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need urgent advice

sunny staines

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install ASC5 on desktop [might just be bad timing] but on restart of pc cannot get passed HDMI "check signal cable" does not bleep or get as far as bios.


checked all leads sockets all in ok, reseated graphics card all no joy

all the fans work and the orange light on the m/b goes green when i turn the pc on.


could it be the graphics card gone duff? or any ideas please, dont think its ASC just bad timing that i hadjust installed it and run only quickcare.


as i cannot get anythink on the screen lost where to start.

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Yes, sounds like either the video-card or something on the mother-board.

Or maybe a loose power cable connection to Mobo?

Could even be a bad Power-supply?

In fact the power-supply is probably the first thing I would replace,

if you can not find any loose connections.

Bad power-supplies can cause many strange problems.

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would a faulty PSU still work the m/b, dvd tray, fans but disrupt the screen as i have described? the case is a bit cramped so swapping a psu will be awkward as their are so many cables to plug in.


a few weeks ago had trouble booting when from cold but a reinstall of windows fix that one. could that be a clue to anything?

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Hi friends :wink:


it reminds me a bp like a twisted pin on the connector ... Will you check?


clean the contacts (oxidation?) with an eraser

Check all the other devices cables strips RAM (oxidation?)

graphics card (poorly plugged)Or also with problems with memory or other devices

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yet when the case is opened all seems working bar the screen,


sounds like a leak(shorting) the graphic card may be the culprit... from the statement above, if every thing boots,bar the screen I say like pointed out check it..and replace it even with a spare one ,if you do not have one take it out and use the mother board one (if it has this?) most nowadays do,,


and I hope we are talking DESk top and Not Laptop...


anyone know if a faulty graphics card would give a dead screen reading


for sure , has happen to me a few time every thing boots fine but a black screen ,changing the card fixed it, normal if the cables are not removed a lot ,swapping ,thy are ok, if not as pointed out bent pin, now I jester to say its happened to myself also, but as you are saying? every thing boots, but no picture


and I would certainly be thinking Graff card, if the Sreen is Ok...and cables to the box are fine, what makes a Graff card go ga ga? power clichés, most of the time damage the memory ,on them over heating or dust thats accumulate on them and cook the solders, or just ware out (age) sometime bad luck,,

my one now 8 years old in my older box still work 100% yet one i perched

2 years back went poof!

any how as already pointed out check that ,,


Mr Bean

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mr bean everything seems to be running but no start up bleeps, tried two monitors and different monitor leads, reseated everything, cleared out some dust. i think its either the graphics card or psu but do not want to splash out on one when the fault is with the other.


when i have had a dead psu in the past years ago the whole pc was dead, looking for tips to identify the problem might even be other hardware but i hope not it is only about 18montrhs old my pride and joy self built.


not able to test the parts, no other desktop.


would it be wise to wiggle the graphics card while the pc is on being carful re static?

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would it be wise to wiggle the graphics card while the pc is on being careful re static? should not hurt any thing by pushing gently and wriggle softly...


ok.pull out the plug from the box give it a few seconds,then insert it while running ,or

see if she lights up..

if not shut down the box....then

try this take it out ,start the system ,now you should get beeping? or nothing but the system boots ok..


just the card. this time.. be sure you feel comfortable in booting this way,cold booting...and shutting down,,


if you possibly can insert a other one ,if not try the default mouther boards Graff build in ? card that win will find ,if it has a on board card....??? if not well looks like you are possibly up for a new one,but try to borrow one first..

you could ask your local pc friendly shop to test your card ,or borrow one? perhaps, have a old spare one?

pity you are not next door ,I have 6 of them! from 64 to 250 mg spares .all working fine....

ok one more thing take the card out get some me-tho or spirits,and softly clean the points,,, til thy shine like new.reinsert the card ***** it down check it level! power up ....if this fails


well open the window ,better still the recycle bin walk back 50 feet trow it ,see if you land it in the bin....(making a funny)



Mr Bean

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the end of my dream pc


well after a lot of investigation and elimination its my MSI X58 motherboard its the fault despite it showing a green light that its all correct.


thats 3 desktop m/b that have lasted less than 2 years each, desktop now dumped in the garage a new m/b too expensive to make it worth replacing, plus another oem windows disc.


the hdd gone in a caddy for use as external hdd, 22" hdmi kept as spare tv, but the c7 quad core cpu, 700w psu & 3g of fast ddr3 RAM will just gather dust. had enough of desktops for now will miss the fast pc and large monitor now using an old xp laptop and a w7 netbook.


thanks everyone who offered help

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MSI X58 motherboard .......


yes thats bad luck , well put it all under the bed...and just do not get hasty


look in the papers for a good second hand box , as thy are getting cheaper or people get rid of them, or just purchase a board as you have all the added stuff already...


by the way what was the board? and what garroter did it have (life) my one had 3 years on it .now passed the date...funny thing the one next to it is now 8 years old Pentium 4 single core...and sits there that i power on now and then keep it going...non of them are speeded up and run in default .no pushing them .....and this one is on almost 20 hours a day..from the time I get up till I go to sleep....

oh by the way I always use a gigabyte board ..thy seem to be the better make

one is a Intel board this one and fantastic...


Mr Bean

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One thing about pc boxes many Do not Know Or even think of is cleaning them every 6 mounts, or there abouts.

using a vacuum with a soft brush, gently brush the parts, pull out all the cards,clean the points with mete0- spirits. using a soft cloth then place the cards on the table awy from the box cover them with a cloth..


brush the inserts(plugs) sucking the dust as you brush ,the power box! place vacuum hose,near the ends on the grills pulling out any dust, all fans remove any from them as well , check the zinks for any dust, matter on the video card

and CPU zink... pulling out any built up dust . I do this at least 1 to 2 times a year...

This I think gives The system A longer Life???

the other thing is I dislike over clocking, and type or form,pushing a system to what it was not destined to do..no soft ware driven ,and leave the defaults as thy are set..


my way of thinking want faster then get the right system,pay the extra,do not expect a Vw to be a V8 ..what I am saying.. the problem today is the Os

thy now build just push a system that most were not build for.


certain games that were not made yesterday do not do well on yesterdays systems,yes thy may run but push a CPU at 100% and cook it to the max,


for instance the Pentium with Xp excellent. far better with Linux..... then try win 7 and it runs flat chat..most of the time struggling.. hard drives same thing ok for storing but no good for the modern system IE type


today thy are faster and build to handle the loads...32 bit now almost redundant?? 64 bit Os or Higher Probably Handle The Modern OS far Better..

Same as video cards ..And so on... Some would say whats he going on about Runs fine on my one,Yes that may be So So can you pull 1 ton with a VW ..but see how long that lasts,,




MR Bean

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Yes, I've seen some so Packed with Dust and Pet-hair I could not believe they were still operating. :roll:

But an ol' Hot-rodder like me Loves to Over-clock.

Sure you Throw-a-rod now and then, but that is part of the Fun. :lol:


As long as you are careful, you don't end up with Many expensive Paper-weights. :lol:

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what I wanted to ask you was Do you have over there a trading paper?

that's printed 1 time a month. you could possibly find a nice box that works, and sometimes near new..as you only need a motherboard. you should be able to find a good one


Our ask your local pc shop what thy can do fore you, and check out the cost of one,I do not Know fore sure But Suggest A gigabyte or Intel Bourd Be the thing To get,

Thy have been for me the best ...and the Intel chip also seem to last a very long time... and personally use nothing less, I used to have a AMD chip being cheaper,That I picked up ,but found it no where near as good as a Intel...the core quad is a very good CPU..and You could pick one up for a Hot cheep price now days .

but in your case you need a motherboard. by the sound of it...so hunt around for a motherboard....round the $ 130 to 500 mark can get you a very good one..comes down to what one wants to fork out ...

My self I keep my box even when getting a new one and sit it under the table ,spares. have 4 ,2 used all the time ,3 I gave to the kids.

tho now days slowed down replacing them.


i used to replace them or update them at least every 1 and half years,


talking the box itself..look you are a young man and lots of computing left

to do in your life .I know you enjoy being on the net so why not, use a good desk top..lap top computers for me have no interest,as a home user what a shame you are not next door to me..have you fixed in a blink of a eye..



Mr Bean


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