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Scan Button on Maintain Windows field is GONE!

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The title of this thread says it all.


I went to settings and used the "Recommended" settings & applied this setting. Now, all of a sudden, there is no scan button.


Something is screwy in paradise. I am losing gig space on my C drive daily now. It just disappears somewhere. I am losing about a gig a week now.

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As I have left my computer running today. I have lost a quarter of a gig of hard drive space while waiting on replies about my computer problem.


It is now very obvious that something is wrong with IOBIT because of the Scan button issue. IOBIT issupposed to keep my computer running properly and things are happening that I have never had happen since I first started using windows in 95. If this had happened to my computer in 95, with less than a gig of hard drive space, my computer would be gone in a few days.


I think that I might have to uninstall IOBIT. I hope that this is not something that I have to do. But....because IOBIT is acting screwy now, I feel that my problem with my computer can only be originating from this program.


I will give it a few more days on this. If I see a speeding up of lost gig space, I will have to.


I just hope that someone from IOBIT sees this post in time. If I have to build another computer just to keep my web sites working, I am going to be one ticked WordPress user. IOBIT is supposed to keep things like this from happening.


If I lose on more gig, I am going to blog on this. I don't want to waste my time doing this but with every mb lost, I am getting more ticked.

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Clean Install



Please remember, the members and Administrators/Moderators of this Forum are volunteers who would like to help if they can but they are not employees of IObit.

If you have purchased the Pro version then you are entitled to contact IObit Online Support


For the missing Scan button issue I would first suggest you do a Clean Install see This Post for details.


All the best, woz of oz

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Lost HD space


As to the problem of losing HD space, in another thread you wrote:

Sunny, something is going on with IOBIT now. I am going to post on it as a thread.


What you suggested is something that I did first and it did not work. The odd thing is that my daughter is a user and she has acdsee on her side. It works fine over there.


My computer is losing about a Gig a week and I am not downloading anything. My computer will be gone in about a month if this still goes on. IOBIT is not working to fix this. I freed up about 1.5 gigs this week and now it is slowing going away somewhere.


Now my scan button on IOBIT is gone in the Maintain Windows field. I can no longer scan. I went to settings and pressed recommended & applied the recommended settings and still now scan button. Something is wrong and IOBIT may be the culprit.


I am only guessing.


You wrote: I freed up about 1.5 gigs this week and now it is slowing going away somewhere.

What did you delete to free up the 1.5 gigs? Has what you deleted come back?

Advanced System Care will only delete 'unnecessary' files (junk files, temp files etc) if the files that are taking up your HD space are deemed 'necessary' then Advanced System Care will not delete them, nor would you want it to.


You wrote: My computer is losing about a Gig a week..... and then Now my scan button on IOBIT is gone in the Maintain Windows field.

It seems that the losing of HD space was an issue before the Scan button went missing and so the two might not be related at all. It would be best to investigate why you are losing HD space.


There are various possibilities as to why it is slowing going away somewhere and it could be a combination of many rather than just one, here are two of the more obvious reasons:

• There is P2P (torrent) software running in the background downloading a file or files. I know you said you are not downloading anything but do you know for sure that nothing is being downloaded in the background?

• Your Anti-Virus/Malware would be constantly adding to it's Definitions Database and although it should delete any definitions that were no longer needed the amount of definitions being added can still be more than what is deleted and so the database increases in size. This should not be a large amount but could contribute to the loss of HD space when combined with other factors.


I can only suggest you try to find where this HD space is being used by checking the size of various databases, folders, files etc and then checking again later to see if you can find a match for an increase in size with the amount of space lost.


Edit: Off Topic (I think)

You mention you are a WordPress blogger, did you install the critical update?



All the best, woz of oz

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Thanks for the help anyway!




I started noticing this when I bought the PRO version. It may be that I just started paying more attention at that time.


With the millions of files that I have, I don't think I could monitor the right one. That would be great though.


I have lost almost a gig since my last post. By the end of this week a gig will be gone the way it is going.


I am baffled. I did get the scan button to come back by doing a system restore. I just don't get it about losing gig space this fast. It is accelerating now. I lost a Half a gig in one week last week.


I appreciate the volunteers here for just replying. I didn't expect this forum would be able to completely solve the problem. I will try support to see if they have any ideas.


Thanks again!

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Hi moonreaderman,


Please give us some information about hardware, OS and security softwares of your PC.


Try the advanced search function in XP asking for specific date intervals and all the files as (*.*).

In Win7, search filter as datecreated: Last week


You may pinpoint the huge files sizes (or # of files) that are created during the time.



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