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    Hi All
    I have been thinking that for all new users it would be a good idea to take a copy of the settings in services before running System Optimize.
    This is done by opening services.msc for example by writing that command into Run, and then in the menu line click on Actions (I think it must be called in English - number two item from the left) and then choose Export List. fx. to your Documents.
    From there you can print it out on a couple of pieces of paper and then use that printed list to check if some service you feel you need has been stopped by running System Optimize without you checking "Problems" and placing the services you need in the Ignore List.

    EDIT: It is Action

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    Good tip!

    Would like to add to this. That is a great tip for everyone. I have done that and have found it to be very helpful in the past. I colored coded mine with a high light marker.
    This makes them easy to spot for me, having a printed copy of how they were when your PC was working well is a great tip. I would also suggest making a back up image of your OS regularly and putting it on a external USB, or a the least use a freeware program called ERUNT to back up your registry. I have my OS backed up on 2 internal drives 2 external USBs and on 3 DVD's. I'm a little paranoid but I sleep well at night:-D:-D


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      Tip of the day.

      I was wondering, does the site have a special place for topics like this? If not I would like to suggest they add one. It could be called "Tip of the day", or some thing like that. I think everyone has a tip they would like to share with the members. We never get so smart that we can't learn new things.