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How To Delete Locked files or Undeletable Files on Windows

Mr Bean

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How To Delete Locked files or Undeletable Files on Windows



As a Windows user you must have come across messages like “The source or destination file may be in use” and “Cannot delete file: Access denied” while trying to delete a file. This happens because the file or folder is in use by some other program that stops the delete action. Sometimes you may be able to figure out the reason behind it.


you could use a free utilaty called


WhoLockMe 2.00 Beta FOR ----Windows NT, 2000, XP I CANNOT SAY YET HOW THIS Works on win 8 or 7 as I am testing this....

be aware of this...






read on this here

WhoLockMe is just a very useful piece of free ware,




Who Lock Me ?”. Click it. Then you will see the list of programs that are locking that file. Just select the process and click Kill Process and that process will be killed. Now you can delete that file.

using Iobit unlocker or try it before you do...


NOW the usability Warning BE VERY CAREFUL WHAT YOU kill OF!!!




Many a times you have faced this situation on Windows where you can’t delete certain file because its busy or being used by some other program. You may get a message from Windows that this file is being used by another program, even you have closed all the running programs. Here I present you the solution to how to delete those locked files.



The IOBit Unlocker interface is divided into two parts. To unlock a file/folder you may take the right-click option or drag and drop it to the interface. The upper half of the interface shows the file name and its status while the lower half gives the process details and file paths.


here too along with the unlock option ( WhoLockMe) one may choose to rename, delete, copy or move the selected item.


hope this is of help for the ones struggling with this


Note again in some rare cases one cannot rid certain files ?

then one must find the reason why..as the modern Os like windows 7 and more so windows 8 have protected drives preventing moving or ridding files..

and you are face with ether trying something els,or disable the drive protection....

rather a option I would not advice...


In my case (Mr Bean) I use Linux by booting to it then find the file I want to move or destroy..and a dangerous option ...

again a option I do not recommend to a new user of systems....or a matter

of fact any one...unless you Know what you risk!


I stress this point again..

use IOBIT Unlocker first....! then if for some reason it fails??

then try other options ...



Mr Bean

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here is a example what unlockers do..and UNDERSTANDING What you DO...

lets say for the sake of demonstration we decide to kill of or move the twain .dll --32

you go to the windows directory and find it ,click on this and hit the windows delete

then see the pop up (you need permission to delete or modify this file

very good indeed a nice protected warning..

but we are adamant we want to rid it

now you use the IObit unlocker..and go from there .as we really want it of our system .

or if that fails .and I would wonder why?


you could try a other one..

and or your application of choosing,


this case I demonstrate lock hunter free....

be warned "do not just for the sake of it destroy move rename files...for fun"


.unless you understand the risks involved...and why you demand it!

understand it may destroy a system or prevent it from booting by interfering with locked ,protected files.....That belong to a Os functionality...

hope this is of use to you understanding protected files..and how to remove locked down files by windows...any OS .and most of all 7-8 versions..that have a higher degree of protection..

Mr Bean

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Lets talk a bit more on this my experience is Do not fiddle around with system files in windows 32 system

mater of reality stay away from the folder...


to many get the idea thy can alter things around..sure one can..tho next boot up ah Sugar! what I do! yes its fouled up by yourself..

ok learning is a terrific thing..experimenting also is..and why not..if one is prepared for the big loss ,of system,drive.(sometimes emptied) every thing lost and wort of all no fluxing drive!

that to now dissipated,from a dead boot.this is more deadly than a blue screen..

not many Know this


then sit there in shock....awwww what I do!


when and before you or I decide to move,get rid of,any file .stop think about it..

just because some virus program says kill,kill it fast!!

or a program gives you the big scary red warning kill and get our program...

we look after your system..

WELL "Flux that!"


now using tools is fun and a good thing..but if I gave you a bunch of tools you think I would allow you to play with my car?? and remove things ..

do not think so!

So whats it all about then ,Free or you pay for any program are handy to have..YES but its you and the way you use them..

surely you would not remove bolts from a steering bolts because you can

no you leave that alone

and crazy if one did...

like every thing its made for a reason .GOOD OR BAD, and if one starts ridding things because Sammy the guru said So, on the -Sammy the Guru net-

because he is the guru that knows all

well you be stupid..

the first thing one would or rather is advised to Do learn how to back up the system..just in case Sammy the guru made you a believer!


then you be fairly safe to try Sammy's advice and kill of the files he wrote about...then if it on next boot failed ,you can later on when restored tell Sammy the guru what you think. tho I say he would not answer you being a guru..

and just ignore you..or ban you from his net...

So my point in all of this is there is a reason why a file is locked ..good or bad. and you need to know why?

because windows is So auto mated now one Must be careful here..

one thing about today's unlocks thy do ask you are you sure you want to go ahead!


if you Do then its a good program and made to rid locked files..

be that on your own doing..good or bad..


my humble advice is do not remove things Unless you know what you Do..


and take full responsibility for doing so..and not abuse the programmer it rubbish

this one is perfect..it will do as it says .unlock files ..tho windows is made to block this from happening..and some will not remove..or be interfered with!

So long as you and I accept that then we are all happy users.

sometimes one needs to boot in safe mode.other time not..

but there are files you never remove this way or method...


unless you format the whole thing start over...or restore from a iso file or backed up file.on a out side hard drive...and a booting CD that will run the iso or backed file to the hard drive and replace the OS and files to it...


I want to add a bit more here,


the unlocked program IOBIT verses other similar type programs are on Parr

and will do there job .98% of the time...

I say That because there are some files when windows OS is working will not unlock and you can try till you drop.


the only way I found is booting to a Linux OS then open the windows drive

and rid of what ever you fancy...VERY VERY dangerous..as if you make a fatal error removing a file,well it be your own Doing..


testing 5 different makes Found that IOBITS UNLOCKER is the better one

(MY OPINION,Mr BEAN) and did test it to the max-em

found it to be so..



Mr Bean

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why do thy have file Locked down? On the Modern OS like windows 7 and now windows *8* that is more So automated and protected?



the reason and thinking behind modern system ,compared to old one's is experience..and learning,over the years millions complained about loss OF OS files .or accidental ,deleted(g).and the degeneration of different OS makes from 3.1 Os to the now windows 7..tho a huge difference is now Munch more difficult..My self and others literally strip Different OS to Minna-min usage, that I could run it of a DVD fully working. or a 2 gig drive..why most Os made up to XP had very poor protection build into them easy to hack into from the outside and also remembering the virus rate nothing like today..up to win 98 one hardly heard any That whacked one to the point of Killing of her/his OS.(Yes it did happen to some.).you could log on the net and hardly were interfered with..or scammed,traced,tracked and so on...


unfortunately its a different story today..and we have defending programs as default now made tougher, to stop a lot of ugly side of the net reaching your drive.or change it ..and using common sense here that's what its designed to do..no one is saying fool proof...if you look at your drives properties under security you notice its guarded...unless you disabled it..

or have special permission..

not a good idea!! to fiddle with it ...but some will and experiment ,and that your doing as you want..





how to UN protect files.(locked down,able to be alternated .moved or interfered with.

one uses IOBIT Unlocker ---AT ones OWN risk..

I will stress this piont here again you need a hell of a reasion unlocking files that are locked...and be very sure in what you do...


also if you accept A fact some files just refuse to be unlocked..or are almost imposable ..look at the reason..Before saying it will not work!!


one of the main ones what Os you are using and what files you are tying to move,inter fear with.or unlock

and if you think its a normal file ,Non Os file,then report it to IOBIT

name of file and Os used, plus a sensible reason what you were doing ...so thy can investigate it.and reason...

then hopefully it can be resolved...

now let me tell you this it gets no better using windows 8...and have a feeling it will be harder in future makes,ok why the post on this?


before you condemn iobits uninstaller.Learn how to use it! and its limitations..

accept not every file can or will unlock,depending on the file,and why!

you may need to turn of drive protection,and or safe mode,enter that and try.failing that

as I Stated there are easy alternatives.if you are adamant its got to go!


be that your own doing..and experimenting.


simple rule to follow and generally reasonable safe one..use IOBIT Unlocker and follow its advice..

if you insist on deeper unlocking than do not blame others for your insentience or the program failed.



Also remember its free!!!

show your kindness and post a problem..that's gratefully accepted..so it could be dealt with in a proper manner

Mr Bean

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Hi Mr. Bean!


As usual... your posts are informative and educational... I especially liked this...


now using tools is fun and a good thing..but if I gave you a bunch of tools you think I would allow you to play with my car?? and remove things ..

do not think so!




Live long and prosper!

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My humble ThanK You!


Melven dear friend! and members.


thank you

one thing I like to Do is compare a reason on a subject to different ideas and apply them to living.


one thing for sure is learning no matter the interest..is stimulating. and handy in practice


even for myself I thin come a fair way ? improving my standard and thinking.tho be it late in life (pitty) but here on the forum has been for me a ,how to say it?

excellent way to improve myself,spelling,reading,(that I did very little of) and the different people posting.gave me idea's to improve.made INTERNET friends,


I am what is considered E literate,very poor reader and speller that stopped me in life from being better than I could of been.and had to Do it the hard way ,BY laboring.. all my life. No ones fault really bar my own..I am not stupid or a dumAss! no far from it tho I do Joke a lot (make light) when it comes down to fair den'cum then one sees the difference..

I look back on my life and am content with my achievements, happy married for over 48 years now and have a terrific partner,successful children..and own my own house and goods,plus a reasonable nest egg!

I was determent to learn how to write,spell,and communicate with others my failure,that was embarrassing to live with,hiding this well from every one,but hard to live with..

found the forum and began a career in learning..tho struggling many put up with me allowing me to participate..

that I am deeply grateful for.even the wife is proud of my grate steps forward,as she always helped me with the problem,now not needing to correct my letters! That now i find writing to family more often..


I will not start a huge list of names as you Know who you are ,but am forever in debit to you all ,and cant thank you enough for allowing me the "privilege" to be a Member,and friend!

And when I read the beautiful statements like this(your posts are informative and educational) MANY THANK YOU DEAR FRIEND!!!


I am So proud as this tells me I am improving.

It sort of tickles the funny bone!



Mr Bean

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