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I'm back!


I'm back!  

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Okay heres the list as i promised.


1) You need a anti virus...Now I have to suggestions for "free" ones. There is AVG anti virus and Avast. In my opinion, Avast is better. It all comes down to what exactly you do on your computer. Now, if your willing to pay for them, NOD32 is the way to go. I, being a antivirus/antispyware freak, will proudly say that since switching from the lousy Norton, i have YET to catch a virus bad enough to mess my system up.


2) You need an antivirus. Since spyware defender has yet to come out, you can always get the well known Advanced Spyware Remover. If you dont have it, heres a link for it:



Its iobits sister website, Evonsoft. I also suggest having a back up plan. You can use AVG AS (avg antispyware) free, or superantispyware until spyware defender comes out.


3) You also need some form of what i like to call "quick fix" in other words, Hijack This. Hijack this basically scans your system and checks out what i has, and if some nasty bugger is inside, it'll let you remove it. For those of you who aren't computer wizzes or dont know what exactly they're looking at, DONT USE THIS! Or at least dont attempt fixing the issue by yourself. Always seek help from a pro.


4) Another good program to keep around is CCleaner. Its a freeware that basically cleans up your Cr@p. For those of you with slow internet that save up they're cookies and such, this may not be for you. But those of you who really couldn't care less, this program is amazing. It cleans out all your temps even those that are stuck in your system. Deleting them from your browser just doesn't cut it. Check it out if you already haven't.


5) Most of you will get confused by this one, but, you need virtulisers. Some of you are staring at this page with blank looks but ill go into some detail. You can use a virtualizer to yep...you guessed it VIRTUALIZE a software that you aren't too sure about. Lets say you want to install a program or just donwloaded a small .exe file and dont know if its "safe". There is a program called Software Virtualization Admin. It'll run certain program without your SYSTEM having to run it. Basically what ever happens to your computer with that program from THAT point on is just fake. Complicated but im sure youll get it. Now...for those of you who seek to COMPLETELY virtualize your system, get Returnil. Once this program is activated, NOTHING will stay in your system upon restart. For those of you who are download psycho's such as myself, this is a must have. Once you activate it, walla nothing stays the way it was. It goes back to a certain point. Keep in mind though, with added protection comes sacrifices. This program will partition or split up your hard drive so the return to the regular state can happen. But for those who want added protection...its just small price to pay.


6) Now you need some registry cleaners. AWC is basically all you need. It does everything that has to do with keeping your system clean. Thats basically it...lol


7) Finally, you need to change your web browser! I dont know why you guys stick with IE. Mozilla is the way to go. Opera is just as fine too. But seriously guys...SWITCH


8 ) Make sure you defragment your system too. Use smart defrag...fast and simple.


Well, thats basically it. If you have all those and some common sense, you should have no problems. If you guys want, i can show you some other minor tune ups that will most likely ROCK YOUR WORLD. But then again, i dont want to type up a 3 hour speech such as this again. These tweaks just might give you that extra "umph" that your pc needs. So...let me know guys. I hope you guys find it helpful and post back and let me know what you think.


Phew...glad thats done =]

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vman good post its nice to see how others tune up the pc, I am always trying new utilities, some proimse the world but mess up the pc so bad I have had to reload xp.


I start by windows CHKDSK followed by ccleaner clean & reg, then AWC2, then deep scan the registry with eusing free reg scanner. defrag the registry with austlogics reg defrag. and finish with IObit defrag. The result I see programs open quicker on the pc especially ms office.

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Haha those are some common ones. Ill keep posting them as i find it but as promised here are some tweaks i found on the net.


Firefox users: FF running a tad slow? For those of you with high speed, you'll see a BIG change. Here is what you do


1) Open up FF and type in About:config in the address bar. A ton of stuff come out. Those are your settings.


2) Look for the filter right under the address bar, and search for

"network.http.pipelining" two things come up right after. Double click one and that becomes true. Double click the other, and set the number to i'd say 30.


3) Clear the filter, and put this in there. "network.http.proxy.pipelining" without quotes...of course. Double click that and make THAT TRUE too.


4) Alright...final step. Clear your filter right click anywhere on the place where you see your settings and such. Hit New-> Integer -> a box will come up.

Put THIS "nglayout.initialpaint.delay" with no quotes in there and the value to 0.


5) Not really a important step i dont know if its even a step but close down ff and restart...you should notice a big difference.


Computer needs more room?


If your computer is low on GB, there is a minor tweak that could open up JUST the right ammount. But, like all good things, they come at a sacrifice. Small...but still.


First off, I suggest lowering the ammount of space put aside for system restore. Now some of you might not want to do this, and thats completely your decision, but trust me, your original settings are just too much.


1) Go to start, my computer, right click on local disk C and see how much GB FREE you have. Write that number down to compare the difference. Make sure you dont peek during the process, that kills the point. look at it at the end!


2) Go to start-> right click my computer-> properties->the system restore tab.


3) For some of you, that tab is all the way to the right, which is just too much.I put mine about 1% which may seem low, but in fact is a decent amount. Trust me...its enough. But like i said do it on your own terms.


4) Alright next is some junk cleaning that you should regularly do. Run Ccleaner get some junk out of the way. If you dont have Ccleaner, heres a link:



5) Run your normal disk cleaner to pick up that extra junk inside.


6) Defrag your Hard drive with anything but your computer's regular one. Use smart defrag. Small simple and so sexy. =]


7) Alright now for the PC users, there is something inside your comp just taking out uneeded space. Go to start->control panel->power managment->hibernation tab-> uncheck that box. Wondering why? Well most pc users dont even know how to use hibernation and it eats up a lot of space. (I believe its hold shift while they shut down menu's are up.) For laptop users, its up to you. If you use hibernation then dont remove it. But you can always use standby...right?


8) Post how much GB's you opened up so i can feel good about myself.


Thats enough for the first part...MORE TWEAKS COMING SOON. Possibly today if i get some responders to the first part.

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I wouldn't mind posting a few more, but I have a 7 Day shift this week, which is a nightmare. Yea, its kinda lame, especially since i'm not 18 yet. The problem is not too many people are wanting it. But hey i have nothing else to do. More will come. Have you tried the GB opening tweak?

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Alright...so lets tune up your internet. There are a few apps which i will put up. Unless your a pro with them (Dont ask me, im not that well trained either), just do what i ask. If you are a pro, go ahead and toy around with the apps as much as you like. I take NO responsibility for anything of course.


Alright. Lets tune up your internet by changing the settings within the computer. This wont make your internet suddenly become GOD, but it'll make it a tiny bit faster. I've uploaded it. To use it, double click on it, on the bottom right hand you will see the settings. Just change it from "normal" to "optimze", apply the changes and walla your done. A restart is needed to make the settings complete, but other then that, your set. Dont expect a dramatic change, but like i said, you'll notice a tiny bit of difference.

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