of the Linux versions.I set out to play with,Linux Mint.

downloaded and burned to the CD Running this from there only.


and use the flash drive to save files to.

safe as can be,I some times run a Xp version the same way,but it will show all drives installed,,(mount them) Linux you need a password to be able to do this.any how the only difference is the booting ,bit slow,and once running boom fast !

now nothing gets in your system! no cookies or spy ware what ever,draw back is installing,the CD itself is not Enoch room wise.and you must save what ever you do load from the net,every thing to the pen drive,any how just wanted to share this with the ones interested.

Nothing new,been and is done by a lot of people,, But interesting.

Mr Bean

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Snap :lol:

This thread got me interested so I looked at various Linux. I have been playing with Peppermint over the last 5 days, I discovered it while searching around and read that it could be easily installed to, and run off, a USB flashdrive. While out shopping I saw a Kingston 4GB flashdrive on special at a very cheap price and thought, why not?


I downloaded:

Peppermint OS There is also Ice but it has Chrome browser pre-installed

WinMD5Sum Freeware Windows MD5 checksumming utility, not necessary but handy to have anyway

Linux Universal USB Installer Live Linux USB Creator that allows you to choose from a selection of Linux Distributions to put on your USB Flash Drive. When I find wonderful software like this I want to reach out and kiss the author :smile:


After about 10 minutes it was all done and I was using FireFox (version 4 beta is pre-installed) on my new Peppermint OS.

When using Linux Universal USB Installer it asked if I want to enable Persistence which will save all changes back to the flashdrive, for the first time I didn't enable it because I just wanted to see what it looked and felt like and didn't need to save any changes.

When I had decided it was worth further testing I formatted the flashdrive and used Linux Universal USB Installer to install Peppermint again but this time I chose Persistence at 2GB. This took a lot longer to install to the flashdrive (about 20 > 30 minutes) I guess because it has to prepare the 2GB of space.

I installed a few software like OpenOffice which went ok but other software like MintMenu installed but I could not find it, I searched for answers on the web but didn't find any.


So, it is much slower to boot with Persistence (about 30 seconds) and slower when using it because all changes are written to the flashdrive but still quite fast overall.

For me and anyone else who is using a Notebook/Netbook I think that Peppermint without Persistence could be quite handy for using at public wi-fi hotspots etc.

If I write a note or download something using Peppermint then it is possible to use the Peppermint FileManager to select the note or download then Menu > Copy to.... and browse to Windows My Documents and copy it to there.

Also, I used the Peppermint FileManager to copy a small video from the Windows My Documents to Peppermint Documents and watched it, no problems.


This is fun :mrgreen:


Peppermint Forum


All the best, woz of oz

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Please Note :this is not pushing you,or any one, towards Any other Os

its simply a nice change from MS operating Systems.

And a hell of a lot safer!

will I, give up ?__Win7 ,NEVER,i need the applications I cant use with Linux.

but its now my no1 Browsing OS.and use it 80% of the time now.



Excellent find.I really like this one.and the defaults from the cd (boot)


now ready to install it on my drive.after testing this.simple very very fast.

thank you

MR Bean

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well unfortunately,its very buggy in my case any how after installing the main menu will not show the drives.even tried a other one ,but failed .running from the cd very good not a problem, reinstalled it 2 times and still no luck.back to unbunto 9.0 and perfect.(side by side.different drives.partitioned)

also mint 10.on its own drive,.

using 2 Linux duel booting perfect..and win 7 not a problem.Thy run happy .


Looking at a few others but Mint as I tested 4 of them (versions) is the better one, I found

ITS a lot of fun playing around with free OS systems

Mr bean

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