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multiple licenses and renewals

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  • multiple licenses and renewals


    let me first explain how my system is running.
    I have one physical PC (one MB, one CPU...) but removable harddisks for different purposes. (last count was 8).
    Those 8 disks contain each a legitimate operating system. A few have windows 7 Ulitmate, the others Windows 7 home premium (all 64bit)
    Over the last 4 years I have acquired a number of licenses for Advanced system Care. (all for version 5) Those licenses are automatically renewed when they expire if I remember correctly.
    My question... When I now buy a complete set (8) licenses for ACS6 (I am not sure yet with or without security) what is going to happen with the old licenses. Are they automatically removed from renewal or will they still be renewed when they expire? And when they are renewed, will the new key be for version 6 or still for version 5?
    The reason for me for wanting to buy new licenses is purely practical (beside the fact I still think it's just one great piece of software).
    When I buy them in one lot, they will also be renewed in one go which makes it easier to keep track.

    Luc Brusselmans

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    Hi Glaudrung, welcome to IObit Forum! :grin:

    The existing ASC5 licences will work for ASC6, so there will not be a change in the behaviour of renewal if you decide to continue using ONLY ASC6 (without antivirus).

    If you decide to upgrade your ASC5 licenses to ASC6 Ultimate (ASC6 with antivirus) licenses, then there is a reduction of price since you are a holder of ASC5 licenses. ie., The cost of having ASC6 Ultimate, if you don't already have a license for ASC5 or ASC6, is higher that upgrading existing licenses of ASC5 or ASC6.
    ( )
    Are you an Advanced SystemCare PRO user? Please enter your license code to redeem a bigger discount!
    Please send a PM (Private Message) to Cicely or send an e-mail to for her attention explaining in detail what you would like to do for licensing of your new ASC6 Ultimates if you decide to upgrade your ASC5 licenses to ASC Ultimate licenses.

    You don't have to do anything if you decide to update your ASC5s to ASC6s.

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