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ASC Pro did NOT auto renew

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  • ASC Pro did NOT auto renew

    I was a licensed user of ASC Pro vs. 5 and it was suppose to have auto renewed on or about 03/27/2012 for $9.95 but I now see it has not. I am just now aware of this and notifying you because I have not been on my computer for awhile.
    Please help.

    Thank You!

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    Hi :smile:
    Just in case you haven't tried this yet

    First try a Refresh.
    • Click on Manage License (bottom left)
    • Click on Refresh
    • If your Liscense Code appears in the box click on Activate Now

    If the License Code does not appear in the box:
    You would have already received an email from Avangate when you first purchased the IObit software. That email contained your License code
    If you can't find the email then you can get a copy of the License Code sent to the same email address by going to IObit - Retrieve License

    The best method is to Copy the license code from the email and Paste it into the software box rather than typing it in.

    If the license still says invalid you should send a Private Message to Cicely of the IObit Support Team or send an e-mail for the attention of Cicely to
    Describe your situation and include as much information as possible.

    All the best, woz of oz
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      This may be an issue on their end, mine is doing the same thing.

      It renews but then when i go to use some of the tools it goes back to the restricted free version.


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        Hi jckinnick,

        Please see THIS thread.


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