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  1. Happy Thanksgiving :-) All the best, woz of oz
  2. Defragging a USB flashdrive is not recommended, it would use many valuable writes to the flashdrive and will not give you any increase in speed. If you are having problems with the flashdrive I suggest: • Create a new folder on your desktop • Copy the entire contents of the flashdrive to that folder • Format the flashdrive • Copy the contents of the folder back to the flashdrive. If this doesn't fix the problem then it might be time for a new flashdriive All the best, woz of oz
  3. Moved Welcome to the forum :smile: I moved all your posts to this thread All the best, woz of oz
  4. Welcome Welcome to the forum :smile: Please send a Private Message (PM) to Cicely All the best, woz of oz
  5. Hi :smile: IObit is no longer supporting this software and as you can see by the title Random Password Generator - [Open Source Project] it has now been released as Open Source. All the best, woz of oz
  6. They certainly are original, it's good to see some people still use freehand instead of that new fangled photoshop thingie :mrgreen: By the way, is that recycled paper? All the best, woz of oz
  7. wozofoz


    Mr. Blue will miss everyone on purpose. Mr. White will not shoot Mr. Blue because that will mean Mr. Red will shoot him. So Mr. White will surely shoot Mr. Red If Mr. White succeeds in shooting Mr. Red then there are no more shots and the duel is over :wink: They were tricking him, to make the duel truly "équitable" Mr. Blue should have been second, it does not matter which of the other two go first because they would not choose to shoot him, then he is probably left with only one person who has no shot left. All the best, woz of oz
  8. Welcome Welcome to the forum rhal_26 :smile: The language files are translated by members, the member who was translating to Arabic was Musab78 but Musab78 has not been to the forum since October 2011. If you know anyone who would like to volunteer to translate to Arabic we would welcome them here :smile: All the best, woz of oz
  9. Advanced SystemCare 4 only Welcome to the forum :smile: Advanced SystemCare 5 is still Beta, you will have to wait for the Final release before you can add new skins I am not sure if the format will change or not All the best, woz of oz
  10. If you tick Select All then un-tick Select All it will Select None All the best, woz of oz
  11. Welcome Welcome to the forum qkcn1599 :smile: Do either of these replies answer your question? If the answer is not there: • Try downloading another skin and see if that can be installed • If you are using a download accelerator to download the skins then try downloading without using the accelerator. • Try using 7-Zip (free and good) for extracting the skin from the ZIP or RAR (I had problems with other extractors) If you still need help, please tell us what steps you have taken and any error message you get (if any) All the best, woz of oz
  12. No problems Welcome to the forum :smile: I just tried it and it downloaded ok I went to the IObit Game Booster page and followed the download links. http://www.iobit.com/gamebooster.html If for some reason your can't download it there try MajorGeeks http://majorgeeks.com/download.php?det=5952 All the best, woz of oz
  13. Welcome Welcome to the forum :smile: Can you follow the instructions and screenshots in Post # 3 of this thread All the best, woz of oz
  14. Pro or Free version Welcome to the forum MtlPlyr :smile: Are you using the Pro version of Advanced SystemCare? Skins will not permanently change (60 seconds only) in the Free version. If you have the Free version you might want to have a look at the thread IObit Facebook Fan Page is Celebrating hitting 3000 likes, with 10 FREE license codes of ASC 4! All the best, woz of oz
  15. Passive Protection ? Welcome to the forum :smile: Did it look something like this, only more? If this is what you mean then that is the website addresses Advanced SystemCare 4 will protect against. ______________________________________ [Passive Protection]: 9811 Problems Detected ------Details------ Created 0190-dialers.com Created 777search.com Created 123found.com Created mixsearch.com Created miosearch.com Created wazzupnet.com Created wethere.com Created 20x2p.com Created 123expressview.com Created 34f.com Created 680130.net Created 7adpower.com Created absolutdialer.com Created absolutdialer.cz Created accipiter.com Created acculoader.com Created adrefer.net Created adpopserve.net Created adpopshow.net Created adsrefer.net Created espads.net Created netcrefer.net Created adbot.com Created adbrite.com Created httpads.com Created addictivetechnologies.com Created adinfinity.com Created adclick.de Created adpowerzone.com Created adrevolver.com Created ads.tucows.com Created adsag.com Created adsonwww.com Created adsrve.com ____________________________________________ All the best, woz of oz
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