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  1. As a new face in anti spyawre market, we have many various sources of malware samples from warm-hearted users, computer security fans, and major security groups from all over the world. We built honeypot, FTP server to collect malware samples all over the world. I took many screenshot to show how we keep samples everyday. We have a large team to collect and analyze lots of samples everyday, if we steal their database, why our staffs are working hard everyday to analyze tuns of samples? We cannot let everyone access the malware and virus samples from our FTP server, but you can check the screenshot I took. Also as a new face, we have some open submit channel like this page, http://db.iobit.com/deal/sdsubmit/index.php, everyone can submit samples here, write description for the sample submitted. I admit that maybe some of our staff didn't do enough test and put the data into our database, so there is the mistake. I don't know who submitted those wrong sample, but we will try our best to find it out. Also, you can see that the dabase size are much different, ours is 4.6MB their database is 3.1MB, and they said we steal database from many vendor, please tell me who they are and why we need so many people collect and analyze the sample? Also Malwarebytes CEO wrote to us before for asking us stopping our open tests but we denied. He told us that he would take some action and we did not imagine that he did such a thing: calling malwarebytes users bury IObit and IObit products (not only IObit Security 360).
  2. This will be added into IS360 V2, we are preparing it now. We will start to develop IS360 v2 in a few weeks. There are many improvements.
  3. Hello, our new file protection tool Beta edition is available now, please download it from http://download.iobit.com/beta/fpsetup.exe If you have any suggestion, please feel free to tell us, thanks very much.
  4. The reason is not similar but rogue. I listed the similar products is to show you that they are the same vendor. As some AV detected them as virus, so the vendor change the name, the UI and made a different one to rogue once again.
  5. Here is the reason why they should be deleted. http://www.symantec.com/business/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2009-041715-3450-99&tabid=2 The program reports false or exaggerated errors on the computer, the user is then prompted to pay for a full license of the application in order to remove the threats. Cheat user for money, isn't it a threat? The first generation of threat is Virus that just damage computer, delete data. Then the second generation is Spywre, Adware that generate money from popup and advertisement. And the third generation of threat is rogueware, those program goal user to purchase, they use Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture to spam their product and then goal user to purchase their rogueware. That's the reason why more and more Antivirus product report them as threats. Registry Easy used to be clean, but now Symantec, NOD32, Kap and ect all detected it as threat.
  6. Thanks very much. Your name will be added in the thanks list of IS360, and we will offer you the free license of IS360 Professional edition when the final edition is ready. Thanks in advantage.
  7. Others: "Registry Winner" http://www.registrywinner.com/screenshots_img/rw_small.gif "Registry Victor" http://www.registryvictor.com/images/mainface.gif From the digital sinature and file info, we can see that they are one product with different name and a little change of the UI. And more like "Fix Tool" http://www.symantec.com/content/en/us/global/images/threat_writeups/2009-041715-3450-99.1.jpg and "Perfect Optimizer" http://perfectoptimizer.com/images/Screenshots/0.jpg These cloned programs report false or exaggerated errors on the computer. Then the user is prompted to pay for a full license of the application in order to remove the threats.
  8. Recently, we found that there are many Rouge/Misleading program on the internet, they often use Google Adwords, Yahoo Overture to place an ad then bring user to their website. Some user even paid for those software. Unfortunately it's not false positive, but they are rogueware. There are 2 programs like what I said above, they are "Registry Easy" and "Registry Winner". First, Registry Easy is the clone of known rogueware "Registry Great", please check the following page: http://www.411-spyware.com/remove-registry-great-v5-0 http://www.spywaredetector.net/spywa...ry%20Great.htm http://www.pcthreat.com/parasitebyid-6838en.html And there is a page that tell us how to remove Regstry Easy: http://www.scanspyware.net/info/RegistryEasy.htm http://www.spywaredetector.net/spyware_encyclopedia/images/RegistryGreat.gif http://www.registryeasy.com/images/SHOTS/shots_scan_finish.gif So, we can confirm that Registry Great is a fake registry cleaner, it gives misleading result to goad user to purchase it. Full of the fake error and alarm, it's a rogueware. From the screenshot and the file MD5 result, you can see that Registry Easy is just Registry Great! And these 2 products are made by the same author. They changed the name and the image, they are cloned products! This is the proof why we think Registry Easy is Rogueware.
  9. Please check my thread http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?p=17826#post17826
  10. Hello Everyone, Before reporting false positives, please read the following guidelines and requirements, and provide us with the requested information as below: 1) Save a scan log first and post it here. Please use the latest version of IObit Malware Fighter to run a scan. This will help us know the detailed information of the scan result. Scan Log Example: IObit Malware Fighter OS: Windows 8 Version: Define Version: 1383 Time Elapsed: 00:19:53 Objects Scanned: 66821 Threats Found: 1 Save Time: 20/10/2014 13:54:27 |Name|Type|Description|ID| Trojan.Generic, FILE, C:\Program Files\tixati\errorreporter.exe, 4123518 2) Upload and scan the reported file (take errorreporter.exe for an example) mentioned in the scan log to Virus Total and give us the report link. How to upload and scan a file at VirusTotal Go to Virus Total • Click Choose File • On the left of the window that opens click My Computer • Open (C:) • Find the reported file according to the full path in the scan log • Double click the file name, and it will disappear in the VirusTotal box. • Click Scan it! and wait (you may be in a queue) • When the scan has finished, copy the address from the address bar to post here. 3) Zip the reported file (take errorreporter.exe for an example) with password "infected", update it to Wikisend, and give us the download link. Our specialists are unable to make a conclusive analysis without a sample. Our IObit Specialist Team will do further investigation and reply to you with a result ASAP. Thank you.
  11. It will be ready this week. v3.2.0 + Improved Spyware Removal function + Added "Game Booster" + Supported "Google Chrome" privacy sweep + Improved "disk defragment" engine + Improved "Utilities" section * Fixed bugs in update function * Fixed general bugs
  12. Resolve License Issue Someone who has the problem in conversion V2 license, please send an email to support@iobit.com, we will reset your account to resolve this problem.
  13. Resolve License Issue Someone who has the problem in conversion V2 license, please send an email to support@iobit.com, we will reset your account to resolve this problem.
  14. Main.ini is just in AWC program directory.
  15. Please set "SafeMode=1" in Main.ini file.
  16. Try to download AWC v2.41 beta from http://www.iobit.com/forums/showthread.php?t=221
  17. To travelingrndan: Can you tell me your email address? I will send you a test program to check it out.
  18. Fixed already, please redownload it from: Personal edition: http://www.iobit.com/files/AWCSetup.exe Professiona edition: http://www.iobit.com/files/AWCPro.exe
  19. Please try to disable the setting "Check program and database update on program startup". If the problem is resolved, please let me know. Thanks.
  20. It only effects current user. Under a limited user, AWC can only access to the Current_User reg key but not Local_Machine reg key. So many features can't work in limited account. That's the reason why we disable it in limited account.
  21. Sorry, you can't. You can only run it under administrator account. Because if you want to do some "Repair", AWC can't access your computer with limited account.
  22. (1)Please DO NOT post any SPAM, PORN url here. (2)Please DO NOT use any porn avatar image. http://forums.iobit.com/attachment.php?attachmentid=8810&d=1321447469 Regarding the forum suggestion or problem, please contact our web manager Shao XuGuang (jesse.shaoxg@gmail.com)
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