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  1. A good idea would be to check all the settings in the program prior to running it. If you set it to clean out the start menu - it will of course do that Cheers solbjerg
  2. Hi Octavian If you feel more secure and more at home with Eset than with the Bitdefender antivirus in ASCU, I think that I would uninstall ASCU and only use Eset + the ASC without the added antivirus . On the other hand you may follow Scannan's advice and only run ASCU in compability mode and place the program in the white list in Eset. That way you have the opportunity to close down Eset and run the antivirus part of ASCU once in a while to check if Eset is doing a good job. Cheers solbjerg
  3. Hi dev3 As I understand the application it is intended to be used if you change the operating system fx. XP into Window 7 or 8. The object is to keep the settings in the programs and behavior in the previous OS and get them transferred into the new OS, right? Not a full image back up of the disc, right? There are several of those applications already I think, but perhaps IObit wants to diversify even more? I tried it and saved selected settings and programs on a usb-stick in case I wanted to update my operating system soon. I still use XP currently. Cheers solbjerg
  4. Danish version of SD 3.1 I have now updated the language file for SmartDefrag 3.1 in Danish Will leave a copy here. Added a few lines and changed Apply from Tilføj to Anvend Cheers solbjerg
  5. Hi Zeissman Right. The problem I think stems from a wish to have the newest driver - people expect that to be the best, but this is not always the case, - it also depends on your own machine and its age and configuration. How to react then - well if you do not have a problem I can't see any reason to change. If you do have a problem that you suspect is driverr related, then by all means try to update the driver. In that situation it may make it easier to have a program like DriverBooster. It reminds me of the Duplicate Files finder. Just because it finds duplicate files doesn't mean that you have to get rid of all of them. Please think about it first or you may get into dire straits :-) Cheers solbjerg
  6. Danish language for SmartDefrag 3 Hi I have updated the Danish version of SmartDefrag v3.0.3.289. Will leave an attachment here. Cheers solbjerg p.s. Please remember to restart the program (close it in the tray first) to see the changes in the translation
  7. Hi Octavian Is Solid State Defragmentation a must today? Why is that? I want to see what is happenig in a year or two :-) Cheers solbjerg
  8. Hi linda Please check your settings Be aware though that just closing a program will leave a description of the action and of the time, in the registry, when you open the program again it again will leave a record of your actions. These are usually considered unnecessary and therefore "cleaned" away. If you have an option between high level cleaning and recommended level, I would recommend going with the recommended level. Perhaps they call it Deep Clean? Go with the recommended (normal clean) Cheers solbjerg
  9. Hi Octavian As I have previously said - I have seen a test a couple of years ago that showed that the rate of delay by the amount of fragmenting started to rise a little more sharply after around 3% fragmentation, but it is still not many milisecond it will take away from the performance at that point. I think that for our senses to notice the delay will happen around 25-50% fragmentation - then it will be noticeable. The act of defragmenting will of course give a very small amount of wear to the discs and over time will contribute to make the harddisc quit. I have had the same harddisks for more than 10 years and have I think rather regulary defragmented every week. No problems yet :-) I also run a full checkdisk every month or so every half year or so I run a sfc /scannow All use of the computer of course contributes the the wear but the mentioned "jobs" also makes it function without problems. So I would conclude "no worries mate" :-) Cheers solbjerg p.s. by now I have some 30 bad blocks that are cut off from use in my harddisk C: but that is only 30 out of around 14 mill - that means approximately 150 kB out of 56.000.000 kB So I think the disk is in fairly decent shape. The bad blocks are found by running the full chkdsk, noticed and removed from use.
  10. p.s. hi I added some p.s.' Cheers solbjerg
  11. Hi Octavian and RJK75 SmartDefrag only defrags and optimizes if this option is chosen - it does not clean. To have this happen I think you will have to run the cleaning operation in ASC and also the SmartDefrag option at the same time. It would then be the settings for cleaning in ASC that are the culprit in your case, I think. In ASC you have an exclusion list to use. Cheers solbjerg p.s. Hi Scannan - we apparently wrote at the same time! Cheers solbjerg p.p.s. I wonder if you have chosen the setting to replace Windows defragmenter in SD? If you have I doubt that Windows will list the defragmentations that SmartDefrag performs? They will probably be available in SmartDefrag? Just a guess at this point.
  12. Hi Buddahfan :-) The worst case of vaporware I've heard about was the announcement of a program that was released 15 years later. SmartDefrag has a very, very long way to go to top this :-) Cheers solbjerg
  13. Hi Scannan I agree! The number of read/write cycles that was expected earlier on by the specialist have gone down and down - they started in the 100.000 cycle range,but I doubt that any would claim more than 10% of that today, some are as low as 1%. I came across this article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wear_leveling amongst others I do hope they will come up with a solution to this in the near future, but it might need a whole new approach Cheers solbjerg
  14. Hi Writer My conception varies a bit from yours, bear in mind that we are using the computer vocabulary. Usually the alpha version is the first version, usually for only the programmers to work with. The beta version is often released to only a select group - but this varies - the purpose is to find out how it works in real life, and new beta versions is often used to test specific problems This way the company increases the potential testers immensely instead of only just using their own testing personel. After the bugs have been ironed out the release version is released. One could call it the gamma version to stay in the Greek alphabet :-) Or ultimately the Omega version :-) New updates of the program will follow - sometimes also first as beta versions. Cheers solbjerg
  15. hi Einstein My transparity setting also say 255 I have XP sp.3 and have no problem scrolling or otherwise. A totally clean install is all I can come up with, sorry. Cheers solbjerg
  16. Hi Einstein What is your transparency setting? config.ini file located usually in: C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\IObit\Smart Defrag 2 Cheers solbjerg
  17. Hi mvaugh I think it is unlikely that it is the CPU that are making the noice, much more likely that it is one of the cooling fans. How long since they were cleaned? How old are they? If you can install new fans and clean the cooling sink yourself - fine - if not take it to a repair shop. Don't you have trouble with too high temperatures? Cheers solbjerg
  18. Hi friends 2 is the ultimate prime number if one sees it as the only even prime number. I remember a Danish cereal (rolled oats) that came in boxes containing 1 kg of rolled oats. At one time they made the ultimate box which contained 1800 g - it cost 23 kr - 1 box of the original oatmeal containing 1 kg cost 10 kr. What in reality was ultimate about it? - well the box itself was larger than 2 boxes each containing 1 kg :-) + that it was the most expensive cereal of oats one could buy, making it in one sense the ultimate buy :-) Cheers solbjerg p.s. There are other ultimate products fx. UltimateDefrag which has been updated several times - hopefully making it more and more ultimate :-) There is also another defrag program called PerfectDisc which has also been updated several times - hopefully making it more and more perfect :-) p.p.s. I think that the word Ultimate refers to the fact that ASC at long last incorporated a real antivirus program into the program calling it ASCU in order for it to become a more complete package. The full IMF is still a program in its own right - and IObit recommends that it be run alongside ASCU If one does that - the ASC does not find any malware when it is run - if you do it the other way round - that is to say - if you run ASC first it will find a bunch of malware - and sometimes if you afterward then run IMF it will find some malware that was missed by the ASC scan. Probably mostly due to the update frequency of the definition list in the two programs. IMf does have other features too!
  19. Hi Davyd BVD - I suppose it depends on the contexts - one possibility is "Buy a Voodoo Doll" :-) Regarding your defrag issue I suppose that it has to do with your settings! Cheers solbjerg
  20. Danish translation SD 2.7 Danish for SD v. 2.7 Attached Cheers solbjerg
  21. Danish translation SD 2.7 Danish for SD v. 2.7 Attached Cheers solbjerg
  22. Danish translation SD 2.7 Danish for SD v. 2.7 Attached Cheers solbjerg
  23. Hi Dark Frost Ok, but what kind of bugs? Did you courteously let him know? He has provided Turkish translation for the IObit products for many many years - and would - I am sure be very pleased/grateful by getting information about a bug in his translations. Cheers solbjerg
  24. Dansh translation beta 3. Windows8 startmenu I had a crack at the new beta 3. Here it is attached. Cheers solbjerg Sorry something is wrong with the attachment button here - cannot at this time attach it - will try again later
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