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48+ hour defrag???

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Hello. First and foremost, thank-you for investing all of the time and energy you do into creating a freeware product for the benefit of the community at large. If the consensus is correct, this product is head and shoulders above the rest.


I am, however, experiencing a bit of apprehension. I run Windows XP Pro on a small 38-gig drive. I downloaded and installed Smart De two mornings ago, set it to Defrag & Optimize, and let it go.


I was a little bit disappointed 6 hours later to return and find that it was only 80% complete.


I was moderately disappointed the next morning (24 hours later) to find that this progress had only crawled to 87% complete.


I am this morning (48 hours later) beyond disappointment moving into the realm of concern to find that Smart De is only 89% complete :shock:; and in reading the forums, to discover there have been some issues (whether caused by your product or not) with Mozilla Thunderbird files being deleted, which I also employ. The program seems to be spending an inordinate amount of time in my Windows/system32 files, which gives me a chill as well.


My questions are as follows:


Primarily - should I expect the defrag & optimize process to finish this week? this month? lol - what could be the cause of this seeming lag?


Secondarily - am I safe to continue operating the machine under normal use conditions (installs, deletions, other registry changes, AV software, anti-malware progs), or do I need to discontinue use of your product?


Finally, I would note that when I first visited the forums and opened your FAQ section, it was blank.



Thanks for your attention and your time - As I assume my experience is anomalous, keep up the good work in providing the rest of the world with a superior product.


- Ph

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Is your hardddrive fragmented? If its barely fragmented at all, it can cause these lags. and you may stop the process, you have done enough for your computer at 89 percent. try it next month (dont defrag every week. people doing that have reported multiple cases of slowing down anyway. wear and tear on the hard drive basically)

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Thanks, IFP, for the prompt response.


- This could be the case. In lieu of any other suggestions, I will attempt this and suspend judgment until next month. As a follow-up:


Should I then presumably not set the auto-defrag option? Basically, I am most interested in utilizing something that will defrag my paging file. Any suggestions?

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paging files are small, so they will not defrag your hard disk that much. it may be another year where you will need to defrag if thats the only thing that will become defragmented xD. so yes, you can uncheck the autodefrag thing. make sure to press the apply button! oh and by the way, welcome aboard. i just signed up a few minutes before you xD but ive spent 7 years of my life on PC's (yeah i know,not that much, but considering im 12, i know too much about computers.... need... to get.... a life.... (collapses on computer. LOL)) Since then ive commited myself to gaming but when my computer started slowing down, i decided to learn why. ive dedicated my entire life (in a manner of speech. probably 3 to 4 years) to finding the best antivirus solutions and the best anti spyware and the best cleaners, registry cleaners, registry optimizers etc. Welcome aboard.... i just said that, didnt i?

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oh, and hey, if you want a non buggy defragmenter optimizer, you can try jkdefrag. you need winrar to unzip it to ur desktop. it will unzip a multitude of files. you only need the one titled jkdefrag. its a very good defragmenter and the only reason you may not have heard of it is because of its slow defrag times, however, people have noticed that jkdefrag speeds up systems more than other defragmenters that may be faster. just search it up. its at kessels.com or sumthing but that link wont work. search it up!! GOOGLE FTW

im getting off for today. its 2:17 a.m! gotta get some sleep

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Right on. (!)


If you've not been there, these may interest you in that case:




And I'd certainly recommend CleanMem, which has me tickled pink.




My Must-haves:

[Windows XP Pro SP2]

Browser, E-mail Client: Mozilla Firefox, Thunderbird

Java: Sunjava

AV: Kaspersky*

Anti-mal: Spybot S&D (immunize!), Spyware Blaster, Comodo BO Clean

Firewall: Comodo Defense+

RAM Utilization: CleanMem

Registry: Freewin Registry Repair, CCleaner

Defrag: ????? - Hoping to add IOBit to the list...:-D


*Excepting Kaspersky, all freeware titles.




- Ph

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My Must haves are


AntiVirus:Avira Personal

AntiSpyware: SpybotSD,Spyware Blaster, Spyware Terminator,Windows Defender

Cleaners+Registry Cleaners: nCleaner(much better than CCleaner), Glary Utilities, Clean My Registry(removes mostly temporary registry entries, not free anymore), Fix My Registry(not free anymore), Advanced Windows Care V2, Disk Cleanup (from System Tools folder. use it to clean system restores)

Registry Defrag and Normal Defrag: Auslogics Registry Defrag, JkDefrag, IObit Smart Defrag

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