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  • Suggestion for Game Booster

    I love the program and all the features included, but I feel there is one thing missing, and that is the ability to choose to stop certain services that do not appear on the list of Game Booster. I have several services essential for certain programs, but during gaming they become useless, and would be awesome if Game Booster somehow gave me access to stop those services.

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    How to add a Service to Game Booster!

    Hi Linear Mode,

    You have the ability to do what you want!!!

    Open your Windows' Services, double click on the service under consideration, copy the Service name: Name of the service you want
    Go to:
    C:\Program Files\IObit\Game Booster folder.

    Open GameBooster.ini file, paste the Name of the service you want you copied before to under [servicelist_xp] or [servicelist_vista] with respect to Windows OS you are using.
    Put an equal (=) sign and number one (1) following the name of the service such as:
    Name of the service you want=1
    Name of the service you want=1
    Save the file.

    When you open the Game Booster program, you will see that the Name of the service you want service is shown under the "Unnecessary services".

    That's it, cheers.

    And, enjoy it.

    - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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      My Suggestion

      Well first I am new in the forums so I do not know much. What I want to say is that I think that some games have cache. Wouldn't it be good to have Game Booster clean them instead of doing that yourself??? I know that this is not of crucial importance but it would be something some gamers would appreciate. I don't know much about cache myself, but I got the idea of a tool in the Amber Mangos server repack for World of Warcraft and I thought that it might be possible for other games too.