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Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2012/2013 Command Scan

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Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2012 Command Scan


Command Scan

Note: You must run CMD under administrative accounts.

If you want to run ASC Antivirus scan by using command, please run the followings commands in the ASC Antivirus installation folder (Usually: C:\Program Files\IObit\Advanced SystemCare with Antivirus 2012)



With one parameter: Command -parameter value (example: -path "c:\", this will scan C partition.)

With multiple parameters: Command -parameter value -parameter value (All parameters are in the same line with a " ", namely, the blank space, to separate them. Example: -inf1 9-inf1 5.)

With specific value: Command-parameter value;value (All values are separated by ";". Example: -exclExt avi;mp3)


If you want to display the entire description for the available parameters, please type in the corresponding command followed by parameter /? or /help. (Example: ascscan.exe /?)

Note: The only compulsory parameter -path is used to specify the computer area to be scanned.

Please press Enter key to start the scan. During the scan process, you can press Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Pause to stop the scan. Pressing Pause just pause the scan and you can resume the scan by pressing any key.

Command Scan – Parameter


Scan path (typing a specific computer area.)

Example: -path "c:\"


Action on detections

-inf1 9

Quarantine detections

-inf1 5

Delete detections


Action on detections when -inf1 failed

-inf2 9

Quarantine detections

-inf2 5

Delete detections


Action on suspicious files detected

-sus1 9

Quarantine suspicious files

-sus1 5

Delete suspicious files


Action on suspicious files detected when -sus1 failed

-sus2 9

Quarantine suspicious files

-sus2 5

Delete suspicious files


This password is used to access data protected by password


Exclude extensions. Different extensions separate by ";"

Example: -exclExt "avi;mp3"


Exclude paths. Different paths separate by ";"

Example: "/windows;/Program Files"


Whether to scan the Registry

0: do not scan the Registry

1: scan the Registry


Whether to scan cookies

0: do not scan cookies

1: scan cookies


Whether to scan processes

0: do not scan processes

1: scan processes


Whether to scan boot partition

0: do not scan boot partition

1: scan boot partition



This parameter is used to specify the partition quantity to be scanned. Start from C partition.

Note: this parameter is usually used after -boot 1

Example: -boot 1 -bootNr 1


Whether to scan packaged files

0: do not scan packaged files

1: scan packaged files


Whether to scan emails

0: do not scan emails

1: scan emails


Whether to scan compressed files

0: do not scan compressed files

1: scan compressed files


Whether to scan in depth

0: do not scan in depth

1: scan in depth


log file name, by default is 'log.txt'.


Only scan files with following extensions. Separate by ";".

Example: -ext "avi;mp3"


Maximum archived file size. If the value is 0, it will scan all archived files


-rmRdOnly 1

Remove the read-only attribute before backing up the threats to Quarantine.


-allowReboot 1

Delete or quarantine at system reboot if the threats can not be deleted or quarantined directly.


Repair detections after performing a scan and shut down computer automatically. Just set this parameter to take effect. There is no need to set a value.


ascscan.exe -path "c:\" -inf1 9 -inf2 5 -sus1 9 -sus2 5 -deepscan 1 -rmRdOnly 1 -allowReboot 1 -shutdown

ascscan.exe -boot 1 -bootNr 3





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  • 2 months later...

could you kindly tell me what the command line would be for a deep scan repair and shutdown would be?

i want to use it in a daily task scheduler, but have been trying for over an hour now and can't figure it out properly.


so deep scan>repair>shutdown


if anyone could help me i would really be grateful.



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Hi pantar2205, welcome to IObit Forum! :grin:


You should note that these are only valid for Virus/Malware scan and not other Deep Scan functions of ASC5.


I am not sure if these are the ones you want, but please check.


For example, the below command parameters will do the following actions:


A deep scan and detection of registries, cookies and processes. Find (if exists) suspicious, mail, compressed and packaged files, and quarantine them if found in volume C, then shutdown the PC.


That is:

Scan (all the defined items) => Repair (quarantine) and Shutdown


Boot partition scanning is excluded. (Needs restart for boot scanning.)


ascscan.exe -path "c:\" -inf1 9 -inf2 9 -sus1 9 -sus2 9 -reg 1 -ck 1 -prc 1 -pack 1 -mail 1 -arc 1 -deepscan 1 -shutdown




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