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  1. It's that time of the year again!! Hi friends!! Sorry about this. I'm bored. You may delete this, and give me a waring, but please don't ban me. I love this forum and all my friends!! garybear PS the devil made me do it LOL
  2. Hi friend!! http://i925.photobucket.com/albums/ad93/gandorwig/zzz1003.gif
  3. Hi friend!! Hi friend!!:oops::oops:
  4. HI friends. Thanks. I'm smarter now!! Hi friends!! I'm learning all the time. I'm glad I asked my dumb question. I'm much smarter now, and hope I have helped others like myself. Thanks friends.:idea: PS All members do not be afraid to ask questions on this forum, even if you think they are dumb. I'm not afraid to ask. We have some great members that can answer the easy and the hard questions. I love this forum.
  5. Hi friend!! Hi friend!! The light just turned on. You know some times I'm a little slow to catch on. Thanks friend. I hope I'm not out of line with my post:oops: " (Don't you use USB sticks, CD, DVD?)":idea:
  6. Hi friends!! Hi enoskype wouldn't let me post on his sticky, so I'm posting on this thread. Screen shots are for those that have less knowledge of computers like myself!!! http://forums.iobit.com/showthread.php?t=3900 Now let me ask another dumb question. What does this do for me??. If I'm off line ,why do I need malware protection??
  7. Hi!! Hi!! And jjj says he doesn't deserve the title expert. Well i think that he does.===garybear:-D
  8. Hi enoskype!!! Hi Mine is ok now?????? garybear Thanks!!
  9. Hi enoskype!! Hi enoskype. Is usage of IObit products broke???
  10. Hi It is near the Christmas break of the school year. The students have turned in all their work and there is really nothing more to do. All the children are restless and the teacher decides to have an early dismissal. Teacher: "Whoever answers the questions I ask, first and correctly can leave early today." Little Johnny says to himself "Good, I want to get outta here. I'm smart and will answer the question." Teacher: "Who said 'Four Score and Seven Years Ago'?" Before Johnny can open his mouth, Susie says, “Abraham Lincoln." Teacher: "That's right Susie, you can go home." Johnny is mad that Susie answered the question first. Teacher: "Who said 'I Have a Dream'?" Before Johnny can open his mouth, Mary says, "Martin Luther King." Teacher: "That's right Mary, you can go." Johnny is even madder than before. Teacher: "Who said 'Ask not, what your country can do for you'?" Before Johnny can open his mouth, Nancy says, "John F. Kennedy." Teacher: "That's right Nancy , you may also leave." Johnny is boiling mad that he has not been able to answer to any of the questions. When the teacher turns her back Johnny says, "I wish these bitches would keep their mouths shut!" The teacher turns around: "NOW WHO SAID THAT?" Johnny: "TIGER WOODS. CAN I GO NOW?"
  11. Once upon a time, a guy asked a beautiful girl 'Will you marry me?' The girl said, 'NO!' And the guy lived happily ever after and rode motorcycles and went fishing and hunting and bowling and played golf a lot and drank beer and scotch and had tons of money in the bank and left the toilet seat up and farted whenever he wanted. The end
  12. Hi friend Hi friend. I have often wondered about Hell. I guess that answers my question.:twisted::twisted::twisted:
  13. Hi Irish Humor!!! Double Click Attached Thumbnails!!!
  14. Young people I thought this was funny. Young people think they are so smart, but some times us old people get even:-D:-D
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