Folks, today I found my Windows 10 Tower (I run 1 Win 10 Tower; 1 Wind 10 Laptop; 1 Win XP Laptop) no longer licensed for ASC9 Pro, but reverted to Free!
This was after Win10 did an Update...
The same Win10 Update also changed my Password to my Win10 Laptop, from my choice, to my Microsoft Account Password.
Microsoft oft is far too 'helpful' = akin to a family dog that brings your clean towel under your vehicle, whilst you are removing an overfull used engine oil pail... Grin.
The Win 10 Laptop's ASC9 Pro was OK; the Win XP Laptop was OK...
After spinning my wheels, I bought a new License, and _then_ thought to ask for a double-check of Licenses. I have enough time purchased to outlast these 3 machines!!!
Note: IObit's policy, of keeping XP machines in the loop, is much appreciated, because some of my fellow users still keep Win XP machines. The handy ability to have a common Utility running on all is great.lookah snail