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Linux for Fun ?

Mr Bean

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now for the ones that are thinking to try linux out and have widows installed.

safe fest bet open the box,pull out the drives lead (win OS)


ok that is if you have 2 drives.now make sure you have nothing important on your 2nd drive. as you will lose it all.


next thing in with your CD (live) Lets say Unbunto? and boot it up.

So run it from the Cd first.have a look about.to see if you like it.

my advice 10.4 its very stable and supported 2 more years,as in Updates.

now surf around a bit.watch the speed and how easy it is,N0 harm can come to the system

If you Suddenly decide to install it,No harm to you windows OS.as it unplugged.

Ok Next thing after its all done Reboot and discover the OS.Do this a few days ,Just run LINUX

and as you play with it I think you will get to like it.


There is nothing you cant Do,

and first of no worrying about any virus or malawares.

change your wallpaper using drapes,and add what you like .

from hereon you will discover the ease speed and how good Linux is.

So if you do not like it and want to go back to widows,no problem


reformat the drive,then plug back your drive (in) and boot from widows.

if you decide to keep it than do the above And add the Linux menu.

boot from ether one as you please.Oh by the way windows cannot see the Linux Drive if using it as well ,But Linux can see your widows drive.

So don't panic,when using win os and cant see the other drive.


now for the ones that are thinking to try linux out and have widows installed.

safe fest bet open the box,pull out the drives lead (win OS)

I repeated this on purpose.


Remember This Ok,

that is , if you have 2 drives.now make sure you have nothing important on your 2nd drive. as you will lose it all.




I hope this is informative and incurring you to try it?? and once again Many thanks for your time.

I think you will if not already using a Version of Linux.

Mr Bean

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Hi all again.


Well one thing I can tell you for sure is that the Ms os is a fixed type of install


what you get in a Os is whats there on the CD and thats it.

you cant strip it Unless you really know how,and make no errors.you cant rip out its fire wall,or its preset files as it will not allow you to .or dilate, any part of it as it will go all wobbly,try a UN installation of any part of it ,most times unless you know how ,make it unreliable,But then Why would one any how.

most people install it and thats it.not worry or even consider what its doing

or what it sends out or in.


Linux is pretty Munch the same.you pop in the CD install it update ,it and done.


now the difference is this you can strip it down very easily ,by UN installing what you may not want or even like.add to when you feel like it reinstall if you missed something you took out and so on.


So ok whats the big difference, well to answer it very simply,windows is better with movie files, bar far,and any and most DVD type applications,

If its your thing alone and want this at the top end,thats the only difference I found,but from here on its a lesser Os than Linux.


Linux Depending On what you like or is your cup-pa tea Beats the pants of Ms .like some put it, idiot proof,to a point.as thy have now made it very user friendly. took them a while but at last thy have,tho you still must eventually learn the command prompt,to install or UN install if downloading a package on the hard drive.even then there are over 7000 application's that you can ad on and just tap install automatically.

so why would one use Linux ? as a preferred OS?


well the big difference is as I pointed out its totally free and you use it on as many pc's you like.

all add ons (over 7000) are free no nags or begging.no linking or wanting your Email address,nor any time limit,

as a perfect example is there Compiz program (Thats add the cube rotating configuration and settings)


there are 4 main fire wall's totally free ,and so On, no worry about any thing els,malaware,virus cannot live to the next boot if per 1 in a million you did get one,there is nothing from the outside that can change any part of the OS, without your consent (install) any exe command.Just cannot happen.one Thing is that any type of OS bar Linux can see the drive.

If its a Linux based install .any and all type of MS produced whatever cant be used against your Linux OS.

yes even the wine add on.cannot be manipulated to install any thing from the out side,write it to the OS.

Ok but like every thing not fool proof,you still need to install a fire wall that uses (ip tables) and if its your thing you can tweak this as you like.


Ok without sounding like a covert,will I ever give up MS?

no !

why ? its a Os I used over 30 years,and still need it to run what I know best.


until if I live long Enoch can do with out it.and use Linux full time 100%

now using 95% of the time,

let me say this at first it was very hard for me,and what to do with it.but as I stuck to it now run it as my main OS! yes,and getting better every day.


well hope you give it a shot, and thank you again for your time spent on this post

Also to Iobit forum and company for allowing me the postings


Mr Bean

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hi again every one.


well I think and say this humbly ,It will become more known. problem is tho the variant types,and what one may decide on.Unbunto ,probably the one to use?


after playing about with the different version types,decided to go this way

but then again depending on taste.and what attracts one. I think the word Linux is a broad term,used by my self and many.Not that I personally care what it is,or how it was put together,and by whom ever made its version type.

all I know it works beautifully,and just installed a few Xp applications now running in this Linux, I am using.(Q4wine & wine) cant be leave it!


perhaps the more people that read about it the more may try it who knows.


I installed band meter pro that I missed using, and tho com-planes when starting it runs perfect! now going to try a few more but not being silly about it,the only thing I mis is the Iobit programs that I always start with.

and the malaware apps, strange not seeing them at the start up.

plus a few other ones I been used to seeing for years,still when I boot into windows thy are there.and make me happy thy are any how.

but the most important ones I have used for years and years I got them running flawlessly.


but yes Its here to stay and slowly picking up on users ,will it ever overtake MS?

no- not in my life time anyhow,billy took care of that way back down the road.

the other problem there are so many types of Linux based made CD installs

similar yet different in behavior,and that will make it difficult for any to stand out as best or become super popular,like Ms that is a one of type,OS


and its frequent updated versions killing of the older ones, now up to version 8, plus ongoing.yet has its own 1 of style , WINDOWS MS


Mr bean

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I was wondering, does Linux still prevent some things from bring displayed in Browser, such as Emoicon Icons, that are used in this Forum website?

(Some one told me, on some Forum about 2 years ago, that was a problem with Linux browser)


Can you see the 6 Icons, below this line, in Linux:


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hi again every one.


well I think and say this humbly ,It will become more known. problem is tho the variant types......


Shhhhhhhhhhhh, it's a secret :wink: :mrgreen:


From Wikipedia @ http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Android_%28operating_system%29

Android is a software stack for mobile devices that includes an operating system, middleware and key applications. Google Inc. purchased the initial developer of the software, Android Inc., in 2005. Android's mobile operating system is based on the Linux kernel.....

......The Android operating system is currently the world's best-selling Smartphone platform....


From Android Developers @ http://developer.android.com/guide/basics/what-is-android.html

Android relies on Linux version 2.6 for core system services such as security, memory management, process management, network stack, and driver model. The kernel also acts as an abstraction layer between the hardware and the rest of the software stack.


All the best, woz of oz

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The Wine development release 1.3.23 is now available.


What's new in this release:


* Support for stubless COM proxies on x86-64.

* Builtin dxdiag now outputs real information.

* Monochrome bitmap format in the DIB engine.

* Beginnings of a true shell Explorer builtin.

* A number of new D3DX9 functions.

* More support for Indic text shaping.

* Various bug fixes.


The source is available now. Binary packages are in the process of being built, and will appear soon at their respective download locations.




Package: q4wine (0.118-5)


Download Source Package q4wine:


* [q4wine_0.118-5.dsc]

* [q4wine_0.118.orig.tar.gz]

* [q4wine_0.118-5.debian.tar.gz]




* Boris Pek (QA Page)


External Resources:


* Homepage [q4wine.brezblock.org.ua]


Similar packages:

The Wine development release 1.3.23 is now available.


What's new in this release:


* gextractwinicons

* psi-plus

* smplayer-themes

* monkeystudio

* gnome-wine-icon-theme

* aumix

* monkeystudio-common

* monkeystudio-dbg

* backup2l

* gnome-colors

* partimage


Qt4 GUI for wine (W.I.N.E)

General features:


- Can export Qt color theme into wine colors settings.

- Can easy work with different wine versions at same time;

- Easy creating, deleting and managing prefixes (WINEPREFIX);

- Easy controlling for wine process;

- Easy installer wizard for wine applications; (Not yet. Wait for v. 0.120)

- autostart icons support;

- Easy cd-image use;

- FuseISO\Embedded FuseISO mount profiles;

- You can extract icons from PE files (.exe .dll);

- Easy backup and restore for managed prefixes.

- Winetriks support.<<<<<<<<<

- and more...



also Winetriks

Please take a look at the applications for your Linux.


Its a terrific add on ,You can run many MS programs

form within Linux and the drive cant be seen from any other source but wine or Q4wine!

Linux cant see it on its own nor can any Ms OS on its own!


Mr Bean

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Hi all and every one ,hope all is well with you ?



Today I like to post a few interesting events With linux and Windows

as most are aware,and for the ones that Never heard of it It called Vitual computing


without going into how this works,

{Please look it up at your Search en gen.There are about 4 or 5 main ones used"}

Paid, plus free ones available.


My one I decided on in the end after trying a few , Is VirtualBox(free) for Linux and windows


testing this out on windows 7 work fine but very jumpy and jerkey is faster on Linux a long way

and the best Os to use YES, Every one Good Old XP,runs most any thing,and fairly Quickly to.


Trying Vista,window7


Had a few problems with speed and Sound That was A mayjor flaw,Plus USB was the biggest problem

And still is.With Xp I seemed to be able to get over that hurdle fairly well.

Though had to fiddle alot to get it to work.


So why Bother with the Fussing Around to run it,excellent to try out any os,or as many as you like ,and test different programs

and takes not that much room on your drive!

on a 100 gig drive went very well prefers, at least 300 gig and 150 spare.

though I have 2x1 terry bite drives makes this very easy.and plenty of room.



So lets Say, you wanted to install a application THE very first time?

this is perfect ,why no matter what happens your main OS that is hosting virtual box cant be harmed.

and is protected BY the Host as well.


If the Virtual OS ,what ever it may be Messed up by a new program,well just dilate it.

if you cant fix it.



If every thing seems ok run it for a while and see if all is as you want.

then install it on the main OS.

I suggest to you have the same install, (the same os) you use on the virtual drive to be sure,even if you

get no sound or able to use the USB drives(Download and copy to a RW CD.) use that.

and find the right drive (sound if possible)and or drives.




that's not the worry though and not important ,all we need to know that it runs perfectly.and did no harm to The OS


As most of you run windows Whatever download the win-verson.

be sure it the real one from its author!


install it then make your virtual drives.(i suggest FIXED ones) say about 15 gig, then insert the booting OS disk

and install it as you would normally on any drive


any how hope this may give you a interest to try this out ,but as always READ up on it.


I am having a wonderful time playing with this.For me its very interesting at my age!

the smart technology there is.66 years young cant get over the different ways of computing.

as I am totally self taught.find it fascinating! every day is a bones,now this keeps me going.

and love to share my findings.

I hope you also may like to try this out if not already doing so.


Oh yes its nice to see the older ones posting, grait to see them fairing well.

my deepest love and respect to all!



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here a bit of interest

My First XP (ever made) on virtual drive fully installed


took a while to find every thing that runs with it but here it is, then there was

no widows fire wall this is lightning fast


Just forgot How Fast,running on 1 gig .and all one needed was a registered no:

non of this Verify or having to link to them..and the stamp on the program..


this is a upgrade for 98...the last one thy made, this Xp can over write it with all apps in Place OR like now Install Brand new. the service pack came 1 year later if I remember right



Mr Bean

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hi all


giving a big of thought, running Linux on old systems I wondered how the latest makes would preform on a Pentium 4(genuine Intel) 1 gig memory.40 gig hard drive .went to my garage pulled her down dusted her of,then took her to my pc room

attached the 15" screen(still have 2 of them Viewmaster) and all the other stuff Usb Drive .plugged her in the wall


been 3 years since she was fired up.I did Expect her to Do Nothing but like the day I perched her .she came to life.!


good old win 98 ! made me laugh when it sowed up.


so the usual formatting and checking in with CD unbuto disk 10.4 and beautifully installed .


now we talk about speed,let me say this very good indeed

so plunged her into the modem (4 bay) and not a problem hit the browser

and started surfing


not that slower than the one I am on now thought a few heavy image sites


were slower ,but not bad


and it was fun playing with her .decided to leave her next to my nett pc


and have her running.

you got a old one around ,why not fire it up for fun and play with it?

nice pass time.


Mr bean

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as a lot of you are aware by now who read my posts using Linux is a lot of fun.(for better wording)


depending on what you like,use a Pc,and spend time on

one thing I found now ,using it now 13 weeks or so and learning along the way

it is getting easer,to use and tweak ,the browsers are different to windows if using non fire fox and I do not like them ,SIMULAR to Ie type very hard to tweak .

so I use fire fox with just 3 added apps.script ,ghostery, and a cookie locker

killer.though not needed


also it's different in behaviour to the windows version as it the OS works Different. and cleaning is different a method and approach as to how things are cleaned - history ,catch and so on. but on the whole also less of a worry


one thing I found very little gets out of the system ,as in what's sent

links are minimal.depending of what is installed as every thing that is, costs nothing bar downloading and installing VERY easy NOW.


No interest from the programmers hence LESS Than 50% links in the back ground

but googly, yahoo and Ms still try!! (googly, yahoo Main offenders)

and go daddy, Zief YES ,and so on try! The Worst of them


well simply put many do and will if allowed the thing is here in linux its not a priority why ??


No money to be gained from it just pure snooping only! but being the crazy blocker that I am still have over 1 mill ips blocked! and heavily fire walled

its slowed my surfing a little but not worried about that .


in time Probably cut Back on the ips as I begin to know them and what blocks are the offenders .now what linux edition is a matter of what you will like

there are now very good types ready made ,and give you the feel of windows Baring The Operating System itself And Programs

one thing its known--


install a virus or a virus . to live to the next boot just cant happen not that I know of, and what I have investigated.every link I read tell the same story

but that means only if using a Linux system no windows on the same system

Thy Do say its possible To transfer a virus to Your Windows Drive? and or operating System ,but I need to look into that .


ok as its a hobby thing and you are reading the posting on my Linux experiences, and follow what I as a total new user find (66 year old DAD) you may want to try one out.


please remember the wording" Linux" I use IN a Broad wording and I'm not in any way saying ,what or where it came from how it started nor what you should use! that I leave to you as I don't really care! what it is so long as you like it .and perhaps get to like Linux


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Puppy Linux Live CD/USB 5.2.8 English


Linux is a free operating system, and Puppy Linux is a special build of Linux meant to make computing easy and fast.


Puppy Linux enables you to save money while doing more work, even allowing you to do magic by recovering data from destroyed PCs or by removing malware from Windows. See these example articles: recovering files from Windows and safe Internet banking with Puppy Linux.



With Puppy Linux, you can carry your programs and data anywhere.





from the puppy site


Puppy's goals


* Easily install to USB, Zip or hard drive media.

* Booting from CD (or DVD), the CD drive is then free for other purposes.

* Booting from CD (or DVD), save everything back to the CD.

* Booting from USB Flash drive, minimise writes to extend life indefinitely.

* Extremely friendly for Linux newbie's.

* Boot up and run extraordinarily fast.

* Have all the applications needed for daily use.

* Will just work, no hassles.

* Will breathe new life into old PCs

* Load and run totally in RAM for disk less thin stations




Puppy boots in less than a minute, even in old PCs, and it does not require antivirus software. Administering Puppy is quick and minimal. With Puppy, you just have to take care of your data, which you can easily save to USB flash (Then forget about your operating system!). Your data can be read by other computers.

--- Do Magic -Help your friends suffering from computer malware by booting Puppy and removing malware from their PC (use anti virus that is built-in or can be installed in Puppy). Example - bad Auto run.inf is easily removed by Puppy (Just delete it as well as its companion exe program). If your friend thinks that she has lost data from his/her corrupted hard disk, boot Puppy and try saving his/her data!


ok ,get it here


Ok please Googly it if you want this Very fast OS


I cant post the link as it would brake the forum rules.

you can legally download it from torrent sites as its not pirate software.

instead from the rip of you pay to download sites.

that I shall not post.or ever recommend.

free is free.that's my motto and refuse to pay a cent to any one trying to get cash from free applications...



129 mg iso file


Thank you for the interest.

Mr Bean


--- Carry Anywhere (Portable) - Because Puppy is able to live in CD/DVD or USB flash, as well as save data to these same devices, you can carry your programs and data with you.

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hi every one

well I found this one for your Linux Os should work fine ones you add this from there link page how to install and add this to your system

its very fast and better than fire fox itself tho its a offspring made from fire fox(redone)


it will handle almost all add on's (you will need the address (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/) and from there help your self


please go here and add it to your system.first(install) go here https://wiki.edubuntu.org/IceCat


and then go from there follow the help as to how to add this to your Linux version.



I do hope this is good for you as its working for me. you will be amazed at the speed.



Mr Bean

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hi every one ,well once again things are moving along very well

there seems to be a fast moving to the security of this Os thy are working on this very hard .from the upgrades I am seeing.and the many ad on changes to the different application.and programs..


what makes this Os So different In many ways the continued updating if that your thing..So far tho I personally have not updated to there newer version

as from what I am seeing do not like the screens interface preferring the older one pull page view. as I like my back ground fully visible with very little clutter

and Icons,

any how as always If interested please take a look at the different offerings



Mr bean


oh yes for the ones who do not know please take a look at the simple but very powerful fire wall

Firestarter...It is realy Tops

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hi all

well its been a very interesting night.

I wanted to know how good running Linux was on a flash drive,but now how to install this and be bootable. so of to the net and every man,woman,child,and there Pets tell you how to do it and nothing worked booting wise. 5 -6 times I tried and finally gave up.watch utube demo installs and every one of them

some good and some rely bad,

all say install live (and nothing booted) but the files sat there.

formatted a dozen times then gave up.

now 3 -Am sat back and thinking go to bed staring at the screen, then it hit me

yes I know very slow these days, pull out the cables of my drives! simple

just leave the cd and plug in the flash drive.ok run the live cd this case unbuntu 10.10


and followed the promps, when installed guess what ,a fully boot-able flash drive - change the boot sequence, flash drive at number 1

cd 2 then the hard drives


rebooted and of it went..a fully working flash drive Linux "read and write to it. "

ok one would not use it every day as it not that fast ,the idea was I wanted to know if it works ,and now have a way if the box suddenly stops ,and boot from it get full accesses to the files

been interesting.and now know a easy pianles way to do it .not chaceing any thing from the net!

Mr Bean

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Hi all as most of you may know Ubuntu 11-10 is out and working very well


Any one using a older version and thinking to update over the one you have be aware and think hard before you tick the menu the fist 3 especially! be aware you will most likely lose what you know. even with a update.I can tell you a lot of smaller application's are now gone or removed,so what I did was install the new one on a drive of its own,the other one I carefully split 50% leaving the older one in tact, and a spare drive for downloading,

Linux Parted, so thy have the same format, now if you decide to install it on its own drive

by ticking the last option, lets say 1ty bytes, first thing one needs to do is make a swap drive about 2 plus half gig ,plenty the rest then made full size whats left, do not forget adding it's mount point add the / to its start of the drive..in the collem (box) when adding the rest of the drive.



then go ahead and install it..Please take your time when staring and be very sure if you are going to wiped out your Os and install fresh, ,(if you have win on the same systems drive (side by side)


be aware it will kill that of, if you do not read the menu. pick the wrong command and its gone (both OS will be wiped out)


Ok now a tip for the ones that own 2 drives or more In your Box, safe way pull out the cables of your drives (spare) then install it ,If the drive is empty. if not the same apply's


I just spent 12 hours setting it up as some of the program are not there and some do not even run tho thy installed.. then spent a lot of time searching for subtables..to replce them.

Mr Bean

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hi all

First of all thank you IObit forum, for allowing the thread on

this subject,and a old man rambling on the tecnolagy of the Os



One thing in my case its 20 years to late coming as it is now.

but for me its a lot of fun,using the linux based OS.


I have decided on Unbuntu versions, and preference, as I find it very pleasing on the eyes,and

using it is very easy now,tho struggle with text commands ,yet fascinating one can

run install and uninstall......


thy do get better at this. one thing is this for free no strings attached,


this is very very good and kind of the people who make the application


no nags, adds or regeneration, its totally free and the correct wording of "free"


no tricks or conning.nor wanting any thing ,bar the thank you you may want to extend ?


here we have a Os that's as good as any made,the rest is preference.

taste and what one likes,remembering no cost to you the user!!

is my point.


the way thy now have this running is very surprising,pleasant and fast


the very many programs you can download ,install is unbelievable,and no cost bar the download

"do not like it then uninstall no ill effects or crashing.no loss of drivers"


runs almost any thing you want virus free,

now what I would like to point you to if interested is the screen changer (wallpapers)


the one used in 10.4 will not run. on there 11-10 so found one called

CAIO-DOCK and this is very good indeed, the other one "Desktop Drapes" also excellent.

consider them or try them


the reason the dock app is so good I disliked the huge side bar staring at one all the time.


So Enjoy .


Mr Bean

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installing Cairo Dock v2.1.0 in Ubuntu


1. Stable.version

Open a terminal and paste the following commands:


sudo -v

echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/cairo-dock-team/ppa/ubuntu $(lsb_release -sc) main ## Cairo-Dock-PPA-Stable" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys E80D6BF5

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install cairo-dock



2. Weekly PPA:

updates :Open a terminal and paste the following commands:




sudo -v

echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/cairo-dock-team/weekly/ubuntu $(lsb_release -sc) main ## Cairo-Dock-PPA-Weekly" | sudo tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list

sudo apt-key adv --keyserver keyserver.ubuntu.com --recv-keys E80D6BF5

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cairo-dock




Mr Bean

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Hi All


certainly it a docking program that sits at the bottom ,or where you prefer


a lancing docket ,and this one has many options like add ins,the reason I posted this is in the unbuntu 10-11 thy have one default at the left a large menu staring at one all the time .and some people dislike this .I being one of them.this program hides it.and you have a beautiful docket on the bottom with many extra features.


please look at the above link for detailed information. I wanted to keep the post short and not go into heavy detailed post.. hope this explanes the program. better now.


by the way ,there is also a top wallpaper changer called" WALLCH ",that is better then the one I have on version 10-4 ,that I use in 11-10 that I am trialling for now.


and you find that in the sympathetic package mangier.




oh by the way any one thinking of updating ,to the new unbunto 11-10

please be aware its not yet fully stable ,and has many clinches ,a lot of apps, may not run properly, so be careful ,as with any updated or newer Os

its yet to be fixed,or the applets fixed for this version. that is why for now I am sticking to 10-4 this has no bugs or very minatory ,and very stable .

remembering this is Linux not windows, thy add to it all the time, improving the Os daily with many fixes.


also please note I use it as a alternative and fun, its enjoyable to use.

run it 70% of the time .tho still use windows 7 when getting serious !!

and not playing... then I use win 7.........


Mr Bean

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