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Bug in System Control/TaskBar/Button Control


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I have discovered a bug in your software which has caused a change in how open windows are displayed in the taskbar. For years I would see a "longer" rectangular display which showed sufficient text for me to ID what the window was. (I am not a fan of tabbed browsing and do not use them, I use multiple windows.)


Some how I must have unchecked the box in the System Control/TaskBar/Button Control labeled: "Display window by buttons on the taskbar" I believe this had the effect of making the display a small square which now only shows one letter to ID the window- this is basically useless.


The problem/bug is that it is not possible to recheck the box and have it take effect. I have hit apply and rebooted, I have hit apply and gone elsewhere in the program and returned to that page and the box had unchecked itself.


It is not possible to return the display to the way it used to be and I wanted it. Neither using system restore nor dumping Advanced System Care off my System has had any effect.


How can I get my old taskbar display back?


ps- I did buy the Pro version- found too many problems especially with the support staff in India who seemed only concerned with getting one to pay close to $170 to fix Windows problems that do not exist. I took it off my system and IObit refunded my money. Obviously I reverted to the free version which I have used for years without problems until now.

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This is for sure an IObit caused issue imo. I am not a fan of tabbed browsing and prefer to use multiple windows. I dislike the fact the IE 8 changes windows in terms my one's ability to view certain files in some of the internet related folders. So i refused to use anything above 6.0 for years. Similarly, I refused to upgrade my Firefox above the 3.6 version.


So I worked with IE 6 and Firefox 3.6.x for a while. Unfortunately, a couple of the secure sites i use began to give problems with the FF 3.6 and I was forced to upgrede my IE to 8 to use these two sites. I downloaded IE 8 after I was having the problems above with Firefox. The same issue was there with the freshly installed browser.


If you do not think this problem exists than try the following:


Go into System Control/TaskBar/Button Control labeled: "Display window by buttons on the taskbar" Uncheck this box and apply it. Reboot your computer and return to the same place and if the box is now unchecked and you see the tiny task bar style boxes on your machine, try to restore the check mark to the box and change back how the window boxes on the taskbar appear. If you can do this successfully report it back here and I will admit the problem is not with IObit but must be something else in my system.

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I also encountered the same kind of Bug. Which was changes how the open windows were displayed in the task bar. I even cleared the browser cookies and history, but it still doesn't worked. Tell me how you have unchecked the box in the System Control/TaskBar/Button Control labeled: "Display window by buttons on the taskbar"?

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I did not fix it and IObit seems not to care. Well That is not quite true. I was foolish enough to purchase the full version of the program. Soon after I began having some issues with my system. I followed the instructions on the site and called customer support.


I soon discovered these folks had only one goal, to convince me I had other issues with my PC and should pay them almost $170 to fix them. I was not this stupid. The solution was very simple- I deleted the Pro version from my system and got my money back. Once the IObit stuff was gone my PC reverted to the old way of displaying.


However, I still liked the free version of the software and it did not cause most of the other issues I had with the Pro version. So I reloaded on my PC and the task Bar problems returned.


One other thing, this issue also affects one more part of one's system. When you click on the Start/Programs it gives you an abbreviated menu with the arrows at the bottom to expand it to the full program list. It seems to display only the last program file you were in and if you mouse over that, the sub menu only displays the last few files w/i that folder that you have opened. Without IObit on your system you will find the full Program menu will display.


Incidentally, one of the features that originally drew me to IObit was the Registry related utilities. I have since discovered much better free Registry cleaning software.


Clearly IObit now is aware of the issue I have raised in this thread since they are not denying it, and at least one other users has found it. They are also appear uninterested in or are not able to fix it.


Fortunately it is merely a PITA and doesn't appear do anything operationally, it just change one's display in a couple of areas.

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My suggestion is to stop trying to use obsolite software

and upgrade to Windows-7 anf IE-9-browser.

I know you may not want to hear that

but the fact is that you will need to do it sometime soon,

if you want your computer to be compatible with software developed now or in the near future.


You may want to wait for W-8 and IE-10, soon to be released,

if getting you present system fixed, right now, is not that urgent.

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I got my first PC- A 386 machine in about 1989 and it ran on DOS. I have owned 3 windows operating systems- 3.0, 98 and XP. Most of what MS releases in terms of new windows operating systems are not worth owning. A simple rule for getting a Windows operating system that really works well is to buy it about when the next version is coming out. It takes that long for the older system to have been debugged properly.


The same applies for a lot of other software out there. You see, programmers get paid to write code. If they are not writing code they are unemployed. So most companies are constantly looking to make changes as fast as they can to have something new for sale. Just because it is new does not mean it is better or as reliable as what one has that actually works.


I have IE 8 on my PC as a couple of secure sites I use require it. It is really an awful browser, imo, and maintaining the level of system security I prefer was made more difficult by changes IE 8 makes to the Windows setup.


According to http://www.w3schools.com/browsers/browsers_os.asp as of Feb 2012 30% of Windows users still run XP. I guess IObit is not aware of this. Clearly, I am not a lone voice in the wilderness here. Counting all theOS platform choices, 24% of users are still running XP


I guess IObit is apparently willing to write off one in four users. I am more inclined to change my free utility software than my OS.


MS will support XP until April 8, 2014. So us luddites have another 2 years.

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Yes, I know what you mean.

It has become a real Pain, since Microsoft is Forceing us to Buy the latest OS.

We have had to buy 5 W-7 codes, which adds up to way too much money for software.


Which is the main reason so many people are still using XP,

since it can still be installed free.

I kinda doubt there will be a complete free version of W-8 offered. :roll: :smile:

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