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  1. It's Happening Again Avangate is again sending me emails about renewing my ASCU7 License. At least this time, they are not asking for some outrageous price for the renewal. This restarted right after I renewed my license on the IOBit website. As an FYI, someone (maybe Cicily?) got my name & email removed from Avangate's database of 'people to harass' a few years back.:-D That was greatly appreciated, and unfortunate that they are 'back at it' now.:cry: As another FYI, my software and hardware have been updated (I'm sorry that I left the reference to ASCU6 but that's been fixed now). Ken Green, Houston TX
  2. Caveat Emptor I got hit with the same problem last year, and it took the IOBIT Customer Service folks to get Avangate to stop trying to do the 'auto-renew' thing. Something else that I noticed at the time is that Avangate wanted a LOT more for the same program than what IOBIT wanted at the time. THAT, to me, seemed like a bit of a 'rip off'. So, I guess the answer at this time is: Caveat Emptor (Buyer Beware)! Ken, Houston, TX
  3. OK, but..... I'll go to a different thread, one specifically for viruses, BUT, what I didn't mention in the original post is that I have ASCU7 installed on my computers. Which brings up the question: Why did the ASCU7 Virus checker NOT pick up/stop the infection????? Thanks for the reply, though. Ken
  4. Conduit/Search Protect Why is it that Conduit/Search Protect managed to change my designated home page even though I have Homepage Protection set to https://www.google.com? What's more, it never made any indication that it even SAW the change happening! Additionally, Conduit/Search Protect managed to 'throw in' Bing as the secondary search engine, when I don't use either of them. Now, granted, the 'fault' for those both being there is mine because I installed a program called "Brain Workshop" from Sourceforge.net, but Homepage Protection SHOULD have at least notified me that the change was being or had been made!:evil:
  5. I think I found the problem....sorry Hello again, I 'think' I found the problem. I had Chrome set for a home page of http://www.google.com, but Homepage Protection was set to https://www.google.com, so every time I closed Chrome, it was trying to set the homepage back to the original. Sorry for the confusion (although it was mostly confusion on my end)! Ken
  6. Homepage Protection issue Why is it that every time I close Chrome, Homepage Protection pops up saying that it protected my homepage setting? It happens regardless of the page I have visited, even if I only visited 1 page (such as Google search, which happens to be the home page that I have set in Homepage Protection). :-( Ken, Houston, Tx
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