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    Well hello with everyone I know I'm leaving a bit of this topic but I've seen that in this forum most are so busy but they are also very good products that are in iobit; So I wanted to break the ice a little and I wanted to share some phrases to be able to share them through their whatsapp for their loved ones. Well here are some:

    • You say you're not for me, but my heart does not agree with you, because since I've known you I've become a very happy person, and my heart is never wrong in what is perfect for my life, so I do not You force me to deny what I feel.
    • All day you are in my mind, I would like to take you out of my mind and bring you to my side.
    • I know that you are worried about how different we are, but if you feel for me a part of what I feel for you, I want to tell you that love has the capacity to overcome any barrier.
    • I always think of you, you are the reason for my insomnia, but I do it with great joy, because your image in my mind, happy every moment of my life.

    Good thank you.