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Driver Booster Incident - PC Will not Boot

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  • Driver Booster Incident - PC Will not Boot

    I was updating some drivers with Driver Booster 4.4, and I attempted to update ASMedia SATA Controller Driver, and it downloaded and installed to 99%, then after about 30 or so minutes, the driver update failed and it disappeared from my list. I was a little confused, so I went to This PC and noticed that my SSD had went missing from the Hardware and Devices. Do note, that my OS is not on the SSD, it is on my M.2 Crucial..

    Well, I restarted my computer in hopes that it would detect it, but now.. my computer will not boot past the ASRock screen. It just sits there, with those dots going in circles. It goes without saying that I am stressing out big time regarding this, and I am unsure if I had just broken something...

    Any advice I could acquire would be awesome.

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    Hello Tykune, have you tried to boot it into safe mode ?

    You can try with F8 or Shift + F8. Since you stated that your OS is not on SSD, and I assume it`s not UEFI, this should work.

    After you gain access to the system, you can roll back the SATA controller driver.



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      Same problems here with Driver Booster 4.5 HP logo and then cirkels for hours and hours. F8 and Shift+F8 don't work. No response to both of them. Please help to use my laptop again. This is horrible.


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        I had to create new bootfiles (HP trick with button combination). System Restore was gone, all repair functions gone too. Safe mode didn't start up either. I'll never use Drive Booster again. It has one goal: destroying your computer, collect personal data. So to me it's malware. Fortunately my laptop was still recognising an USB port. Recovery software on an USB stick. So at this moment I'm trying to recover my laptop this way. Don't use Power Booster people. It's crap!