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zone alarm 2012??

Mr Bean

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Its been a very long time since I used Zone alarm fire wall

goodness me its huge 50+mg! just for the fire wall ---but being a long time fan till

vista was made stopped using it...but now decided its time to look at fire walls

installing the free version take a peeka boo at it..well thy certainly made it similar to what I knew a pure fire wall, with out anti every thing else,except the size of it...there are new features added I have not encountered before..and No conflicts! that's important to me..its running along side my other prevention soft ware with out the YOU need to UNINSTALL THEM! at the start..a huge improvement...and running this free version am pleasingly happy with its effectiveness..allowing me once again to add ip I want to block..and tweak it to block applications from the net (as one Pleases) you get the small pop up telling you whats it preventing..(I like it on) the only thing you adjust to is the menu and ignore the other add on, available..just the fire wall that interests myself...

how good is it? I say better than what I am using? Mmmm probably yes....I have already noticed a improvement in blocking out going..More importantly incoming...OK Winn file wall is disabled , and probably fine as I never had faith in it any how..tho better than nothing...

except for the size of it..I think may be of interest to the average user...it at the time of posting for free ware is very good..the fact its not interfering with my other blocking software! Very important..

is it worth a install? I think So So long as one gets hold of the uninstaller Z clean ...if you decide to get it of you defiantly need this application...the other thing I cant answer one may need to uninstall other Modern fire walls...OK please note I stated MODERN. 2005 upwards...

I will fore the ones interested post a bit more later as I am testing this...

but Do like it not to say anyone ells will.

Mr Bean

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Hi Mr Bean,


FYI, if you really want to use it as a pure Firewall, you can uninstall the phishing engine (IE9 has it already) by IObit Uninstaller and also you can uninstall ForceField (Space and CPU hogger part of Free Zone Alarm, can not be stopped by Task Manager) just by it's own uninstaller in the ForceField foder.


So, the X signed part of your image is actually can be axed. :twisted: :lol::lol:


I still use it but it was much better before it became Check Point software bloated. :razz:



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So, the X signed part of your image is actually can be axed


yes ,gee you think like me!


but I, I let that be the option to the reader if she/he wanted to do that..


and as for huge look at the pro version 166MG !!!

far far to large really...but its 2012 not 1990....


Mr Bean

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hi all I wonder how may use the older software..pre 2000 or still have it.if at all?


just installing XP ,no build security (firewall) ..that was gifted to me yesterday a 80gig hard drive with it installed..home edition..


and just playing with it ,pass time .but will rid it for Linux ---instead.


and put that in my cradle on the Pentium 4 --still running well I installed zone alarm..3.7.159..(having 7 different versions to 8.00 ) a huge 5.3 Mg and blocking as it should...tweaked it and block beautifully.

.stop it updating.being useless any how...as thy do not work on XP,?. do not need 50+gig fire wall! the XP version has no fire wall build in..and the speed is rather good considering we are in 2012 and this old Pc still very usable...

made me wonder Rather remind me of the over bloated fire walls today.


what a pity I cannot get it to run on win7 -I have left it on all day and hardly been hit!

looking like XP the early makes are being left alone More so then yesteryears...

I suppose now 7 plus 8 get it more now?

ether That my installed fire wall software,is doing its job very well..the other thing is the ViewMaster Just cannot beat it for color and Cristal clarity. the modern flat screens,just are no match..still have the 15" 2 of them working like new

now over 10+ years old to boot..

today my dear friend came over and gave me 2 hard drives brand new and still sealed and one used 80 gig.the others 80 and a 40.when cleaning the shop found them in a box,with other bits..forgotten thy were there

seems to think someone stored them and forgot them..now not able to sell them, gifted them .and understood that today thy are far to small ..I opened

the 40 gig and talk about shiny new..put it back and use it when one of the

old ones that I test on, will blow up..to think what thy cost in there day!

now have so many under my table..gifted..having 4 cradles swap them about easily, and able to use 8 different Os when I want ..for testing programs..My hobby .


getting back to fire walls decided to surf around to see what there is still around.for downloading,not that I need any more ,but ran into a few interesting old software abandoned, a few IP blockers.and fire walls under the 3 4 Meg, 1 only 1.7 Meg ..very powerful tweaked..Mostly for 98-XP

tho a few work on 7 as Xp, Sometimes if one has spare time its worth looking over the old software sites.grab any of them drivers,programs

and store them who Knows if thy be a blessing to have,like today needing

sound drivers for the old PC..this one,I used today, one cannot get I

also having a disk with 100.000+ drivers.from 1990 to 2000..

plus Most of the creative labs drivers (sound) that are gone..just cannot find

them..I cannot remember where I got them from.but kept a copy of as many I could save..many locals visit me for divers..for there systems..or sent by john,if you hunt about still you are able to find rare ones..but need patience,

any how that is enoch today, thank you for reading my gibberish just excited

over the drives, and wanted to share that..


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