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  1. Active boost suggestion Hi All, I haven't been here in a while, but I would like to make a suggestion to add something to Active Boost. Many people have a problem with the flash player stuttering in Firefox. A work around is to go in to task manager & raise the prority of plugin-container.exe. But you have to do that every time you open firefox. As Active Boost does boost firefox, would it be possible to have it also boost plugin-container.exe? It might help to eliminate that problem.:grin:
  2. samr

    N E W S

    ASC in TOP Downloads of the year CNET Advanced SystemCare Free received 19,544,950 downloads in 2010, making it the seventh most popular Windows software on CNET Download.com.
  3. Hi William. I fought the AT&T Self Support Tool for 2 years. Nothing but problems and a major headache with failed un-install. If you can do without it, trash it! (My humble opinion). samr
  4. I'm kind of partial to this one: samr.
  5. Had tis problem on a second PC. This fixed it also. samr.
  6. OK guys, I solved this problem on my PC. When the last version had the bug in Security Holes for the flash player, I had tried to add this to my Ignore list and it would not ignore it, so I just disregarded it. This bug was fixed in this version. The Flash player problem did not show up in my ignore list, but when I went to the IS360 program files & opened "SH Configuration", the text to ignore the Flash Player Security Hole was there (however, the definition to "look" for it does not exist in this version so -viola! HHHAAANGG!) I just deleted the text for the flash player hole ignore in the SH Config, saved it & now PC security analysis runs like a charm! samr.
  7. Hi enoskype, I assume you mean Windows Manager in ASC? I tried that, but no change. samr.
  8. Here is a new problem for me with V. 1.41 on XP. If I run "PC Security Scan", the progress bar goes overabout a third of the way & freezes. It never completes the scan. I have to exit the program to get it to stop. samr.
  9. Hi mpinkus, I did run ASC on Windows 2000, but never ran in to this problem.Out of curiosity, click on the Icon view icon (see red circle in screenshot) and change them to a different view and see what happens. samr.
  10. Hi Okie, Welcome, glad to see you here! I ran into the same problem. Hopefully they will fix the bug soon. In the mean time I guess the best thing to do is do nothing with it until they fix it. samr.
  11. I have tried this on a second PC W/ XP SP3 with exactly the same results for Flash Player Update. It also will not ignore & Windows update does not show it. I would say definately a bug. samr.
  12. Security Holes bug for v. 1.40 I found what appears to be a bug in "Security Holes" for IS 360 V. 1.40. I am running XP SP3. Security holes finds "Security Update for Flash Player (KB923789) 5/13/08 MS06-069". When installing, it tells me that it does not match the version of flash I have. I have tried to add to the ignore list, but it still comes up each scan & does not appear in the ignore list. It also does not show when I check Microsoft Updates. samr.
  13. Hi micheale, Welcome! Glad you like the program. Unfortunately, it is not available for mac and I don't think they have plans for this. (p.s.-Please remove the advertising links in your signature.It is against forum rules).
  14. Hi franandsue, See this post for a temporary fix: http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?p=30395#post30395 samr
  15. Hi regnid, It has worked for most, but not for some. It appears to be a bug. Hopefull they will work it out soon. samr.
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