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partiton problem need help please

sunny staines

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a general question not related to iobit but looking for help.


using w7 32 bit with 2 hdd


C partion on main drive with windows&software installed shows 25gb used.


computer management shows it as "healthy boot pagefile activecrash dump primary partition


problem with J partition on secondry drive. when i use w7 to back up C it also backs up J too some unknown reason cannot alter this. when i go to open J all it has is a couple of temp files, cannot format it either, option greyed out.


computer management shows 27 gb used[ cannot find what these are even showing hidden files reveals nothing] drive is healthy system active primary partition.


any ideas how to format the j drive or what is using 27gb of space please

on J which i would like to delete

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not got acronis quiet happy with w7 image back [or was] all the info on diskmanagement is shown.


the 2nd hdd also has other partitions with photos etc so not keen on trying to delete all partitions on that drive but J is the first partition on that drive.


clean up in properties shows zero to be cleaned in J.

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hi to both of you


can you ex plane so I got this correct you have 2 hard drives ?


and one has been split ?


that right


now I have 3 and one split ,3 operating systems on them.. and now you back up the c:/ drive - and both on the 2 drive, gets backed up by your program?

that is what you are saying.


Mr Bean


(2nd hdd also has other partitions with photos etc so not keen on trying to delete all partitions on that drive but )


you do that you lose every thing on it.. split drives cant be deleted or you lose the data.say if you rid one on them (partition) than you lose the Whole

split info and could or may have to redo that drive...


formatting a split drive is fine that would only format the drive that split...

and do no harm to the partition itself.


now what i do is this I rename each drive to a new give name .say drive 1 drive 2 and so on or what ever you prefer..that way the back up program see them as not associated.and separate drives.

this may also help plus yourself .

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I think the Path for the J: drive has been associated with C:drive?

To check that go to 'Computer Management' program, 'Disk Management' section,

Right-click the J: drive Box and click 'Change Drive letter & Path' in menu.

If C: drive is listed in the J: drive box, Remove It.

You can also check if the C: path has been associated with J: drive

by clicking the C:drive Box.


(the options there are Add, Change or Remove)


Be sure Not to remove the C: from the C: drive Box, though!

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hi topack we are posting at the same time ..


ok I have used 3 drive over 2 years now ,


and have Linux on the c: first drive ,that is split. the second half

fist half has win 7. now in my case ether drive is hidden by there operating

system bar Linux.it sees them all .win7 cant see Linux.

now what I do is name each drive with out the drive letters but that makes no difference to win7 itself nor Linux .thy still see the drives


now I suggest this to check the the staring ,booting procedure of the drives.

be sure that drive 1 c: the first one is the starting drive. and the second one that should be d: now the split drive is the next on in line. if not then swap the drives cables.


and try that .my case 2 drives are ty drives 1 is 700 gb


order on the pc are ty 1st 700gb 2nd ty 3 rd

but the cables are ty 1 2 and 700gb is 3 in that order in the box itself

tho you can change that to what one prefers ,

and is best set for the system .

Mr Bean


now what ever sunny decides to do if he kills a partition on a split drive then he will lose the whole drive, partition and its info

formatting is fine,that's the difference.

one can do it but have to reboot with win 7 that made it and reset a partition. delete it and reset it .then format it .and boot out by stopping a install. now boot and have a brand new drive,clean and format as before.

once split I leave it alone .



or pre retune it back to a single drive ,UN-split then kill the drive and redo it so its one drive.


but J is the first drive letter ,?? on the no 2 drive..is your c drive no1 drive

split as well

my thinking I suggest should be c: d: then e:\ and so on. if

the c: is one drive then the 2nd drive would be d: the first split drive e: ----

as the system sees you as having 3 drives ...


my system sees 4 .the ty 1st drive being split.into half.

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you notice win 7 cannot see the Linux drive ,yet Linux can see them all


not to confuse you ,some thing is wrong on your system I suggest ,the drive letter are not as thy should be.??


when I turn on the out side box Usb its assigned the next logical letter as you see in the snap shots.. .

please take note the ty drive is split in half 500gb and have linux and win7

on them

win7 beta I cal Ceasar tm that has the first beta win 7 running.


you notice also that win 7 did using H as the next letter ,as F is reserved to Linux there for no letter assigned to it. using h instead.





Mr Bean

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this is how my back up program sees my drives

if you look you notice the Linux drive as well now you decide what to back up you can as i have do the lot but takes a very long time there fore select only what you want.??

hope this is of help

pardon any typo mistakes..



Mr bean

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