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    I just have updated GameBosster for my free version of SystemCare and I have a problem. The previous version worked without any problems on my Windows Seven (7) Beta, because the list of services is identical with Vista. But new version of GameBooster says that it doesn't support my system while it did before. Can somebody fix this for me and many other people trying Windows Seven? I was using previous versions all the time for about two-three weeks now and didn't have any problems with it so i think it's compatible with Seven as well.

    I hope you will post the update very quickly :). Thanks guys, you do a great job there for all of us gamers :).


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      OK sandfighter, thanks for the info.

      I confirm you that the updated GameBooster does not work in Windows7.

      Here is the old Sup_GameBooster.exe (Working with Widows7) attached as

      Attached Files

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        Additional information,

        I thought it might be helpfulto include that I also have an HP computer, with XP installed.


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          What is your problem DawnSkye?


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            Originally posted by enoskype View Post
            Hi plainab,

            There is an updated GameBooster.exe within update of ASC 3, please give feedback after update if it has solved your problem.

            Just got the update. GameBooster works correctly from within ASC 3 on both my Windows XP desktop and my Windows Vista laptop. Not sure what was done in the update, but I'm glad it was done.


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              If you look in Tools/Admin tools/system information you should be able to see the temperature there in both °C and °F
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                Ive noticed, if i start Game Booster before i start my games my cursor inside the game does not work. But starting the game then Alt/Tab back into windows to start Game Booster seems to work.

                XP sp3
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                  game booster

                  Originally posted by plainab View Post
                  Initial automatic scan only runs those scans found under Maintain Windows. I did not go into diagnose system until after doing the GameBooster tests.

                  I had items in Registry Fix, Privacy Sweep, and Junk Files Clean. There wasn't anything in there that would have affected ASC or GameBooster.

                  Since GameBooster works fine outside of the ASC interface all of the time and it works correctly the very first time within the ASC interface, I would have to say that it isn't caused by anything that ASC is cleaning/optimizing.

                  I do not do gaming on the net either. I just have 512mb of ram and like to use GameBooster to shut down some extra processes so that I can play some single player games that without GameBooster have caused Windows to pop up a box about having low memory and changing the size of the swap file or something along those lines...

                  Just an FYI I usually have the SmartRAM feature running all the time. After the re-install, I did not initialize it while doing the test. Hoping that perhaps there was some interference between the two apps since they both mess with the RAM. But no, it doesn't matter whether SmartRAM is running or not.

                  I haven't heard of anyone with the paid version running on Windows XP report this problem.

                  Any way to get a good for one day only debug license number to see if the issue goes away within the non-free version? I some how doubt it. But it doesn't hurt to ask....

                  Could there be any Windows XP specific settings that might be interfering? Maybe a setting for a certain file behavior or something. I don't know. I'm grasping at straws here....
                  I am having problems with GB also it won't start it does the RAM clean and defrag and that is it nothing else. I have removed ASC every day for the past few days and it works properly but I'm tired of having to do this.