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Protected Folder keeps folder/files secure on "your computer".

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  • Protected Folder keeps folder/files secure on "your computer".

    I have been using Iobit products since ASC 5.0. Their products have always been 100% as far as keeping my computers running smooth and up-to-date. I just purchased this weekend a new subscription. I purchased the ASC12 and a bundle pack of Uninstaller, Smart Defrag, Driver Booster and Protected Folder. I have to admit I did a lot of research as far as the Protected Folder was concerned to see how it worked. It appears that it protects your files and folders on your computer system. I did a little experiment this morning. I created three folders on a flash drive called Locked 1 locked 2 and Lock 3. I locked them using Protected Folder. When I , got to work this morning I put the flash drive into my work computer and to my surprise I saw those three folders. I was able to access the folders and the files within them. So my conclusion is that the Protected Folder protects your files and folders that are on your computer. It doesn't lock the devices that the files or folders may be on to prevent others from seeing them. It prevents others from seeing them on your computer. That just all came to me as a surprise. I am still very happy with the way it secures files that are on my computer but I just now understand that it doesn't secure files that are on external devices once those devices are placed into other computers.