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  • Unable to create & forward file

    Installed & ran "Cloud". See" MalwareFighter-Cloud*.jpg" files, that was shown after clicking on Details. I have 1516 Threats & am unable to save to a file, "Upload file to Cloud", to forward for Analyse. Disturbing that I have about 20 threats a day. Don't know how to proceed. Couldn't find it in the documentation. Am frustrated.

    How can I view the contents of the file? Does it track keystrokes, e.g., going into my online banking or purchasing etc.? I NEED to protect my personal info, especially using "cloud technology".

    The IObit products are superb.

    Please, I need your help.
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    Hi lee209, welcome to IObit Forum! :grin:

    Please read the posts in How to use Cloud thread, especially the one from Cicely.

    BTW, if you are suspicious of any file in your PC, then click the "Upload File to Cloud" button, browse that file and upload it to Cloud to get a report for it if it is safe or if it is a threat.


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      I read the posts as suggested. My question is: Where do I look for the files listed in red?? I have the same question from post #3, July 4, Cataloochee. I, too, showed 1516 threats for my first Cloud look.

      Thank you for helping me keep my PC safe. Your service s greatly appreciated.


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        Originally posted by Cicely View Post
        Hi Cataloochee,

        So Cloud community statistics is not a result of your computer status but of a result of IObit Cloud community.:-P
        Hi again lee209,

        Doesn't above quote from Cicely as a reply to Cataloochee answer your question?

        You do not look for anywhere for the files listed in RED (1516 Threats) or GREEN (28545 Safe files) . They are not in your PC and nothing to do with your PC, but they are threats or safe files uploaded to Cloud by other people (IObit Cloud Community including you and me and all the other IMF users in this Forum) using IObit Malware Figter.

        Those numbers will increase in time, for example there are 1535 Threats and 29130 Safe files at the time of writing this post. The numbers of threats or safe files may be more at the time of your reading this post.

        If you are asking which file you should upload to Cloud, it is up to you to decide. It should be a file that you suspect to be malicious, dengerous, etc., or a file which could have been flagged as a trojan or malware, etc. by IMF scan of which you think that it is a clean file used by you, by Microsoft Windows or other softwares in your PC. In that case it is called a False Positive and means that a good clean file is flagged as a bad dirty file by IObit Malware Fighter by mistake.

        If it is not clear or if you have specific questions, please shoot. :lol:


        - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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          Got it!! Thanks for your patience. This is my first venture into this technology which can be great or used in a malicious way.


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            I have partitioned my hard drive into C:, program files & D: data files plus some program files because my original C: wasn't large enough for all my programs.

            This raises one more question on Scan, is it best to do daily the
            (1) Smart Scan - which takes about 14 minutes or
            (2) Custom Scan - if so, what items do I choose:
            _ System Critical
            _ Memory Process
            _ Local Drive
            _ Main Drive (C:)
            _ Data Drive (D:)

            If I choose all, then it's a Full Scan which takes over an hour.

            Thanks again, lee209


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              My advice would be choosing (C:) and (D:) in daily Custom Scan as data and programs in (D:) may have been effected if a malware is in question.

              If I were you, it would take 14 minutes of my time and I would have checked on the GUI (Graphical user interface of IMF) at the time of Smart Scan if drive (D:) is scanned because of the program files there. If so, only Smart Scan would have been my daily choise. 8-)


              - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -


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                Using Smart Scan, I did notice "C:/Program ..." listed some of the Program Files stored on "D:". Also, at the end of scan it did show "D:/Program ...".

                I'll play with it. Feel more formfortable now. I'd recommend that part our dialogue be amended to the official documentation. This would alleviate fears of new users to this technology like myself.

                Thank you for sharing your expertise!! lee209


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                  Nothing at all lee209, I am glad you feel more confortable.

                  I have noted your recommendation.

                  Enjoy it and cheers.

                  - Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder and belongs to the man who can appreciate it. -