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5 Clever Website Design Tips for Lazy Entrepreneurs

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  • 5 Clever Website Design Tips for Lazy Entrepreneurs

    Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. It takes the effort to burn the midnight oil and deliver something of value. With so much of clutter on the internet, it is nearly impossible to stand out from the crowd.
    In order to get the best of the design, one must think and act like a designer. For Entrepreneurs, there might be some hard work to do. So here are some tips that can help all the lazy Entrepreneurs.
    1. White space is good, but balance is necessary
    When you are starting out as de designer you might have heard that you need to fill the whole space but this really is a myth. As an Entrepreneur, you need to make sure that even if there are white spaces in the design, there should be a balance between text and the picture. Often times the web designers know this but ignore it, but as an Entrepreneur, it is your job to make sure this doesn’t happen. For a design to be successful you need to have a balance that is necessary and that looks good on the website.
    1. Show product videos or images
    This might seem a new concept but in reality, this one will be responsible for your success as a website designer. Making videos of your products makes it easier for the consumers to make buying decisions. As a consumer, I too feel like making the necessary changes and make the content user-friendly. For the user is more attracted to the visuals than the content on the page. For you to succeed and make a sale as an Entrepreneur you need to ensure that all the images are eye-catchy.
    1. Test & Optimize
    For the website, it is most vital to keep in mind that website needs to be tested and optimized for the client. As per Robert Stiff, web design agency in usa “Launch the first version of your website, next you can do is to test and optimize the design.” It is concluded that more than 80% of the designs that are user-friendly get more attention than the website. If you really want to succeed as a designer you need to make sure that the website is both optimized for both the mobile and the website.
    1. Call-to-Action button needs to be in front
    One of the most important things a designer needs to have called to action button and if the call to action button is not in front, it is useless as a designer. For a consumer to click on the button you need to create button buttons that are huge and can be seen right from a mile. If done right this can bring a lot of sales. For an Entrepreneur sales are everything. You need to put the buttons in front. If the buttons are not on the mobile the user will not take a moment to purchase your product. Buttons need to be in front.
    1. Typography matters
    Fonts are one thing that needs to be equally important. There are certain fonts that are more persuasive than others. If you want to test this theory you can go ahead. For you to succeed you need to use fonts that are more catchy to the eyes. As a designer, it is a difficult decision. But you need to get the fonts right. These are the main reason why you need to take decisions that matter on the long run.

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    This is a good read too...


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      Those are great tips. I think they will be great for a mompreneur like me. Thanks.


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        Well, that's helpful somewhere. But i'm looking for MagZine themed website for free. I tried many themes online but after uploading the themes that doesn't look like how they actually looks in the preview. If somebody can, I'll be very glad.


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          Thanks for the tips. I can certainly understand how those tips can make it or break it an entrepreneur's website.