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Boosters, and speed

Mr Bean

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boosters,speed up applications and so on (do I be leave it helps ? )

It seems there are now many that clam to make things run faster on your box or laptop

true or false ???

depending what you think is or convinces you is.

read some of the stupid comments as in advertising

" our program speeds your pc %1200" one I read!

or" 300+% a other one I saw" and many more clam to make your internet faster or your pc faster.

well lets look at your internet ,

many clam,after you install our program your internet will be boosted by 300+ % ? . lets install it !,so you download it and ran it. and or are using one.?

Wow you look at the fancy install answer some questions.


After the so called tweak you see a bar or menu and it says your speed is set at 1mg or 512kbs and now at top speed ,and then started to brows around and download a few files .the bar showing you are ! and looks flat chat.

and after a few more you are now thinking and perhaps be leave it is.but in fact ,NO difference at all pretty much the same as before the install.

just lucky to hit few better links ,or seeing the bar at top end speed that's cooked that way.?

or yes telling you are at top max speed.and its not relay lying! you probably are at top speed.

so what am I saying here?

your pc links to your provider. then from there to a dozen or more or perhaps 30 more links are involved,then back to you.

Yes ? So ,

Now sit back a moment , think use the gry matter and use our commonsense.

speed --??

you to your provider is ,what you paid for and your phone line new or old and distance

where you live and your exchange, age ,whether,interference and how many using the line.AS in how many linked to your provider,

The whether a major player!!!

(dry) .this can make a big difference to speed.hot whether.

(rain and water saturation)play a big part cold ice snow.water.

mountains, distance,and the lines the biggest players.

(one factor is), how many use the line.(lines)the less on the better. that is why testing gives you different speeds,

(no1)is links and the different connections, as in what thy use and paid for. so if say I pay for 512k than that's what my top speed is

or pay for 1mg speed then that's is what I should get but mostly 70% to 85% and the OD times 95% rarely 100% tho it has happened in the perfect link one always hopes for.

so Mr -512 that I link to will give me at best around about 400-450kbs speed no matter what I payed for . and no booster will make it faster

Why ?-- He is choked by the provider at 512kbs simple as that. that is if he she paid for both ways the same.

ok now the installed booster tells you you are at top speed Very nice,

and Relay not lying,But in realty 512kbs is top speed. if it were faster and true I would install it again or a update or perhaps try some.

(as in Downloading or Uploading) but its not and just pushing power working the Pc in over drive.it cannot get,Download our Upload.

do I be leave it helps ?

running one ,yes and no.its possible ? but as in linking to others NO.

no matter what I payed for or think, hope, May speed up my Internet,and would like it faster (we all Do) is not true.You only get what you pay for.and if links are the same as your one Yes Downloads will be faster.Or should Be. if I get lucky and hit the same net-peed should be faster,if all the right conditions are present in faver of a download or upload. and the speed is the same as in the link or links ,in other words both use 1024kbs Speed You should get about 1000kbs there about, That is it No booster can make it Faster!

Can boosters improve consistency,??

yes I think thy may, and have them run by default ,usually set best performance,and average speeds , if you paid 512kbs both ways than that is it .as I already stated.that's all you are going to get at the best TOP running. but 400Kbs there about.most times ,sometimes Even less .sometimes the full speed (rare tho)

one thing ,in most of the world speed now has improved to others and you,

what it used to be,yes and probably get faster in years to come.so if every one uses 1mg speed or better than yes speed will be better and I am saying up and down .providing it gets cheaper ,as most of us use 1.200kbs uploading ? and 4,512 down loading speeds?. tho many still use less .Some More .as what one can afford .to pay for.

So booster programs tweaks,will make no( difference ) installed or not. and I bet 60% of the world , still use 512kbs,adsl only. as there modem speed and what thy pay for. do I personally use one ? a installed Booster program?I did one time and just got rid of it. found it made no difference to me.in real time

many times slowed my system speed .downloading again may of been the links ??

be interesting what you be leave and post a reply.

do you really think a installed booster ,gives you above what you payed for?

my interest in asking and op-ion is my one ,and because I think thy do nothing, realty wise

that's not saying you the user should not have one running or installed.


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If you have a Fast computer, there is No need for Booster software.

(a Quad-core CPU @ 3.0GHz, with 4GB RAM is sufficient)


yes for sure

but whats your opinion, on speeding up downloads do you think it works??

and have you try'd any to see if thy work ??

re-read my post as to what I think.

I used several type on my fast Pc and slow Pc seemed to make no difference on the average downloading files.



Mr Bean

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Yes, to speed-up the action of one software program you usually have to disable some other software programs,

So, if you have fast hardware and your system is well maintained,

with not much Extra software loaded, then no need for another software monitor (booster).


Booster software does not effect Internet download time much,

because by-far the slowest part is the transfer of data is to and from the Internet servers, not inside your computer.

Unless you have a slow Modem inside your computer and there again you need faster hardware not booster software.


Booster software is helpful though, if you can Not upgrade your hardware for some reason.

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